Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Frozen Food Day!


Yay! For frozen food!:dummy:There's a huge selection of good frozen foods out there. It's kind of amazing. Apparently, the international frozen food industry started in the US. Frozen vegetables, meat, fruit, and fish were first packaged and offered to consumers in 1930. The person who developed the process was Clarence Birdseye. This was designated, and signed by Ronald Reagan, as a holiday in 1984. 

We were still slightly below normal during the weekend. But, at least, it didn't snow. It looks like it may start to get warmer.:iconheroamericaplz:

My computer was running very slow today.:iconchibienglandplz:So, I didn't get through half the things I wanted to do. It took a while, but I settled a financial thing. At least, they won't bug me for another year if it goes through.:icontinoplz:

I also looked at a site haven't visited in a long time. It's みんなのきょうの料理 or Today's Menu for Everyone. An amazing recipe site in Japanese. I decided to actually write something in the 'about you' field of my profile.:faint:I doubt anyone will comment, but it was kind of fun.:iconfrancisplz:I also looked at the FAQ section, just to get a better 'grasp' of the site. It makes a bit more sense now. And, it was interesting that other people, that actually live in Japan, had similar questions. Then, I looked at their video section. I forgot about half of what's on the site.:iconkikuplz:So, sad. There's videos that give general cooking tips, and some that go through the entire process of the dishes with you. The dishes range from incredibly basic stuff, to like, expert levels. It's very interesting, and seems very helpful. Then, I looked around at the recipes. Found 2 promising ones. Will probably go back to see if I can find more.:iconberwaldplz:These will also give me some ideas. Mom has her treatment this week, so I have to cook. We have leftovers for a couple of the nights. So, that's good. Oh, and the site has quite a variety of different types of food. I think they get people from other countries on there sharing their recipes, too.:iconchibipolandplz:
I changed my Selfy's outfit again. This seems drastically different than last time.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It may look a bit weird, too. I was just throwing things, that I haven't used yet in my closet, together. Kind of fun. The snowflakes in the back actually move. I wanted to use the eye patch for a while. Thought the headphones were interesting. I like the scarf, too. Won the dress, and sealed evil panda from Gacha campaigns. She's also got a crystal ball and chain as her shoes. That was another Gacha item. Most of the stuff I have, I won them through a Gacha. Yay! I don't think she looks too bad.:iconpolandplz:

Went to services yesterday.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Had a good turnout this time. Probably because the Rabbi and our cantor led it. This was the last portion of the book of Exodus. Next, we'll start Leviticus. There was someone there from a class, who had to write about his experience going to a Shabbat service. He seemed a bit overwhelmed. His mother, asked a bunch of questions. She looked very fascinated by the whole thing.:iconchibiaustriaplz:It's always interesting to hear what people ask. Someone had made the challah again this time. So much better than the place they usually get it from. 

Played a little of the Sims 2. Taiwan is finally pregnant!:iconchibinitalyplz:Yay! Hong Kong's excited about it. Not sure how Taiwan feels. I'll get to see soon what it will look like. Managed to get Taiwan and Hong Kong promoted. They're making quite a bit of money now. So, soon I'll get them a new house too. 

I was going to write to my penpal today. But, I ran out of time.:iconswissplz:I'll try to do it during the week. Watched Tokyo Wankei. Only one more episode left. Turns out Mika and Ryosuke aren't related. Ryosuke, after being told before that he was her brother, put on a play to make it look like he slept with Mari. (His ex.) It was just so Mika would 'move on'. She had no idea, at the time, that he thought they were siblings. Mika found out the truth, and on her wedding day she ran away to find him. As she was starting to run across the street, a motorcycle ran into her. Now she has amnesia. Talk about drama!:iconprussiaplz:Now that she had the ok from her father, and approval from Ryosuke's father, it's disturbing. Just as Ryosuke was going to board his plane, he looked like he was going to change his mind. Craziness! I hope she gets her memories back, and they end up together. But, I'm not sure if it's going to be such a happy ending. 

Juui Dolittle was really intense. It dealt with the subject of euthanasia. A very difficult topic.:iconwtfromanoplz:There was a woman who had agonized over the decision to euthanize her cat. She has breast cancer. And, stopped treatment to save money to go act in a French movie. It was her dream job and she finally got it. Her cat, since she's had him, had problems with using the litter box. She tried everything, including various training techniques. But, he never learned. So, thinking no one else will want to take care of him, she wanted his life to end 'peacefully' before she left. Turned out, all he had was 5 polyps. But, they blocked his anus, and things were being backed up. It was nasty, but once those were removed he was fine. When she heard about it, she said she'd find another acting role somewhere in Japan. And, she decided to go back to her treatment. She said if he can beat whatever he had, maybe she can do it too. Also, she wants to live on, so she can take care of him.Happy cry (Tears of joy)

deviantART faves: Cthulhu FAIL cupcake I did not make these! First, one of the most epic prints of Cthulhu I've seen. Really cool lighting, and colors. Second, a funny and cute drawing of a cupcake who's fallen over. 

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