Wednesday, February 16, 2011

National Gumdrop Day!


It was actually yesterday, but I love gumdrops!:dummy:So, it's a nice day to appreciate them. I read that no one knows who invented them. But, they were invented in the 1800's. It's older than I thought.:icontinoplz:

I've been feeling even crummier the last couple of days.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Hence, why I didn't post yesterday. Every morning since I came back from Israel, I feel so nauseous. It got pretty intense yesterday and today. I have a hard time eating breakfast now.:iconwtfromanoplz:Mom suggested it may be from jet lag. Makes some sense. I guess it just doesn't want to leave. Hopefully, it will soon.:iconkikuplz:

Posted chapter 12 of Alliance yesterday.:phew:Here's the link: Chapter 12 If you would like to read from the beginning it's here. It's been a long time since I posted a chapter.:iconlietplz:Kind of surprised me. But, oh well. It's there at least. I still have so many ideas for it!:la:It's like a never ending story. I kind of like that, though. It's continuing/sticking to the plot, and to me at least, seems to be getting even better. So, I guess it may turn into a series. But, I have to finish the first book first.:iconberwaldplz:

I played TinierMe's fishing game. Last time I tried to play, it was really weird and I couldn't catch anything. Now, it's kind of addicting. (I guess they fixed it?) Made it to Hobby Fisher. Yay!:iconthailandplz:
I watched the last episode of I've Been Married to Hell! or Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! Kimiko and her mother-in-law finally understand each other. After, she found out how Kimiko really felt. She became depressed, but later they resolved it. And, Kimiko won the title of the best bride of the town, by the women's social group. Kind of funny, considering what she started saying in front of the everyone.:iconenglandispervyplz:There was still a lot of really hilarious moments mixed in with this semi-more serious episode. Really good series throughout. Another one I'll miss.:iconfrancisplz:It was really fun to watch, too. The music fit the mood perfectly every time. It was a good ending. 

Posted a pic on dA: The Knesset. It's already got a fave! The first of many on dA. I'll get ready for my next batch of my Israel pics on FB. I'm doing it slower on dA, because I don't want to bombard people who watch me, or groups I might submit them to.:iconheroamericaplz: 

Found out one of the vids I uploaded to Youtube (with permission from the owner:iconohboyamericaplz:), was taken off because of copyright infringement. They say if they take off 3 vids for the same reason, you're account will be deleted. Yay!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:So, even though I have permission to use the others, I took down everything but my fountain vid. Just to be safe.:iconhongkongplz:I've started seeing a lot of accounts being deleted. Kind of weird that they're 'cracking down' on it all of a sudden. Probably making even more people pissed off. They already made most of the users angry when they switched to the new user homepage. They're petitioning to have an option of reverting the page to the old version. I agree with this!:iconchibiamericaplz:Since the change, it's been cluttered, and they did something weird with my recommendation section. Before, there was a link to have a whole page of suggestions. Now, it's like 10 videos shown on the same page as the rest of the stuff. Plus, the vids they come up with for it, aren't as good. So, it's a bit weird.:iconchibijapanplz:I'm not pissed, I just would like that option to revert back. 

There's a Hadassah meeting tonight. It's a potluck, and then a Rabbi will speak. I might bring my camera to show some people pics of the trip.:camera:Found out another guy from that Anime Forum wants to see my travel journal and pics. Seems like everybody does.:iconseychelles-plz:Interesting. I'm still in the process of writing entries for my online travel journal. I might post what I've done so far tomorrow or something. It doesn't look like much at the moment, though.:iconswissplz: 

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