Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Belated St Patrick's Day!


Sorry it's a day late. But, I wasn't feeling too well.:iconnataliaplz:We had our usual St Patrick's Day dinner. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and soda bread. I love that stuff!:iconchibispainplz:I wish soda bread was available all year round.:iconswissplz:I like this holiday, too. I'm proud to be part Irish. (Half of me is.) But, I'm also proud to be an Ashkenazic Jew.:icondenmarkplz:I love both cultures, and I think it's cool to be a part of both. Although, it's funny when people either hear I'm an Irish Jew, or look at my middle and last names. Some give me strange looks, some can't believe it, and some just are baffled by it.:iconkikuplz:I was stopped at the Canadian border when my high school (or junior high) was going to play in a competition up there. They thought my last name was cool and normal. They kept mispronouncing my middle name, and didn't have a clue where it comes from. They kept asking me, where were you born? When I told them Kentucky, they were even more confused.:iconlietplz:Go me! Even at the Israeli border, they thought my middle name sounded so Jewish, but couldn't get over my last name. The day before that was Freedom of Information Day. Cool.

It's been slightly colder than normal lately. But, it looks like it'll warm up. Yay! The last couple of days I've felt like I was hit by a train, and my stomach has been turning.:sick:So, I didn't post. I'm starting to feel better. Still haven't heard back from my penpal. And, apparently, a couple of other people are trying to contact her. But, no one knows anything yet. I'm hoping she's just in a place where the power's out and there's no signal for cell phones. Sad, that I hope that, but at least that would explain it.:iconwtfromanoplz:I don't want to think about the alternative. 

Got in contact with a friend from Japan who I haven't talked to in sooo long. We became friends pretty much just before I left college. She was an exchange student. Very nice person. At first, it really was just a hello. I said hello on FB just before the earthquake/tsunami. Kind of creepy, especially since it was like a day before.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I just noticed she was actually posting stuff, and she doesn't do that too often. She's fine, and was too far south from the badly damaged areas. But, she's rightfully, scared and frustrated. Again, I just can't imagine what it's like over there right now. Even if you were in an area with minimal damage, it still can affect you. Plus, I'd be afraid of the radiation problem right now. She wants to catch up, help me with my Japanese, and just generally talk. (She was happy that I'm learning Japanese.) That would be nice.:iconicelandmochiplz:She traveled to Thailand, Paris, and Korea last year. Sounds awesome! She has pics of it up, but I haven't looked at it yet.

I posted 2 pics: Horse Sculpture Park 7. Both have been faved! Yay!:dummy:I kind of like how Park 7 came out. I joined 2 more groups on dA. One for getting your original characters out there. Another that's like a directory for all the groups on dA. Looks very useful. I submitted my drawing of Ravel to the oc group. They still haven't approved it. Oh, well maybe they're low on admins. I also managed to write a bit more of chapter 13. This chapter's going a bit differently than I thought it would. Still interesting twists in the plot.:iconchibisitalyplz: 

Oh, and there's been a strange number calling my cell phone 2 or 3 times a day for at least the past 8 days. Only a few people know my new number. Just now, I tried calling that number back to tell them to stop calling me. They said that I was a part of something online, and had opted to get more info on things 'related' to it. I'm sorry, but I've never put my new number up on any website.:iconromanoplz:They say they're like career counselors or something. And, they help students get into the best schools. When I told him that I would like for them to not call me anymore, he said you're sure you're not interested in going to school? I said it again, and added no. (He sounded very upset.) Then he said let me make sure this is the right number, and I'll delete you from the listing. It was correct, and he said it won't go into effect until 24-48 hours afterwards. So, ignore any more calls from now until then. I hope they really will stop calling.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I read a while back that someone had that same exact number repeatedly call them for months. Only, they said they were T-mobile's collections department. They had Pay As You Go, just like me. So, it didn't make sense. Some people called back that number and had someone really rude answer that wouldn't tell them who they were. It's probably a huge scam. Sorry, but the whole thing was a bit upsetting to me.:iconwtfukplz:

On a side note, I had a message on my voicemail yesterday. And, I just checked it now. It was very sad. A kid had the wrong number, and said remember to swing by and pick me up to go to church. I'll be waiting. I hope they got the right number eventually.:iconraivisplz:Those calls I understand, and I'm not upset about.

