Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Chocolate Mousse Day!


First pic is my wallpaper for at least half the month. It's Lag from Letter Bee (or Tegami Bachi). Looks really cool on my desktop.:iconchibipolandplz:Seems like the manga version of him, which I haven't read. I've only seen the anime. But, the art's awesome! I have a few more Letter Bee wallpapers, so look for those in the future.:iconberwaldplz:Second, my Japanese woodblock print calendar for April. I like this one a lot, last month's was just ok. Third, my Jewish calendar, Hebrew Illuminations, for April. It says Tal in Hebrew. Which means Dew. I like this more than just the letters for the other months. 

These are the month-long holidays for April: Alcohol Awareness Month, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Month, Cranberries and Gooseberries Month, Frog Month, Grilled Cheese Month, International Guitar Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, National Decorating Month, National Garden Month, National Kite Month, National Pecan Month, National Pet Month, Tomatillo and Asian Pear Month, National Florida Tomato Month, National Soft Pretzel Month, National Garlic Month. Wow! That's a lot of month-long holidays!:faint:Maybe more than for March. Most are important causes, or to make you think and appreciate things you may take for granted, or they're fun, etc. A lot of food holidays again. Jazz is important, so that's good. I love garlic!:la:So, it's another excuse to have it this month. 

As it says, today's Chocolate Mousse Day. Chocolate mousse's so good!:iconheroamericaplz:Kind of funny to have a holiday devoted to it. Too bad we probably won't have it for dessert. Today's also World Party Day. It's a global celebration of a better world and creation of a desirable reality. (According to wikipedia.) This celebration has no religious or political connections. The theme to it is: "A universal human right to fun, peace, and life." I think that may explain it better. The only requirement is to celebrate and party.:party:Sounds good to me. 

It's been pretty cold most of the weekend. Went to the Hadassah's Pampered Chef thing. It was very interesting to see all their cooking tools.:iconchibiaustriaplz:The presenter made some pizza and brownies, to show how some of them work. Pizza had garlic, chicken, vegetables, and some ranch dressing as a topping. It was just ok. Not enough garlic. The brownies had rolos on top. They were way too sweet.:iconusaplz:There was also salad, tortilla chips, chocolate chip cookies, and some other thing I can't remember.:shrug:The stuff other people brought was better than what the presenter made. That's ok. I liked the 'mega-lifter'.:iconeestiplz: 

The next Hadassah event is a women's seder on the 12th. Passover or Pesach, starts on the night of the 18th. I can't believe Pesach's coming up so soon!OMGWe have most of our stuff for the holiday. It lasts 8 days, and we're not allowed to eat anything leavened.:icontinoplz:Like, bread, pasta, etc. We eat matzah instead, which is like a giant unleavened cracker. We also cook with it. There's a ground up powdered version called Matzah Meal that can be used for things like cakes. And, there's broken up pieces that are called Matzah Farfal that you can make things like granola with. I think there are so many creative ways we can eat during Pesach, it's almost like you don't miss having things like bread. Almost.:iconkikuplz:By the end, you're pretty much sick of the stuff. We might go to a store that has a huge selection of Pesach stuff soon. Some things you feel like you've been waiting since last year to have again.:iconitalyplz:I'll talk more about it when we get closer to it.

Really late Wednesday night we had a little scare.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Dad thought she was having a heart attack and so told my mom to call 911. It quickly got better just after she called. So, she called back to cancel the ambulance. They said they were already on the way, and couldn't stop it. During this whole thing, I woke up to my dad moaning in pain loudly. So, I got up seeing if she needed help. Heard Mom call 911. Not sure what to do, I headed back to bed. Then, I saw the lights flickering from the ambulance through the windows. I heard them talk a little to her. It was a little mumbled from where I was, so I couldn't hear much. Eventually, my parents said I should go back to bed. Found out in the morning it was what dad gets every once in a while. But, seemed even more painful than normal. It's a rare condition where your ribs break suddenly. Sounds painful anyways.:iconraivisplz:So, I could see why she'd panic. 

A couple of hours before this all happened, I heard an extremely loud noise. It was like someone dragging something really heavy and it was scraping up against something. Shook my area of the house. No one else heard it, or felt it. Creepy.:iconchibichinaplz:After Dad's deal, the cat came to me crying again. So, my night was shot. Slept in for a long time. 
Yay! I cooked some more!:dummy:Hopefully I'll continue to this week. First, chicken teriyaki I made Thursday night. Sauce was from a bottle, but it's awesome! Added snap peas. Second, Mom made this one Friday night. It's cube steak Salisbury-style with noodles and asparagus. Really good!:iconchibispainplz:She makes awesome things! Third, a French-styled shalet or apple bread pudding I made for dessert on Friday. I hope to make more desserts in the future.:excited:Still a bit new to it. This was really good!:iconlittleroderichplz:Have to remember to beat the egg whites until they're stiff next time. But, other than that, it was perfect. It's loaded with apples, rum, and bread. I'll probably make this again. The last pic is what it looks like when served. People, from dA and FB, seem to like the pics of what I've made. Kind of nice.

I looked through our German cookbooks Wednesday. So many tasty sounding recipes!:iconchibiamericaplz:Some of the recipes I might make: oatmeal soup, asparagus soup, beer soup, cold fruit soup, chicken fricassee, beef goulash, banana salad, bean salad, chicken timbales, salmon souffle, schnitzel stew, cherry pancakes, rum cake, and much more. On Thursday, I looked at our Russian ones. Again, it was a lot of awesome sounding recipes. Some of the recipes: lentil and apricot soup, lentil and spinach soup, bread soup, fish cakes, walnut-stuffed prunes, apple pancakes, honey marinated pears, chicken soup with walnut balls (Pesach dish), spiced honey drink, cherry sour cream cake, apricot mousse, and many more. I think the most amount of potential recipes on my list are German or Russian related now. That's ok. I'm part Russian and German, so It'll be nice to learn more about their food.:iconthailandplz:

Then, on Friday I looked at our Greek cookbooks. There's not as many as I thought there would be.:iconswissplz:Sampling of recipes: spinach pilaf, walnut cake, sesame and honey candies, fish plaki. Saturday, I looked at Chinese recipes. Sampling of those: fish and lettuce soup, almond cookies, chicken with pineapple, beef in black bean sauce, beef rice casserole, cauliflower with beef. I also found a book with a few more Japanese recipes I didn't see before. I might make the Japanese sponge cake. 

Today, I looked at our Korean cookbooks. Not as many as I had hoped. Sampling of recipes: beans and rice, rice and nuts, fruit cup, beef stew, bean sprout salad (which, oddly, looks like it would be similar to Hakata's). I realized we don't have any Mongolian cookbooks, so at some point after I go through the list, I'll search for some online. So, tomorrow I'll look at our Irish cookbooks. Might not find much on that either, but we'll see.:iconseychelles-plz:

Went to services yesterday. The rabbi led it this time. Looked like 2 new families came. That was kind of nice. The rabbi raced through everything again. For the past week and a half, my ears have been hurting me. Particularly around the pierced areas. I don't know why, and it felt weird to go without earrings. I finally put some alcohol on them. Right away, they started to hurt even more. I hope it eventually helps. 

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