Monday, March 7, 2011

National Cereal Day!


Yay, cereal!:dummy:The holiday was first intended to celebrate the anniversary of the invention of corn flakes, by William and John Kellogg in 1897. Now, it celebrates cereals in general. Personally, I've grown to really like oatmeal for breakfast. But, there's many other varieties, that are hot and cold. Oddly, this was one of the few days I didn't have oatmeal. I'll have to tomorrow!:iconseychelles-plz:

It's still pretty cold out. But, nice and sunny looking. Posted a pic on dA: Stone Lantern at the Park. Apparently, people like to look at it, but only 1 person has faved it.:iconswissplz:I'm really happy they faved it, though! Wrote a bit more of chapter 13. I'm trying to be better about writing during the week. I'll probably get finished with it quicker, than the last chapter this way. It's still getting even more interesting. Played some more Mozart. Not quite as good as I was on Friday. Although, I did better with that really difficult piece. Next time, I'm thinking of playing some Irish tunes and maybe some Klezmer. Getting a little tired of Mozart.:iconpolandplz:
In Afterschool Charisma, the assassins' group's called The Strikers. Rockswell's 'daughter', Pandora, is really another clone of Marie Curie. There's also a clone named Kai who looks exactly like Shiro. He's much older than Shiro, too. Mozart immediately thinks Shiro's also a clone, and acts all buddy-buddy with him. Shiro tries to talk to his dad about it, but couldn't reach him. Kai doesn't know who he's cloned after. And, he has no family. Freud's baffled by the whole thing. He keeps thinking up scenarios about what's really up with Kai and Shiro, but nothing adds up. As in the pic, Shiro's confused and keeps asking, "Who am I?" This story keeps getting more interesting, and seems a bit twisted.:iconkikuplz:
I finished translating 2 sentences from that You Maga article on stress reliever exercises. Then, started on another. *君前にかかりつけ医帥に相談してからお試しください。(*Kimi maeni kakaritsuke isochi ni soudan shite kara otameshi kudasai.) *Please consult with your family doctor before attempting. 第8回 胸を開いて気持ちも代謝もアップ。(Daihachikai   mune o aite kimochi mo taisha mo appu.) 8th: both a feeling of opening your chest and upping your metabolism. (Sounds a little weird.:hmm:)
In Hetalia, America's trying to get Japan to open his ports. He said if you don't, Americans can be quite scary. Japan's not sure what to do, and is terrified about the whole thing. (That's him in the pic.) America made many more demands. He actually friended a whale towards the end. England suggests that they be friends, taking pity on him. America's response: "No way, dude!" Poor England.:iconraivisplz:
In Letter Bee Reverse, everyone goes out looking for Niche. She had left the underwear Lag gave her on the doorstep of Sylvette's. She thought she didn't deserve to be Lag's dingo. The funny thing about that is, she's running around without any type of underwear. So the reactions of when she jumps over people, are hilarious.:iconenglandispervyplz:Getting hungry, Niche finds a bread shop and decides to try and roast Steak in the oven.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I feel sorry for him. But, he's ok with keeping her alive and agrees to it. The shop is actually called Sinners' Bread and Weapons shop. A lot of the Bees go there and eat bread while their weapons are being repaired. Niche meets the owners and Sandra suggests that she become their daughter. Saying this while thinking she had a bad foster parent named Lag.:iconsleepygreeceplz:In the end, Niche saves Lag. And, they get back together. Kind of a funny, but fluffy episode. (The pic has Lag, Conner, Zazie, Steak (under Lag's arm), Niche, Wasiolka, Gus, and the shop owners.)

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