Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National Puppy Day!


Yay for puppies!:dummy:The founder, Colleen Paige, also created National Dog Day and National Cat Day. It's put up by her Animal Miracle Foundation and Network. Which is a non-profit organization that offers financial assistance and educational programs. They also try to get local shelter animals adopted on these holidays, and various other events throughout the year. Kind of nice. 

It's getting warmer and sunnier.:iconchibipolandplz:It almost feels like it's too bright outside. But, it's better than dreary grey skies. I had more of those weird leg pains on Monday, and slept in. Then, my computer was really slow.:iconohboyamericaplz:(Usually it does that when there's updates and such.) So, I didn't really have time to post Monday. Then, I was out all day yesterday. Again, not much time to post, either.:iconnataliaplz:

I went with my mom to her appointments for a test at a hospital yesterday. I thought I wouldn't have enough things to do, and be absolutely bored. But, oddly, I barely got through half the list of the things I wanted to work on.:iconchibicanadaplz:We went to a really good Greek restaurant called 'It's Greek To Me' for lunch. We both got Gyros and drinks. The special is to have them with fries. But, the Gyro was so huge, I don't think I would have been able to down the fries as well.:iconseychelles-plz:It was full of layers of meat, and some salad, and a huge thing of tzatziki sauce on top. All in a very good pita. It was so big, I couldn't pick it up like you normally would. Had to use a knife and fork through most of it. Crazy! But, it was all very tasty!:iconchibispainplz:

I worked on the You Maga article while I was waiting yesterday. Managed to remember most of the words, without looking them up. Although, there was one kanji that really got to me. I've seen it with other kanji and it has a different meaning with each one. I haven't seen it by itself before, so I spent a while trying to figure it out.:iconswissplz:Guess I'll look that up later.

Read part of the first chapter of my story, Alliance, again while I was waiting. Actually, found a couple of mistakes. Weird, since that's the chapter I've re-read the most. But, nice catch, I guess.:iconchibinitalyplz:I also realized I didn't print out a hard copy of chapter 12 yet. I usually print out each chapter when I'm done with them, and put them together. It's becoming a pretty heavy thick book with that alone. Still not enough words/pages to publish the story as a novel yet.:iconhongkongplz:I'm hoping for this to be a series, so I'll probably leave this first book on a big cliff hanger. It helps me edit the whole thing, and it's nice to have a hard copy version.:iconicelandmochiplz: 

Worked on some crossword puzzles, too. It's been a long time since I've done them. So, that was nice. Also, read the rest of the last (or second to last) issue of Hadassah. It's about time! The next one is probably coming out soon.:iconkikuplz:When I got home, I also started a search term list for when I look for recipes. Sometimes, when I search for them, I forget what type of things I'd like to make.:iconsleepygreeceplz:So, this would be very useful. Also, will probably come up with a list for what music I'd like. So, fun fun!:la:I feel like I was very productive yesterday.:iconeestiplz:Even though I was gone. I also edited the lists to the right hand side. Will make it easier to read, and they're in a better order.

Finished watching Psychic Detective Yakumo yesterday when I got home. Had a very good ending. But, still left it wide open for a 2nd season. I really liked this anime, so I'm hoping they will make one. Yakumo's father's 'ghost' is still roaming free and will probably use more people to get at Yakumo. He thinks if he gets Yakumo angry enough, he can take over his body. And, finally, feel 'alive' again. Disturbing.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:And, supposedly Nanase killed herself. But, they never found the body. And, if she did die, what would she be like if she came back as a ghost? Also, Yakumo and Haruka grew closer during this whole ordeal. Gotou is going to take custody of Nao. And, it seemed like she's working on talking. (She's mute, I think because of some sort of trauma.) Could be wrong. It was a very interesting and suspenseful series.:iconchibisitalyplz: 

I had my psychiatrist's appointment on Monday. Everytime I go, it ends up being at most 10 minutes. She talks fast.:iconlietplz:I have to get my annual liver and kidney check sometime within the next month and a half. Nothing's wrong with them, it's just a check to make sure things are ok.:iconhappychinaplz:The med I'm taking can affect the liver and kidneys. Even if you've been fine after years of taking it, it can still cause problems. I'm a bit reluctant to get a blood test, but it's to make sure I'm still healthy. 
Started another drama on Monday called Oishii Proposal, or Tasty Proposal. It's been hilarious so far! Suzuko's a strong-minded woman who's a chef at an Italian restaurant. She 'bumps' into Haruki, a celebrity businessman, after he accidentally scratches her car at a restaurant. Later, they meet again at her restaurant. He tells everyone who works there that he's the owner of the company who took over the restaurant. And, since there hasn't been much profit, he wants to fire everyone and remodel the place. Suzuko and Haruki make a deal that if she can impress him and a 'special' guest that her food is on par with a 3-star restaurant, he won't fire them. Well, she ends up impressing them, and he keeps the deal. He's kind of a jerk so far. But, I think he's also a bit naive. Liking the story, too.
Started another one yesterday called Hanayome wa Yakudoshi, or The Pretend Bride. Another hilarious one. I like that I'm finding so many promising looking comedies for the week. Akiko is 32, or in her what she considers an 'unlucky year'. She's a news announcer. She lost her position to a rookie announcer. She's assigned to go undercover and experience life as a farmer's bride for a variety show. If she doesn't do it, she'll have to work as a janitor. She bumps into her ex-boyfriend from college, Ichiro, and asks him if she can pretend to be his fiancée. He reluctantly agrees to it. And, she heads out to his family's farm to meet them. (They're a peach farm.) She's supposed to stay there for 3 months. The family members all have their own quirks. One is obsessed with Tokyo and saving money to go there. Another is poor, and when things get to him he plays his trumpet instead of complaining. Another is convinced that Ichiro wants to take over the family farm, and Akiko is just playing him to get a piece of the land. She's obsessed with the farm and seems like she's planning on murdering Ichiro. His mother seems weirdest of all. She's the head of the family, and is extremely strict, cold, and judgmental. She seems a bit scary. This series looks like it will be another fave. 

deviantART faves: Liechtenstein- Cup Collab APH: Cup Collab Aruu I did not make these! These 2 are for the Hetalia version of the cup collab. First, it's Liechtenstein in a cup of Triesner Federweiss. Looked it up, and it's a wine made in Liechtenstein, and is popular there. It's cute. Second, China in green tea. Also, cute. He's floating on the teabag. Funny that they put Shinatty in there. 

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