Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sora wo Koete Umi wo Koete


by Yanawaraba. In English it's: Beyond the Sky, Beyond the Sea. Another really pretty one from them. This may be one of their best songs. It's about never giving up on your dreams, and it's ok to make mistakes along the way. Kind of nice.

It was much warmer today. Feels a bit like Spring.:iconheroamericaplz:Rosie keeps attacking Tasha today. It's kind of disturbing.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Normally, there's a few little spats, but they generally stay away from each other. But, today it seemed like Rosie was tired of waiting for Tasha to 'play' with her. I think she pushed her off the banister at one point. I hope things get better soon with them.:iconamericasadchibiplz: 

Posted a pic on dA: Park 5. And, I posted a few to that forum. Someone on the forum already commented. Yay!:la:Wrote more of chapter 13. Got through a good portion of it. 

Played some Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. I had forgotten how fun it was to play these tunes.:iconus-xdplz:I really should transpose these into my own key. It's for fiddle, not a B-flat clarinet.:iconseychelles-plz:I know how, I just haven't done it. And, I've had these tunes for years. It sounds fine if I'm playing by myself. But, paired up with someone who has the same piece, it would sound horrible. Maybe I'll leave it. I'm not sure. I guess, I'll see. 

Looked for more recipes on みんなのきょうの料理 or Today's Menu For Everyone. Found a lot more categories. My goodness, so many ways to find stuff!:iconchibipolandplz:They have some interesting 'genres'. Tasty Food (wouldn't they all be tasty?:iconpolandplz:), Western, Chinese, Korean, Ethnic, and Others. Found a few more recipes. Most were desserts and sides. I was stuck on the 'fruits' and 'beans' sections for a while.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Desserts: バナナケーキ or Banana Cake (it looked like a nice easy basic recipe), 完熟バナナケーキ or Fully Ripened Banana Cake (seems to be a little bit more complicated), りんごとバナナのクランブル or Apple and Banana Crumble. That last one looked and sounded so good! It also seems simple. Sides: いんげんとツナの煮物 or Simmered Green Beans and Tuna (again, very simple), はっさくのはちみつ漬け or Honey Marinated Hassaku. Hassaku's a type of orange. And, on the recipe they say that any type of orange will do. They said it can be used as a side or a dessert. Sounded really good, and very easy. Only a couple of ingredients and a couple of sentences for the actual steps. I want to try their more simple/easy dishes.:iconberwaldplz:Start small, right? Hopefully, I'll get motivated enough to cook more often.:excited: 

I just made dinner. It was some frozen really peppery teriyaki chicken meatballs, noodles, and green beans. The meatballs were so peppery, they needed something to counteract it. So, I added some Hoisin sauce to mine. It was awesome that way!:iconchibispainplz:Mom liked it that way too. 

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