Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Arithmetic


By Jonsi. This song's amazing.:iconfrancisplz:Makes you feel really good after hearing it. I was introduced to it through a Hetalia tribute vid. (What a surprise...:iconkikuplz:) But, it's one of the best Hetalia themed vids, I think. (Makes me love Hetalia even more!) The pics really fit the song. Jonsi is the guitarist and vocalist of an Icelandic post-rock band called Sigur Ros. He's known for his use of a cello bow on a guitar and his falsetto voice. He's blind in his right eye. In April 2010 he released his debut solo album. He sounds really cool. Maybe I'll look at his other songs.:iconchibinitalyplz:

It's been cold today. Much cooler than normal. Tomorrow's going to be even colder.:iconromanoplz:It's almost July already, and we're having low 60s? I should bite my tongue, because it can easily end up being in like the 90s and I'll be complaining because of the heat.:iconchibiromanoplz:Summer's crazy like that around here. 

Did a lot of dusting this morning. I'm surprised at how much dust accumulated on the hearth.:omg:And, I thought there was the normal amount of dust on top of the blinds, but after doing that I opened them and found huge piles of dust. Piles big enough that it looked like really fine lent or dark snow.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:It was disgusting. Found a dead bee that Rosie wanted to eat. Fun fun.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Watched Control. It's still a really good drama. This episode's apparently the first part of a 2 parter. I think the professor's psychologist friend did the murders.:iconpolandplz:He did write the book that was linked to the first one. About how someone can have a perfect alibi, yet perfect motive. There has to be 2 murderers. One to carry out the crime of the person who had the most motive to do it. And then, that other person has to kill whoever that person wanted to kill. So, they switch. Harder to catch them when both people made a scene at the places they were at when the murders happened. So, there's plenty of witnesses to their 'perfect alibis'. Only problem was, one of them was supposed to return the favor and kill off whoever their counterpart wanted killed. And, walked in to see the person's already been murdered. Plus, Segawa apprehended him before he could commit the crime. So, who did it?:icongermanyplz:
In Fairy Tail, the group had split up in the forest to find Wendy and Happy. Then, were ambushed by different dark guilds. They easily defeated them. Wendy resurrects Jellal. He beats up Brain and Natsu, then walks out like nothing happened. The only thing he muttered while he was walking away was 'Erza'. I think he's a zombie now or something. He's not really thinking he's just doing. Although, there seemed to be something there when Wendy collapsed. She keeps mentioning that he saved her, and so she wanted to return the favor. The poison in Erza is spreading quickly. Natsu later saves Happy and Wendy, with the help of Gray. (In the pic.) They're still on the way to the others, though.

Played some Beatles and Irish tunes. Day by day, with my practice time extended, I'm improving quickly. It feels good.:la:I love when things start to click again, too. Worked on the contents section of June's issue of You Maga. It's interesting so far. Only one bit that I could not figure out. It was really minor, and might have been like an abbreviation or a thing that indicates emphasis. There's a lot of those, but I usually can figure those out quickly. Oh, well.:icontinoplz:
O-part's was just too crazy this time. I'm not sure I like the direction it's heading. But, I'll keep going, because I might be surprised. The city of Rock Bird crumbles into ruins on the ground. (It was a flying city.) Kirin, Ball, and Jajamaru are saved by Amidaba. Jio gets his soul and body back. But, Ruby's soul is trapped inside him. After burying Marus; Ball, Jajamaru, Kirin, and Amidaba go off to search for Jio. (The last image of him, was him falling from the sky unconscious.) They fast forward to 4 years into the future. Ball actually looks cool now. And, his attacks are much better. Cross has joined them in trying to find Jio. (Why has it taken them over 4 years to find Jio?!:iconwtfromanoplz:) His personality and look have totally changed. It's weird. Anyways, Stea and Zenom are constantly attacking them, so they go in shifts to fend them off. I'm really not sure about all this. But, I guess I'll see what happens.:iconchibijapanplz:

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