Thursday, February 24, 2011

U Can Do It


By Domino. This was the 15th ending for Naruto Shippuden. Kind of a good motivating song. The ending animation is a bit weird though.:iconusaplz:Domino's a Jpop/hip-hop trio formed in 2000, and debuted in 2009. I like their sound. I'll have to check out the rest of their songs.:iconberwaldplz:
I got up late yesterday, because I was coughing throughout most of the night.:cough:Slept in a little today too, because I wasn't feeling too well. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:Although, I was woken up by sounds of a cat scratching things. So, that was a lovely thing first thing in the morning.:iconnataliaplz:Rosie was playing with a branch off one of the plants she eats. Her claws were digging into the carpet. She may have scratched up the recliner again on top of that.:iconromanoplz:I was half asleep when she started banging her green rubber ball against my door. I have a tiny bell attached to something on my door knob, so it made a lot more noise.:iconohboyamericaplz:She's been taking all her toys up to my room, too. I think because she's been lonely with only me in the house.:iconamericasadchibiplz:

There was periods of rain and snow yesterday. This morning there was a type of thin hard icy snow just barely touching everything. I think that's more dangerous than a ton of fluffy snow.:iconchibiaustriaplz:All day it's been light snow off and on. Lately, it's been getting heavier bigger flakes. I hope it doesn't snow too much.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

I posted a pic yesterday on dA: Park 3 It's got 4 faves already! Wahoo!:dummy:That's a lot for me. Also, submitted it to 3 groups. So far, only one accepted it. Waiting for approval from the other 2.:iconkikuplz:Also, added some dA plz stamps to my profile. They definitely fit me. You can go check it out. Blogger seems to separate the stamps up, so it looks strange on here.:iconwtfromanoplz:Also, I changed my nails again. This time they're a deep bordeaux color. Kind of pretty.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Made a good dent into writing the beginning of chapter 13.:iconchibipolandplz:The story's getting even more interesting. The ideas are just flowing again. This chapter may be slightly 'lighter' in mood than some of the more recent chapters.:iconchibicanadaplz:Just noticed that one of the characters, who seems pretty important (at least to the school), I've never actually described him.:iconchibirussiaplz:I just have his name. But, it's only his second or third appearance. I'll have to make a character reference sheet, and I might stick his description in at some point. It's weird, because he was one of the first characters that I came up with.:iconpolandplz:

Played some more Mozart. Did even better than yesterday. Just need to remember to add a little more air when playing trills. With some of them, I wasn't getting any sound out.:iconbraginskiplz:Very few mistakes. I also have to remember to only pay attention to the music. Not to noises outside, the cats, talking, the weather, or even thinking about stuff I'll be doing later. Sometimes that can be hard.:iconraivisplz:

Also, yesterday and the day before, I went through my 'to-watch' list for my Tuesday drama. So far, none of them looked appealing enough.:iconwtfukplz:I might try looking at more during the weekend. Just added a bunch of stuff to the list, too. A lot of them look like they have potential. So, we'll see.:icontinoplz:

Watched more of Tokyo Dogs. It's getting really interesting with what Yuki can remember, and the rest of the plot. It still has a lot of hilarious humor, lots of action, and suspense. It's becoming a pretty big fave.:iconfrancisplz:

Finished watching Bloody Monday 2. It was really good!:iconchibispainplz:Spider was actually a childhood friend of his. Their fathers were best friends. She taught him how to hack. She died at the end. J, apparently, was behind it all.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:He's sneaky, but really good. He put up an act that he was dying of radiation poisoning. He gets away at the very end. It seems to me that this leaves the series wide open for a 3rd season. I really hope so!:iconchibisitalyplz:The whole series has been amazing!:iconus-xdplz:I thought everyone would die in the end, but Fujimaru came through and tricked Spider. The story was very complex, but really interesting.

Got most of Max's body 'fleshed' out. Just need to flesh out his hands, legs, and feet. He's starting to look better than I thought he would. After I get his body down, I'll get to move on to his clothes. Wahoo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:
In Fairy Tail, they defeated 2 of the members of the assassins group. Pretty epic battles. Lucy managed to snap Juvia out of being brainwashed by one of them. They both become good friends and managed to defeat him together. Natsu was swallowed by the owl guy. Gray had an awesome battle against him, and saved Natsu. (Gray's in the pic.) Jellal is getting pissed.:iconprussiaplz:
In Naruto Shippuden, there wasn't very much action. But, it was very emotional. Naruto begged the Raikage to not 'dispose' of Sasuke. He was turned down. But, seemed to get through to him. The Kages started their discussion. Mainly, about the Akatsuki. Sai found out how Naruto feels about Sakura. Naruto told him he doesn't think he can bring himself to tell her. (Pic is from them talking about it.)

I made the tuna casserole on Tuesday. It came out pretty tasty.:iconitalyplz:Funny thing, the recipe I had didn't mention the tuna.:iconenglandispervyplz:But, I kind of instinctively knew when to put it in. I experimented a little for dinner last night. I mixed up some eggs, cheddar cheese, sliced turkey pastrami, dried onions, carrots, corn, garlic, sweetener, and salsa. Then, fried them all together. It was really good.:iconsleepygreeceplz:So, I guess it was successful. Tonight, I think I'll have some of the leftover tuna casserole. Tomorrow, I'm thinking a good Shabbat dinner would be: some panko breaded fish, mashed potatoes, and peas or green beans. Not too bad.:iconeestiplz:Maybe I can find a frozen challah too. If not, I'll just use a slice of some other bread we have.:iconthailandplz:

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