Friday, February 25, 2011

Levi Strauss Day


Well, it's really tomorrow, but why not celebrate it early?:iconseychelles-plz:It's his birthday. He founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans. Pretty cool.:iconchibigilbert2plz:He was born in 1829 and died in 1902. He was a German-Jewish immigrant to the US. I guess you can celebrate by wearing jeans. 

We had record lows last night. Around the mid-teens.:iconwtfukplz:Woke up to a heavy sheet of icy snow over everything. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:They're thinking it may snow more on Sunday. I think Rosie is having fun trying to figure out new ways of waking me up.:iconkikuplz:This time she started playing with a plastic bag, then dragged it, and tried to bite at the contents. Why?:iconromanorageplz:It's been there for a while, and you decide to do that when I'm half asleep? Crazy! Parents sound like they're having fun. Good for them! They deserve it.:iconchibiamericaplz:

Got even further into writing chapter 13. Everytime I start writing, the ideas just flow like crazy. Sometimes, I wonder if I've let a good idea slip.:iconheroamericaplz:Liking this chapter so far. 

Played some more Mozart. Improved a bit from last time. Tried the hardest tune in the book. Made some mistakes with that, but it wasn't too bad.:iconchibicanadaplz:Overall, I didn't make very many mistakes. Rosie checked out my clarinet, and wasn't afraid of it.:iconfrancisplz:Even when I played it right in front of her. Usually, Tasha runs as soon as she sees my case. Interesting.

For drawing, I finished 'fleshing' out Max's arms and legs. Working on his hands and feet. Finished with one hand. Looks a lot better than I thought it would. Hands are always a bit hard to draw.:icontinoplz:Hopefully, I'll finish the hands and feet on Sunday or Monday. Then, I can move on to clothes and inking. Wahoo!:la:

Kiina was interesting, yet again. This one was about hypnosis, and planting false memories in someone. The criminal was someone's therapist. Her patient wanted to get over her plane phobia. The therapist used hypnotherapy to help her. But, while hypnotized, the therapist planted her own memories about someone swindling her, into her patient. She then told her patient to kill the swindler or something life threatening will happen. Luckily, the man didn't die and the patient wasn't prosecuted. They arrested the therapist, too. So, a good ending to this one. Not all of them end so happily.
In Shiki, Toshio finally got through to the villagers about what's going on. He's basically going to lead them in an all-out war against the shiki or vampires. Both sides were making the same speech. The things both the villagers and shiki are doing to each other in order to survive, has been very cruel. The villagers raid the mansion. When they think the shiki ran away, and may return at night, they start to demolish it. Seishin's protecting Sunako in the cellar. (In pic.) Although, he's not going to be much help at fending off the villagers, if they find them. He's incredibly weak from refusing to eat. Even after giving him an IV, he's still too weak to do much. I like how they set this story up, with you feeling something for the shiki or vampires. Not just the villagers. 

I'm planning to make the panko breaded fish, mashed potatoes, and green beans for Shabbat dinner tonight. I'll probably add garlic and chives to the potatoes. And, make our 'famous' pink sauce for the fish.:iconenglandispervyplz:Sounds so tasty!:iconchibispainplz:I'll also have the last chocolate muffin half. Those muffins are really good! Oh, and I'll have to see if there's a frozen challah. If not, I can just use some other type of bread. Sounds like I'm pretty much set.:iconthailandplz:Tomorrow morning, I can have my own services. And, I can do Havdalah that night. Which, I can use my new candle for it. Yay!:dummy:

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