Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love Your Pet Day!


Shouldn't everyday be love your pet day?:iconprussiaplz:I guess it gives us an excuse to spoil them more for a day. I love my cats, and other animals we've had over the years. Each one is special.:iconchibigilbert2plz:And, has a different personality. I love how people ask if you're a cat or dog person. What if you're both, and then some?:iconheroamericaplz:Here's to Tasha and Rosie! (And, hopefully, someday they'll get along.:iconkikuplz:)

Well, it's already getting pretty cold. But, the rest of the week will be much more so.:iconwtfromanoplz:They said it's no longer a matter of 'if' you'll get snow, but 'when' and how much. So...yay!:iconlietplz:At least I have a nice warm home. And, I don't have to drive.:iconchibicanadaplz:
I changed my Gaia avatar. Somewhat in honor of their 8th anniversary.:iconhappychinaplz:The Coco Fleece hat was one of the gifts for it. Another free item was the V-Day 2k11 Radio Jack's balloon, for Valentine's Day. It says "Did you stink." A lot more 'attitude' than the other balloon. I kind of like that.:iconchibihungaryplz:I still love the murderous panda. I've been wanting to use the fireplace for a while. Still like the belly tattoo. It's a little goofy overall, but I like it.:iconchibisitalyplz:I have a lot more 'darker' items I've won that I hope to use in the future. Most are from Halloween. I love that kind of stuff.:iconchibifranceplz:

Watched Tokyo Wankei. It's getting a lot more complicated, and somewhat depressing.:icontinoplz:I hope Mika and Ryosuke still end up together. We'll see. Also, watched Juui Dolittle yesterday. I like that they tried to educate the kids about what they should do around wild animals. They especially shouldn't feed boars from plastic bags.:icongermanyplz:Kind of stupid on their part. And, almost killed a boar they were trying to protect. Hanabishi tried to operate on a golden lab. It reminded him of his own dog he worked on. The one that ended up traumatizing him so much, he couldn't operate since then. He thought he had beaten it, so he tried it again. He ended up collapsing and blacking out.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I've felt somewhat similar to that. While taking my animal science labs, I almost fainted from looking at things like intestines, watching pigs get neutered, etc. It was just great.:iconchibijapanplz:(Not to mention the meat class I had to take...You don't want to know.:iconchibichinaplz:) I also get that way with just the sight of blood. I've actually fainted before. When a nurse was going to draw my blood, I started to feel really dizzy. She thought I should go into the bathroom to sit and relax for a minute. As soon as she left and closed the door, I fainted and hit everything possible going down.:iconwtfukplz:The handicap railing, paper towel dispenser, toilet bowl, etc. She came running after the thuds. So, yeah, I know how he feels.:iconnataliaplz:I hope he can get over it.

I went to services yesterday. It was such a low turn out.:iconbrothercanadaplz:Weird, since the person leading, our old cantor, usually draws crowds. It was just Mom, me, the cantor, and 2 other people. So sad. We couldn't do half the service because of it. Have to have a minyan, or 10 people at least to do the Torah service. So, we had a little Torah study instead.:iconthailandplz:That was kind of nice. I love our old cantor's voice. Maybe more than our current one. She sounds so into everything, too. It's somewhat refreshing.:iconicelandmochiplz:The portion this time's about the Golden Calf. Pretty famous part. We also studied a little of the prayer book or siddur. Don't usually do that, so that was really interesting. One of the members had made a challah for the end this time. A lot tastier than the place they usually get it from.:iconitalyplz:

Started a new family in the Sims 2. Got a little tired of Hungary and Prussia. Might go back to them to see what happens when I let them age. The new family's still based off of Hetalia. It's Hong Kong and Taiwan. I'm just having fun with these characters. I try to have their personalities and looks be as close to the actual characters as possible. Makes for some interesting times.:iconenglandispervyplz:Apparently, HK doesn't talk much, but Taiwan's almost a chatter box. The first day they were there, about 6 other sims showed up to welcome them. Somehow managed to let them talk to all of them for a while.:iconeestiplz:Gave everybody food, and for some reason, everyone needed to go to the bathroom at the same time. Wahoo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Makes it even more hilarious. Especially when you can only afford one bathroom at the beginning.:iconseychelles-plz:Those other sims stayed the entire day at their house. HK was visibly irritated by it. Taiwan looked really happy. I've already had them try for a baby. So, it'll be interesting to see what it looks like. I wonder, if I don't like it, I can change their appearance later? I guess I can see. So, fun times with them.:iconchibiamericaplz:They seem a lot different than that other family. Also, Taiwan started as a paramedic in the medical field. HK is working in the mail room. I think they said it's the start of the business field. Funny, Taiwan ended up being fortune centered, but didn't end up in business. At least, not yet. HK's centered on family. I hope to eventually move them to a different looking home. I'll see what happens.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

My parents left this morning. Hope they're having fun!:iconchibipolandplz:It's kind of been nice here. Although, it's a lot quieter, and the cats want more attention. I get to blare my music if I want, though. That kind of takes care of the quieter bit.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I had some more rice porridge for breakfast, and leftover spaghetti for dinner. Also, had an awesome half a muffin for dessert! They're huge muffins. Can't eat the whole thing. Pretty good stuff.:iconchibispainplz:Thinking of making a tuna casserole tomorrow. I have lots of other ideas for dinners. Should be fun.:iconlachoirplz:Also, I found a lot of cool songs today. I still need more!:iconberwaldplz:

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