Monday, April 11, 2011

National Cheese Fondue Day!


I love cheese fondue!:la:It's crazy that it would have its own day. It originated in Switzerland during the 18th century. Kind of a fun food. I also like the chocolate version. What's better than melted cheese or chocolate?:dummy:

Yet another cooler than normal day. Oh well. Today, I mostly went through my messages.:iconlittleroderichplz:Realized I didn't reply to some people for 2 weeks.:iconusaplz:So, I had to reply. Then, there were things I put off looking at, as well. So, that took a lot of time. But, at least, for now I'm pretty much caught up.:iconchibicanadaplz:Just got a postcard from my Japanese penpal that lived in the earthquake's hardest hit area. It was pretty depressing. Understandably so.:iconraivisplz:It's hard to respond after something like that, though. 

A lot of people have faved/commented on my pics of food on dA. It's really awesome to me.:iconfrancisplz:One person from AF said that some of them look like they came out of a cookbook.:faint: 

I was hoping to look through some Swedish cookbooks yesterday. But, we only had a Scandinavian cookbook, which puts all those countries together. So I looked through it, anyways.:icontinoplz:There's some amazing sounding recipes! Here's some: dilled green pea soup, fish and potato selyanka (like a stew), oxbringa (Swedish beef brisket), Swedish meatballs in sherry sauce, baked fish in horseradish cream sauce, fish pudding (more like a loaf), graham rusks (bread), whole grain bread, oatmeal crisps, Swedish pear pudding, crimson apple punch. (Just to name a few from the list.:phew:) Today, I looked through our Moroccan cookbook. Didn't find very many things that I would like, and wouldn't take weeks to prepare one of the ingredients. In fact, all of them were sides or drinks. Here's some: diced carrots with cinnamon-orange dressing, sweet cinnamon couscous with dried fruit, mint tea. Tomorrow, I'll look through our Turkish cookbooks. 

I'm pretty much not making anything this week from our cookbooks. Except maybe Friday's dessert?:shrug:We're mostly having leftovers, and tomorrow's the Women's Seder. Which I normally really like. Not sure if I'll like what the rabbi that's there will do and wants us to do.:icongermanyplz:But, I can enjoy the rest of it. The food, seder itself, people, etc. By the way, Passover starts exactly a week from today. Crazy!:omg:We're set though.
In Letter Bee Reverse, Lag finds out more about what happened to Gauche. (Or  now, Noir.) He realizes 'Noir' still has some heart left. The moose head glacier in the pic, was the last place people saw Noir. (Kind of cool looking.) Or, saw his shindan blast. 200 years ago, Niche was born in a place that's now a town next to it. Dr. Thunderland thinks she'll 'awaken' or something when she enters the town. 

deviantART faves: Cup Collab- Italy Shinpachi Amazing Character Art Mad-Lib I did not make these! First, another entry for the cup collab Hetalia version. It's Italy in a cup of cafe espresso. He looks kind of drunk. Second, an amazing drawing of Shinpachi from Gintama. He doesn't get enough love. I really like the colors in this one. Third, a very interesting oc meme. You put them in funny situations, and eventually you have your characters act out a story. It uses 8 characters. You have to mix them up, number them, and through those numbers add them in each situation. Really like it says, mad-lib. But, very creative and well thought out. And, long. Someday, I'll get to it. 

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