Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Caramel Day!


A day for caramel?:iconheroamericaplz:Yay! Maybe I should make some today. Doubt I'll have time, though. Caramel is so good! Yesterday was World Rat Day. I love rats, and I think they're often misunderstood.:icontinoplz:The holiday was designed to recognize the rat as a pet for people of all ages. The website for the holiday, has an interesting quote: "To the world you are one person. To a rat, you are the world."

I got up late yesterday, because I had another horrible night.:sleep:So, not much time to post. Slept a lot better today, and got up at my usual time. Wahoo! Today's funny, weather-wise. Absolutely bright and sunny one minute, then somewhat grey the next.:icongermanyplz:Had my therapist appointment. Actually felt better afterwards. She sounds almost as excited about me cooking as I am.:iconfrancisplz:She's sending a poster of an event happening in May. It relates to disaster relief in Japan. There's going to be a Japanese woman showing/teaching people their traditional dances. That's basically all I know about it. Interesting.
Had this last night. Dad made the Mexican rice the night before. I love that stuff!:iconchibispainplz:I made the chicken loaf 'Wind-in-the-Pines'. It's a Japanese recipe. Very interestingly made. Very tasty and sweet. Seems like there was a little too much egg yolk on top. Maybe next time I'll use half an egg yolk?:hmm:Oddly, this combo really tasted well together. 

I looked at our Irish cookbooks yesterday. There was more tasty sounding recipes than I was expecting. Cool!:iconchibiamericaplz:Some of the recipes: brotchan foltchep (a traditional leek and oatmeal soup), garlic soup, seafood pie, colcannon (mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale mixture), apple blackberry crumble, autumn pudding, apple and barley flummery, soda bread, shortbread, raspberry jam, and more. Looking at some of the bread recipes, I decided to save a day just for looking at bread and baking cookbooks. It'll be fun to make my own breads.:iconchibicanadaplz:Today I'll look at our 'American' ones. Probably things like our Texas cookbook. Tomorrow, it's our Israeli cookbooks. This is really getting fun.:iconlachoirplz:
Yay! Gintama's finally back! Makes me happy!:la:I think I'll end up switching this to my Friday slot, and stop Ika Musume. Ika's cute, but it's starting to get annoying.:iconnataliaplz:I think I may add Saturday and Sunday anime shows. I don't get much variety if most of the shows I watch are on-going. So, that will keep things 'fresher'. Not sure what those 2 new shows will be, but I have a few potentially good anime on my to watch list. The new opening theme's hilarious, yet awesome at the same time. It fits the show. Not sure about the ending theme, but I'm sure it'll grow on me. The episode was all over the place, but kept up its off the wall humor. It was mostly about Shinpachi, finding out that everyone but himself has changed in the last year. I think it was all a joke, because the characters are back to normal in the opening and ending themes. Plus, this scene at the beginning. Kagura was cooler looking and more 'grown up'. Gintoki looked like he was trying to parody every famous anime character. Otae and Kondo are married. (I highly doubt it, although I like them together.) Sadaharu had a wart that made him shrink and it turned into an old man. Crazy! I don't think Sougo or Toshi appeared. Maybe next time. The pic has Shinpachi, Kagura, Gintoki, and Sadaharu. 
In Letter Bee Reverse, Sylvette was asked by a fan to make a doll that looked exactly like her pic. It's for her uncle to not feel lonely while working in the mines. But, she wants this doll done in one night. She was in the process of making one for Gauche, so she decided to use it and fix it up. She finishes it on time. She fought off a thief on the way there. It's awesome what she can do with her wheelchair and when she's pissed. It shows you not to underestimate someone who's wheelchair bound. 

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