Thursday, April 21, 2011

3rd Day of Pesach


Yay! 5 more days!:dummy:Mom and I had gefilte fish, matzah ball soup, and popovers for dinner last night. Didn't need to cook.:iconchibinitalyplz:Good stuff too. By the way, gefilte fish literally means stuffed fish. It's like a ground up fish patty. When making them, traditionally, you 'stuffed' a fish with the mixture. Now, that's omitted. They're usually chilled, and a lot of the time people get them in jars. They're in like a jelly type sauce in the jars. There's different variations. Usually carp, pike, or whitefish is used. It's mixed with eggs, matzah meal, and seasonings. These 'patties' are simmered in vegetable or fish stock. Which turns into that jellied 'sauce' or stock. Looks nasty (especially when it's from a jar:iconkikuplz:), and sounds nasty. But, it's so good!:iconitalyplz:

Had some of the granola for breakfast. And, some leftover Passover pasta. The pasta's always strange but, to me, really good. It never totally cooks in the middle, and the outside is really soft. So, it's a weird texture.:icontinoplz:It also sticks to everything. Hard to clean up after.:icongermanyplz:It's primarily made from potato starch and eggs. I usually add a bunch of seasonings and some cheese, and it comes out even better. I'd probably eat it year round if I could.:iconheroamericaplz:Tried the Passover marshmallows last night. They're good, but a bit dense and tastes like it has more sugar than the normal ones we might have. They seem bigger too. Interesting.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

It's been nice and sunny out today. A little cold still, though. Worked some more on that horoscope article in You Maga. It's been interesting so far. One of the kanji, is pronounced in a way I haven't heard before.:iconusaplz:It's a simple one, and essentially means down, below, or under: 下. I've heard of the more common ways of pronouncing it: した (shita), か (ka), げ (ge), もと (moto). But, not しも (shimo). Which may seem small, but I want to get things right, and it threw me off a little.:iconhongkongplz:Not only that, when I put the sentence in google translator it pronounced it as shita but wrote out shimo.:iconchibijapanplz:Looked at other dictionaries online, and they do use it, just not as often as the others. Hmmm...I guess if it's not used that often, I don't have to worry that much about it. I'll keep it in mind, just in case.:iconchibiamericaplz:
Started watching Hana Kimi, or Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (For You in Full Blossom.) It's nicknamed Hana Kimi. The tagline's Ikemen (basically good looking guys) Paradise. This is a hilarious drama! I was reluctant to try it, because of how popular it is. It's based on the popular manga. It follows the chaos, troubles, and friendships at a boys' boarding school after a girl disguising as a boy joins. Ashiya was raised in California and decides to go back to Japan. She fell in love with Sano, a hopeful high jump hero, who quit after an accident. Wanting him to get back into the sport, she enrolls in the same high school as a guy. She cut her hair, flattened her chest, lowered her voice, and tried to change the way she spoke. She's already made a few mistakes (Like, using 'watashi' [I, me] instead of 'ore' (a more masculine way of saying it), and several times she thought she would be found out. She ends up rooming with Sano. Adds to some very awkward moments. Especially, with guys coming in half-naked with just towels on asking for shampoo. Oh, and trying to go to the bathroom. Much better than I thought. The doctor at the nurse's office knows Ashiya's secret now. Has a lot of actors I've grown to like already. So, that's also a plus.
In Dear, found out that some demons, like Kurenai, don't have a magical power. Just like some humans do have them. When the captain hears this, he suddenly looks very happy. Kisara doesn't care about the whole thing. Chiruha doesn't see the difference between humans and demons. Even though she's in a separate category, Lycanthrope, it doesn't seem to phase her. Purino's going to try and help the squad with errands. (She's in the pic.) Just before her first errand, Kurenai and Carol say they're worried something disastrous might happen to her with her clumsiness. Purino bumps into Subaru while walking back to the station. Apparently, she used to secretly love him. After hearing the guys at the squad comparing Purino and Komomo to see which one's 'their type', Subaru gives them some instant noodles and tells them they're Purino's with a big smile on his face. They go nuts over it. Little do they know, Purino was so clumsy in making it, she dropped it in the sink and put soap in it. It turns into an arm wrestling tournament, and the guys forget about the noodles. The captain easily beats Carol. Carol and Kurenai are at a stalemate almost the entire time, neither one giving up. The girls, Chiruha, Purino, and Komomo decide to arm wrestle. Chiruha wins, Purino's 2nd, and obviously Komomo's last. Kisara beat the captain easily. He kept going even though it was called. Almost ripped off his arm. And it was quick. Chiruha and Kisara used to arm wrestle when they were younger. Chiruha won everytime, and told Kisara he played like a girl. He apparently took it seriously, and has been practicing since. He's a weird one. 

Went through our bread cookbooks last night. A lot of good sounding stuff. I'm nervous about making bread, thinking that I'll screw it up somehow.:iconchibichinaplz:But, I'll try my best at some point! Here's some of the ones I might make: potato bread, whole wheat bread, herb loaf, easy dill-onion bread, barbecue breadsticks (sound really interesting), honey-oatmeal bread, gugelhupf (like a German marble bundt cake), lemonade muffins, apricot-bran bread. Looked at our Thai cookbook today. Found a few tasty sounding things. Here's some: stir-fried sweet chicken, beef panang, grilled salmon panang, masaman beef, Thai spaghetti. This book was kind of interesting, because it was in both Chinese and English.:iconchibisitalyplz:Tomorrow, I might start looking through the cuisine we didn't have much on, online. And, then go through the rest of the list looking for more things online. The list seems like it'll be like a library for me to go and decide what I want to make. Kind of fun.:iconchibipolandplz:I might make an electronic version for myself. I also watched Naruto Shippuden, but not much happened. 

deviantART faves: Hanami Taikai with Selfy Sarawak Laksa :GT: kagura- gluttony G: Lazy Gin-chan Gintama- His Own Path I did not make these! First, a nice drawing for TinierMe's Spring Illustration contest. It shows the artist's Selfy (avatar) with a bunch of her friends' Selfys somewhere in Selfy Town having a picnic under the cherry blossoms. (Hanami means flower viewing. People usually have picnics and parties while they enjoy looking at the blossoms.) Second, a funny little comic based on Hetalia featuring the artists' oc, Malaysia. It's a play on how Japan created nikujaga (meat and potato stew) in Hetalia. Third, this was an entry to the Gintamards' seven deadly sins contest. Gluttony definitely fits Kagura. There's most of her fave foods surrounding her. Fourth, another entry for that contest. Laziness fits Gintoki well, too. Fifth, an awesome drawing, by an artist I watch, of Gintoki, Katsura, Takasugi, Okita, Hijikata, and Kamui from Gintama. 

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