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By Daisuke Ono. This is the 1st opening to Psychic Detective Yakumo. The other openings are just different versions of this one.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The singer sounds amazing. Plus, he conveys such emotion.:iconchibihungaryplz:It fits the series pretty well. The opening sequence is pretty cool, too. Looks a bit like Death Note's openings, though.:iconwtfromanoplz:The singer's also a voice actor or seiyuu. He won Best Male Seiyuu at the 4th Seiyuu Awards for his role as Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji. Wow! He must be good, because it doesn't quite sound like him. Just read that he also voices the main character of Psychic Detective Yakumo. He also has a radio show. He does a lot of character songs. Very interesting sounding guy.:iconchibisitalyplz:

It was a little colder today. Had a mix of rain and snow all day. Now, it's starting to just be snow.:iconwtfukplz:Hopefully, it won't snow too much. I'm thinking of making the tuna casserole tonight. I was going to yesterday, but was too busy. It will probably make a lot of leftovers, but that's ok. Means more lunches, and maybe another dinner.:iconfrancisplz:

I posted a pic on dA: Park 2 It already has a fave!:dummy:Brainstormed a little and looked at past notes for the story. Just to get the juices flowing again.:iconeestiplz:I'll start chapter 13 tomorrow. Played some more Mozart. Tried to only think about the music this time. Sounded much better. Not very many mistakes. I have all the components for the next sentence in that article. Just need to make it a logical sentence in English.:iconsleepygreeceplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, one of the students, Ookusa Manami meets the 3 conditions. So, she's nominated as a 1st choice 'player'. She's a customer who meets these conditions: borrowing, repaying, (the capital is) increasing. Sensei is nominated by the Self Hatred Party. Chiri was nominated by many different groups. Next part was about people's inner switches. When Jun's switch's on, he enthusiastically tells a story. Everyone's always touched by his stories. Sensei's 'switch' is behind his ears. He's very sensitive there. Supposedly, he speaks in a sweet voice and gets on his knees. But, the wrong switch, makes him self-destruct.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:
In Psychic Detective Yakumo, there's a ghost at the hospital. She visits sleeping patients. All she says is, "When will you die?" over and over again. Yakumo's uncle has a brain tumor, and at most, has a year left.:iconamericasadchibiplz:He was just there to get a checkup, because he was having some massive headaches. Nanase Miyuki was found and arrested. Haruka's mom made an album of all the photos her and Yakumo's mom exchanged. So, there were lots of pics of Haruka and Yakumo as kids. Both seemed to have a very happy normal family. Yakumo was kind of cute as a little kid. Miyuki mentioned that they're thinking of killing Yakumo's uncle. Why?!:iconromanoplz:Give the poor man a break! He's dying. I know one reason is to hurt Yakumo, but that's a little much. 

Finally, figured out a good pose for my original character, Max.:phew:Had most of his body 'mapped' out. Just was trying, for a while, to figure what pose his arms and legs would make. I think what I decided on fits him the most.:iconchibicanadaplz:Hopefully, my wooden mannequin will stay in place. I'll finally get back to drawing him tomorrow. 

deviantART faves: Red Velvet Cupcakes... OCs Wonderworld Double.Sweetness. Malfunction aaaaaalways sleeping Who Has The Largest? Chrono Days Sim Date I did not make these! First and third, are red velvet cupcakes and cake. Both look really tasty. Second, a funny oc meme. This one, instead of torturing your oc, you pamper it. It's a good one to practice on, too. Someday I'll get to it. Fourth, a hilarious LOLcat. Fifth, really cute pic of 2 cats. One's apparently fallen asleep. Sixth, a funny comic starring Prussia and Austria from Hetalia. Poor Gilbird. Gilbird is Prussia's bird. That bird's always on him. Seventh, another awesome and hilarious sim date from an artist I watch. I love her humor in these games. And, really anything she does. It shines through. This one has kind of an interesting story too. 

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