Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!


I've always liked this holiday. There are some downsides to it for me, but I mostly still like it.:iconchibicanadaplz:I like the candy and such, not so much the lovey dovey stuff. It's also National Condom Day (hmmm... I wonder why?:iconenglandispervyplz:), National Women's Heart Day, and National Donor Day. All nice holidays. 
This is my wallpaper for the month. I know, it's a little late. It's got Denmark, Sweden, Sealand, Norway, Finland, and Iceland from Hetalia. An awesome artist I watch on dA made it.:iconfrancisplz:It's kind of funny. I need to find more wallpapers, though.:iconberwaldplz:

Tokyo Wankei yesterday, was intense. Mika and Ryosuke happily made it to Korea. And, are headed towards her mother's 'promised land'. Ryosuke's mother had some sort of mental breakdown. Started attacking his father, and went on a violent rampage. Mika finally turned down Koichi's engagement ring. He tried to catch Mika and Ryosuke before their plane took off. But, some crazy guy on drugs went around stabbing people. Koichi was the most critically injured. He may be a paraplegic now.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Mika's best friend and Ryosuke's ex-girlfriend are falling for each other. They're cute together.:iconchibihungaryplz:And, it seems they deserve a little happiness, too. Good for them!

It's been pouring rain and windy today. Yay!:iconkikuplz:It was nice to get back to a semi-normal day. Although, I'm still sick. I'm done editing chapter 12. (Finally!:dummy:) I'll probably post it to dA tomorrow. It felt good to play my clarinet again. Played some more Mozart. It's been a while since I played, so I obviously made some mistakes. My fingers hurt so much, I couldn't play my 'normal' amount of time.:iconlietplz:Oh well. I at least got some playing in. I got all the components for one of those sentences in the You Maga article about stress. Just need to make a logical sounding English version. I'll probably get to post that tomorrow, too. 
In Afterschool Charisma, all the clones are preparing for the expo. It's similar to taking a yearly exam. Also, an opportunity for the school to show off what their clones can do to the outside world. Shiro meets the school director, and he nearly kills him. Joan forced Napoleon to take an 'Almighty Dolly'. Napoleon,  Elizabeth, Nightingale, and Freud decide to spy on an Almighty Dolly gathering. With the help of Shiro. Rasputin wants to have a ceremony during the expo. One where they'll have a human sacrifice. The clone chosen will die in a similar way as their original. He thinks the Almighty Dolly can change the rest of their destinies. They actually agree to it. He picks Joan as the 'sacrificial lamb'. Mozart finally woke up from his coma. Shiro's sent in to keep an eye on him. Just in case he attempts suicide again.
In Hetalia, they talked about 15th century Europe. There was the Brave of the North, Denmark. An increasing influence of the Teutonic Knights. The Golden Horde's expansion. And, the Ottoman Turks. Lithuania and Poland entered a union with each other, after a marriage alliance. And called it the Union of Krewo. Apparently, Poland likes to be addressed as Lord Polska. But, he makes an exception for Lithuania, and tells him to call him Po. He ends up calling Lithuania, Liet for short. They share stories about their capitals. Interesting, they seem to be putting out 2 episodes a week. Wahoo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Well, it's much better than just the 5 minutes. 
In Letter Bee, Zazie shows up to help Lag and Connor. Apparently, Gaichuu kill people by eating their hearts.:iconraivisplz:Or really, they're souls/memories. The person basically becomes an empty shell, becomes frail and weak, and then slowly dies. Zazie, Lag, and Connor work again to try and defeat the Cidre Gaichuu. Lag ends up saving everyone. You have to shoot it in the butt, so the pic's of Lag doing that. It was a really good episode. Next episode seems to be the end of the season. After that, I can finally start Letter Bee Reverse.:la: 

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