Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Peach Cobbler Day!


I love cobblers!:drool:Peach's one of my top faves. Another excuse to eat it.:iconfrancisplz:Cherry and blackberry cobblers are good too. Too bad we won't be having any cobbler tonight.:icontinoplz:

It's been cold today. Supposed to warm up slowly in the next few days though. Went to the women's seder. Did not like the way the rabbi did it.:iconhongkongplz:Too many extra poems. They were nice, but ate up some time, and really wasn't needed. Someone said she was very controlling. I don't like the way she sings, either. She skipped a lot of the stuff I like in our women's hagaddah. I thought the thing about bringing a symbol of oppression was strange. Very vague. Although, I liked a lot of what others brought and the meanings, it just felt weird. The song at the end was too much like a dirge. I hate those kind of songs.:iconnataliaplz:There are a lot of other Pesach songs that aren't like that. 

Also, one of the girls who just had her Bat Mitzvah was really annoying when she said things unusually loud. She did that through most of the seder, except the very end. I think her voice was hoarse.:iconohboyamericaplz:

The rest of the people I knew and it was nice to see them again.:iconhappychinaplz:Some I haven't seen in a very long time. I didn't like very much of the food. Charoset was strange, matzah ball soup was good, salad wasn't too bad, brisket was good, so was the roasted chicken we brought, the salmon for some reason tasted spicy (might have been because I dropped some horseradish on my plate before), a strange rice thing, something that looked like an apple crumble, and something else. Only ate about half of the things.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The desserts were great. Chocolate covered strawberries, lemon bars, an interesting homemade chocolate chip macaroon, pineapple, grapes, matzah toffee, and I know I'm forgetting something else in this too. Matzah toffee's always good! We usually make it too. It's just matzah, caramel on top, and chocolate on top of that. With some nuts sprinkled on top. So, sorry about my ranting, but it just felt weird this year.:iconpolandplz:

Looked at our Turkish cookbooks yesterday. Didn't find much.:iconwtfromanoplz:Here's some of them: white bean stew, baked fish, figs in syrup, apricot jam. Today, I'll look at our Vietnamese cookbooks. 

Wrote some more of chapter 13. Really getting interesting.:eager:Actually, it's getting really fun to write again. Added some more info on the main character. I feel kind of sorry for him, now.:iconamericasadchibiplz:Worked on the next sentence in the You Maga article on stress exercises. About halfway through that one. Played some more Irish tunes. Played much better than I thought I would.:iconchibicanadaplz:Messed up a couple of times, only because I got distracted then. So, not bad.
In O-parts Hunter, Yuria beat Poison in the Olympiad. She has the 3rd demon, named Destructive Lucifuge, in her. It can transport people to another dimension. Essentially, 'erasing' them. It's pretty ruthless too. The guy who created the Olympiad, tells Yuria that he can take it out of her body. The only condition is she has to kill Kaito, her brother. She jumps in front of it just as it was about to strike him. When Kaito hugged her, it disappeared. She'll live. The next match was Me vs 'Unknown Youth'. Me's the O-part. The skunk's actually the OPT, named Mine. Me's effect is poison. When it let's out a special poisonous cloud, if you breathe it in, you explode. That 'Youth' doesn't breathe, and while it surrounded him, he snapped the O-part's head off. He's apparently one of the angels. Obviously, he won the round. Jin's alive! He's the 'hooded' man nobody knew the name of. Crazy! He's one of the next contestants. (He's on the right.) 
In Fairy Tail, Erza won against Ever. She made Ever turn all the girls in the contest back. I think the girls in this anime are stronger than the men. Kind of interesting. Laxus got pissed and upped things a bit. He put a Hall of Thunder up over the town. And, if they still won't let him become Guild Master, in about an hour he'll activate it. It will rain electricity over the town. Lucy's up against Bixlow. Loki comes out just in time, saving her from a blast. He's the only spirit that can go in out of the Spirit World without her summoning him. Cool that he's back! 

Worked more on figuring out Max's uniform. Felt I had to change a few things, because it just didn't feel right. It's looking better now. Tomorrow, I'll probably work more on the folds of his clothes.

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