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By Rip Slyme. I love this song!:iconchibihungaryplz:Has a great beat, makes you feel good, and even the pv's nice. Some of their songs are real hits with me, others I wonder what they were thinking.:iconromanoplz:The lyrics are translated in the vid:

This weekend has been a bit cooler than normal. Hope it warms up soon. Went to services yesterday. The Rabbi led it, without our cantor this time. I didn't particularly like his drash. The portion was on what to do when a person is diagnosed with something like leprosy. It's nasty, but interesting.:iconheroamericaplz:I think they were ahead of their time, when they quarantined people. The priests would periodically check on the person too. So, they weren't totally alone. And, there was a way for someone who was 'cured' to come back into the community. We had a little thing towards the end for our Temple Administrator, who had to step down from the position. She held it for 5 years. Nice.:iconchibiamericaplz:She got some flowers, someone said something, she said something, and then we had some sweets.:iconchibinitalyplz:The spiced cake was half done, chocolate meringue cookies were a bit weird, chocolate chip cookies were good, and there was a marble cake. 
I started SKET Dance yesterday. SKET stands for Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot. They're a campus support group. The Dan part just means group. Read somewhere that Dance really was a combo of words, so it doesn't mean to dance like it normally would. The club's devoted to solving any and all problems that the staff or student body might have. There's only 3 members, and they all have their quirks. One named Switch, who talks through a computer. The voice actor for him, is the same for Gintoki in Gintama! He's got a very distinct voice, so it's awesome. Another named Himeko, a 'yankee' who has a soft spot for cute things. (She likes to fight, and sometimes jumps to conclusions.) Bossun is the leader of the group. I like it so far. This anime just started, so it really is new. I'm hoping to start another anime today.
Made this for Friday night. Mom helped a bit since I'm still not used to baking. It's a Russian Apple Charlotte. It was so good!:iconchibispainplz:Definitely good enough to make again.:iconberwaldplz:It's pretty good with whipped cream. Today for lunch, I made spinach pancakes with a caper hollandaise sauce on top. Both were German recipes. The pancakes came out really green. (Mom said it probably would have been perfect for St Patrick's Day.) But, it was so good with the sauce. That sauce really made it awesome. They suggested a salad on the side, a tomato sauce, or this caper hollandaise. There's still more of the sauce. We could use it for something else easily. 

Looked at our Egyptian cookbooks. There really wasn't very many recipes.:iconwtfukplz:Just Koushari (Lentils, Macaroni, and Rice in Oil. We've had it before, good stuff.), and Basbousa or Semolina Cake. Saturday, I looked at our Polish ones. Here's a sampling: Bread Soup, Smothered Carp Jewish-Style, Sausage in Polish Sauce, Potato, Apple, and Caper Salad, Unbaked Chocolate Torte, Date Mazur, Fruit Souffle, Rice and Apples in Froth. Today, I'll look at our Swedish cookbooks. Tomorrow will be Moroccan ones. Should be interesting.:iconeestiplz:

Played some of the Sims 2 yesterday. Taiwan's pregnant again.:la:She didn't have morning sickness with Japan, but with this one it's bad. She's thrown up a few times already. I've also started a 3rd story. At one point, I had to leave it without walls or a roof, because I didn't have enough money. The nanny went up there, and almost fell off the ledge. She had a little fit after that.:iconenglandispervyplz:Things are getting even more interesting. I've never built a 3rd story before. Had problems with the stairs.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I posted the stuff I've made for the week on AF. AnimeForum- yeah, it's a lame name. But, I think it's one of the best forums. They usually leave nice comments/constructive criticism for my pics. I decided to start posting to my anime related art thread again. Haven't posted on that for over a year. If anybody actually sees those drawings, it'll be interesting to see what they say. Because I've changed my style quite a bit. I actually got a comment on my general art thread, as well. That's been up longer, but no one commented until now. And, I haven't done anything 'general' in a while. (Non-manga style.) Maybe I'll have to now.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

A funny Spain tribute:

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