Friday, February 18, 2011

Pluto Day!


Today was the day Pluto was discovered.:dummy:I thought it was a very interesting 'planet' when I researched it for school. Yes, back then, it was considered a planet!:iconprussiaplz:It was discovered in 1930. That's pretty recent. It was disqualified as a planet in August 2006, due to new rules on planets. Planets must 'clear the neighborhood around its orbit.' Pluto's oblong orbit overlaps Neptune's. I still feel it's a planet, though.:iconpolandplz:It's also Battery Day. To celebrate the birthday of the electric battery's inventor, Count Alessandro Volta. He was born in 1745. Batteries were an amazing invention! So, they should be celebrated.:iconthailandplz:

It was pretty cold today. But, I saw it may be even colder this coming week. Great.:iconromanoplz:Possibility of snow too. My parents are going to San Francisco this Sunday. And, won't be back until next Sunday. I hope they have fun!:iconhappychinaplz:I'll get a week to myself, which isn't bad either. It's a win-win.:iconchibiamericaplz:

Apparently, today's Gaia's 8-year anniversary. I can't believe they've been around that long.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I didn't hear about it when they first started. Saw it a couple of years into college, and hated it. It was somewhat confusing, and a little boring.:iconusaplz:I've been a user now for a couple of years. And, it's significantly better. They've really come a long way. Hopefully they'll improve even more in the future.:iconchibicanadaplz:

I finally did my nails again. It's kind of a confidence booster to me.:iconseychelles-plz:Or, at least nice to look at. This time it's like a frosty grey with some pink mixed in. Looks a lot better than it sounds.:iconswissplz:It's one of a few polishes that I have that aren't labelled. So, you don't know what you're really going to get. So far, so good though.:iconspainplz:

Watched Kiina. It was very interesting. Their episodes are supposedly based on true stories and facts. This time it was about a man who thought he was being cursed. He bought a bunch of things to try to counteract it. Lots of charms, dolls, masks, etc. One of his students tried cursing him too. She used a voodoo doll and stabbed it in the head. He actually died of a bee sting to the head. He was deathly allergic to them. So, the kid kept thinking she killed him. But, it turned out the teacher had a stalker from when he was in college. She began to get serious about it after an alumni meeting. She also worked at a place that she could easily get insects. Kiina thought that maybe the added stress of thinking he was cursed took a toll on his body already. So, he wasn't in very good health. I love how they presented the facts in this episode. 

I started on a new article in You Maga to write out. I grew very tired of the one I was working on.:icontinoplz:Wasn't very interesting to me. I know what the mountains are like in this area, so I needed something a little different. So, I started an article in the New Year's edition. I'll probably do a lot more in this one, because there's so many more interesting articles. I started with one titled Fortune and Spiritual Guide. It's personalized based on the year you were born. So, it seems 'deeper' than just, like, a horoscope. I don't know. I guess I'll find out.:iconfrancisplz:Also, got a chance to read more of Dune. 

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