Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day


This is part of a 4-day weekend in honor of Washington and Lincoln's birthday. It's also in honor of all the other presidents we've had since.:iconimtheheroplz:It was originally designated on Washington's birthday, which is really tomorrow. It's an interesting holiday.:iconhappychinaplz:Most people don't think too much about the meaning, and seem to be just happy it's a 4-day weekend. I guess that's ok, but it's also a little sad.:iconohboyamericaplz:

It's a bit warmer than they predicted for today. Which is ok with me.:iconheroamericaplz:They still think there's a high chance it will start to snow either tomorrow night or Wednesday. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:

This morning I woke up to loud hissing and banging.:sleep:When I got downstairs, I noticed Tasha had made it down there, and was hiding from the other cat next to the piano. Apparently, they're food bowls were entirely empty. It was full when I went to bed. Strange.:iconchibijapanplz:They probably were fighting over that. Later, after giving them more food, I looked for Tasha again. She was no where to be found. Still is.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I hope she's ok and just hiding somewhere. The other one looks very happy. 

I posted a pic to dA: Park It already has 2 faves!:dummy:Posted 3 pics to my thread in my fave forum. I played some more Mozart. Did much better than last time. I played for the full amount of time I normally do. Wahoo!:iconseychelles-plz:Somehow couldn't last time. Made some mistakes, but wasn't too bad.
In Afterschool Charisma, Shiro still has to keep an eye on Mozart. Just to make sure he doesn't attempt suicide again. Mozart seems a little 'disturbed'. He thinks everything is funny, and says Mozart is dead. His room was cleaned up and organized while he was in the hospital. Supposedly, they're not actually going to kill Joan. But, the human sacrifice has to look authentic. When Mozart goes to an Almighty Dolly meeting, everyone thinks he's changed his destiny just by attempting to kill himself. They want to be like him. He just laughs at them. The school's director, Rockswell, is behind distributing the 'Almighty Dolly' and the cult. He was told by someone to distribute the dolls. He doesn't know who. As for the cult, he wants the clones to believe in something. He thinks it's a good emotional outlet. He promised Einstein and Rasputin that if they followed everything, they could leave the academy. (I don't think that will happen. He likes to play with clones.) The cult will be reenacting Joan of Arc's burning at the stake for the expo. Mozart doesn't want to perform for the expo. Freud's still trying to find more info on the assassins group. He's pretty smart about it. He's good at 'messing' with people's heads, and manipulating them. I think the clones are more like their originals than they realize. The story keeps getting more and more interesting.
Done with translating a sentence from that stress reliever article. Also, got the author's name. Which so happens to be the person modeling the exercises too. Then, started another sentence. アスリートにヨガを指導している運動科学のエキスパートが伝授する、身も心も美しくなるメソッド。(Asuriito ni yoga o shidou shite iru undou kagaku no ekisupaato ga denju suru, mi mo kokoro mo utsukushiku naru masoddo.) Through expert guidance methods, athletic yoga exercises grow both the body and mind beautifully. 文・モデル/山本邦子 (fumi/moderu: yamamoto kuniko.) Article/model: Kuniko Yamamoto. 
In Hetalia, the Allies were shipwrecked while trying to catch the Axis. America and China were shipwrecked on the same island. (They're in the pic.) Don't know about France, Russia, or England. America seems to find things easily. Like, a cave nearby for shelter. He brought a ton of junk food. China lectured him on healthy food. America just thinks it's better to enjoy eating what you like. This sounds an awful lot like Italy's point of view. When Germany tried to get Japan to eat a healthier diet. (Less salt, anyways.) Kind of funny. America somehow gets China hooked on his chocolate candy bars. Nothing seems to phase him. Poland cross-dressed at the end. It was a bit random. The only thing I don't like about America, is his laugh. But, for some reason it really grows on you. 
I watched the last episode to the first season of Letter Bee. There's an anti-government organization called Reverse. They had been watching Gauche for years. They wanted him to join. Lag bumps into Gauche. But, he's changed a lot. Supposedly, he's a Marauder and changed his name to Noir. Roda looks human now. She fights Niche, saying she's a failure at being a dingo over and over. Gauche shoots Lag at the end. It's like he's gone crazy or something. They did say he may have used up his heart. Sad! I hope he can change or something. It was kind of a rough ending. But, I guess it was a hook to watch the next season. I hope it's just as good, if not better than this season. I'll start it next week. So, we'll see. 

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