Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Erev Shavuot


The start of Shavuot's tonight. (Erev is eve of...) It came up quick.:omg:I'm not feeling too great, but I'm hoping I'm well enough to go to Torah study tonight.:la:I love hearing different takes on things, and learning from them. Birthright Next, is going to have Torah studies at 3 bars in Seattle. It's free, you just pay for drinks or whatever else you want. I think each one has a different Rabbi leading it, or something. I'd love to go, but if I did I'd get home very late.:iconpolandplz:Instead, we're going to a member of the congregation's house. She said we'll have to end it a little early, because of her kids. That's ok, if I want I can study more when we get home.:dummy:

It's been cold and dreary looking today.:iconnataliaplz:I don't think it's hit 60 yet. Why go from around 80, to in the 50s the next day?:iconlietplz:Boggles my mind. Well, the rest of the week looks like it'll be better. 
First one's another pic from going to Bloedel Reserve. Second, miso chicken donburi over ramen. Had to modify the recipe a bit. It's from a really good bento cookbook. So, they're lunch portions. I wish the author made a dinner/general one. (She might have, but it's not translated yet. So, it's hard to find.) I think this is my fave Japanese cookbook so far.:iconchibispainplz:I guessed pretty well with the proportions, so that was a plus.:phew:I think she wanted a lot more miso, but I don't like a lot of it. This just needed something like some mirin or more sake.:hmm:It was really good. 

Wrote some more of chapter 13. I'm almost done with this chapter.:iconlachoirplz:Then, I'll edit it, and eventually post. It's kind of a fluff chapter. But, kind of needs one after what happened in previous chapters. Kind of like after such heavy stuff, people need to take a breather.:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was time for the students to switch from their winter to summer uniforms. Sensei's worried that people will change on the inside, as well. The counselor tells him he's suffering from a Capgras Delusion: you're under the delusion that someone around you has exchanged his or her body with that of a third person. Sensei ends up questioning himself about who he really is. At the end, he thinks he's switched bodies with Matoi. And, so tries to act like a female stalker. Doesn't end too well. Because apparently people tolerate female stalkers more than male ones. 

Played some Klezmer tunes. I'm getting better, just not as good as I was before. Hopefully, I'll get there soon and surpass it.:iconchibihungaryplz:Worked on the article on stress relief exercises in You Maga. It's kind of interesting how she has you start your exercises.
In Gosick, it was the story behind Grevil's hairstyle. He looked much better with it down. The woman he loved was being framed for murder, so he went to see Victorique while she was still in the mansion's dungeon. And, asked her to help him solve the case. Because she didn't understand what love was, she told him she'd only cooperate if he changed his hair and stopped seeing his lover. Kind of sad. But, now she understands what it's about, and feels very guilty about it. His lover stops by and visits the school library, to make a donation of books. In the end, Grevil never connected with her. This episode was a bit slow, hopefully it'll be better next time.

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