I did my nails, too. It usually makes me feel better, so why not?:iconchibihungaryplz:They call it Friction Frost. I've had it for a very long time. I don't even remember the last time I used it. And, I don't think they make it anymore.:iconusaplz:It's kind of a nice frosty grey. I have another frost one that's kind of pink. I was into frosty colors for the winter. 

In Proposal, Ken got closer to Rei after he went back in time again. He realized that the guy Rei married, is really not such a bad guy. Which makes it harder for him to break them up, and make it so he'll marry her in the future. I'm liking this series so far. It's an interesting story.

Next week, I'll finish watching Psychic Detective Yakumo. It's been a really good series. Getting pretty intense too. 

Fairy Tail was just nuts!:iconus-xdplz:Awesome fight between Natsu and Jellal. Natsu became much stronger than either Jellal or Erza anticipated. Erza thought the only way to save everyone, was to sacrifice herself to the tower, and somehow she'd be able to control it so it wouldn't explode. Why?!:iconsadrussia:Crazy! 

Naruto Shippuden was awesome!:iconmochiplz:Although, I still don't like Sasuke, he has some really cool powers now. Naruto now knows more about Itachi, and the history of the Uchiha clan. Gaara joined the fight between the Raikage and Sasuke. He first tried to reason with Sasuke, but realized there's no getting through to him. From the hints of the next episode's preview, it looks like all the Kage battle Sasuke. That might not be a good thing. The villages won't have leaders if they're wiped out by him.:iconohboyamericaplz:The story's getting really interesting. Nice to see after months of 'fillers'. 

I finished Shiki today. It's got to be one of the most bloodiest/gruesome anime out there.:iconchibichinaplz:I know Elfen Lied, was very bloody. But, this seems more so. Also, it has horribly cruel deaths. It looks like Sunako and Muroi made it out in the end. All the other Shiki/werewolves seemed to either be killed off by the townspeople, or committed suicide. A lot of the townspeople survived. Toshio was one of them. Muroi turned into a werewolf or Shiki, not sure which. Not exactly the best ending to the series. Left a lot of things wide open. This series seemed a bit tiring, and dragged at times. But, what kept me watching, was the mystery behind the Shiki, who would survive, how will things turn out in the end, etc. If there's a second season, I probably won't watch it. Plot was pretty good, but slow moving. At parts it felt like they were just senselessly killing off characters, just for the fun of it.:iconbelaruskilleditplz: It was very psychological too. Well, at least now I can start another anime. Maybe it will be better.:iconchibicanadaplz:I'm not saying this was horrible, just not the best. 
Started a new drama called Guilty: Akuma to Keiyaku Shita Onna, or Guilty for short. It's got a lot of good actors I'm familiar with. Very good so far. Meiko was falsely imprisoned when she was 19 for the murders of her brother-in-law and nephew. She's released 12 years later. After she was released, she got a job as a pet groomer. She seeks revenge, and starts looking into the truth behind the murders. As she finds people who gave false accusations against her, she messes with them for a bit, and eventually they're led to suicide. A detective, Takuro, crosses paths with her. I feel bad that Meiko was falsely accused, but isn't this the wrong way to go about it? It's really interesting, and seems a bit 'different'.

deviantART faves: Meet an UFO A Fox for Japan I did not make these! First, a hilarious LOLcat. All of our cats have done the same thing. It is pretty entertaining. Second, the artist who does the StupidFox comic, made a piece where he puts a band-aid on the Japanese flag. Kind of tastefully done. 

A very loyal dog in Japan refuses to leave his friend:

An interesting song/vid called Native Dancer by Sakanaction:

Another nice song called Tales from Rip Slyme:

A hilarious vid a Hillel group in St. Petersburg made to celebrate Purim:

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