Monday, March 28, 2011

Something on a Stick Day!


What a funny sounding holiday. But, there's a ton of awesome food that comes on a stick.:iconfrancisplz:There's kebabs, corn dogs, fish, yakitori, popsicles, caramel apples, and many more tasty things. When I have something on a skewer, I always feel like I'm going to impale myself.:iconkikuplz:But, it is a handy way to eat things. It's also Black Forest Cake Day. I love black forest cake! Haven't had it in a long time.:iconitalyplz:

It's been grey and cloudy today. Not as warm either. Hope it gets sunny again soon.:iconchibinitalyplz:Finished looking at our Japanese cookbooks, and added a lot of recipes to my list. Some are things like an awesome sounding salad dressing. That would add a little pizazz. There's a Japanese dessert I've wanted to make for a while called Snow White Jelly. Looks really tasty.:iconchibicanadaplz:There's also a corn soup; and stuffed salmon. It's stuffed with something similar to a potato salad. Sounds good just reading about it. I'll look at the Mexican cookbooks today. Tomorrow I'll look at our Spanish cookbooks. Which, just glancing at it, looks like we have more of those than our Mexican ones. Interesting. I know they're not the same type of cuisine (although, they have many things in common), but I thought we'd have more Mexican recipes.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: 

I'm really liking Oishii Proposal. It seems to be getting better every time I watch it.:la:Suzuko's invited to Haruki's fancy party. He picks out and buys a dress and shoes for her. After that, she gets a hair and makeup makeover. She gets to have a glimpse at what his life is like. She gets angry at him after the party, when he tells her that she was only there to taste-test the food. And, tries to walk all the way to Tokyo in high heels and a dress with straps.:iconseychelles-plz: He searches for her all night, and finds her at a bus stop in the morning. Still refusing to get in the car, she gets on the bus barefoot. He gets on, throws his jacket over her, and leaves. Kind of a funny, yet memorable scene.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Worked more on that You Maga article about my horoscope. Then, actually got to reading Dune!:iconheroamericaplz:I'm still off and on about it. Although, it's getting more interesting. Also, filled out more info on one of my characters. It's been fun, and helps me develop the characters to my story more. Worked a little more on my building descriptions too. It's been helping me get a better picture of them in my head. Hoping at some point to draw them out.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

I'm finally done with my 1st full sheet of character faces!:dummy:Might have to go over one character again, just to correct his hair. (It's been driving me crazy!:iconchibienglandplz:) Then, I'll work on them in Photoshop. I'm not going to ink them. They're more like sketches. I think I'll do what I planned before: post each character's face individually, putting the description either in the author's comments or in some blank space on the drawing itself with the help of Photoshop. I'll have to remember to either write in my signature, or sign it using small font in Photoshop. After that, I'll post the whole sheet, so people can see them together.:iconeestiplz:

Played a little of the Sims 2. Just noticed that you can change the roof styles.:iconenglandispervyplz:So, I played around with that. It's funny, I'm still finding 'new' things in the game. 

deviantART fave: Rainy Day Bento I did not make this! Kind of an interesting looking bento. 

This is the 2011 trailer for Gintama. Gintama's finally starting up again a week from today. (It's been a little over a year since it went on hiatus.) Can't wait! Looks just about as funny and crazy as before, maybe it will be more so:

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