Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!


Yay for grilled cheese sandwiches!:dummy:Such tasty stuff. I don't have them too often, though. They're good with tomato soup. This sandwich originated in the US in the 1920's. When sliced bread and American cheese became inexpensive and widely available. But, it was originally an open sandwich. The top slice came in the '60s.:iconseychelles-plz:Now, you can use any type of cheese or bread you'd like. Today's also Licorice Day. I kind of hate licorice.:iconswissplz:

It's actually been warm and sunny today! Edited parts of chapter 13. Then wrote further. Might take out a huge chunk that I wrote before.:iconkikuplz:Because, I'm going in a new direction with it. It changed things already when I realized that one character didn't leave. I'm liking this change though.:iconchibinitalyplz:Bringing the focus back to the main character. Before, I was starting to lay some background on one of my newer characters. But, he can wait. I'm sure at some point, he'll have the spotlight.:iconicelandmochiplz:
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they were talking about leap things. Leap years, seconds, people, and miscellaneous stuff. Sensei thinks there are leap students in his class. People that increase without anyone noticing. Actions of these leap people are things like double booking on a plane, and someone appearing uninvited to parties. They accuse Chiri of being a leap person. Later, sensei realizes there's no such thing as leap people, they just forged their numbers. Next, it was about how to do a counterstrike subtly. Kudo said he took revenge with a story he made up. A classmate was giving him a hard time after seeing his dirty shoes. So, he said he won't wash them because his late dog had chewed on them. Anybody that hears his stories immediately believes him. I like his character a lot, but he doesn't show up that often. 

Played some Irish tunes. Haven't played my clarinet in so long! I sounded much better by the end. It feels good to play again.:iconthailandplz:
Finished a sentence from the You Maga article on stress exercises. 寒いとつい背中が丸くなり胸が縮みがち。(Samui to tsui senaka ga marukunari mune ga chijimi gachi.) When cold, you unintentionally round your back which tends to make your chest shrink. So, I guess, if you slouch, you have a harder time breathing?
 In Gosick, Victorique solves the case of the Queen Berry. With the help of Kujo. Also, learned a bit more of both characters. Kujo's the youngest son of a soldier. The detective's Victorique's brother. Only, she had a different mother. One of their father's mistresses. Because of this, she was imprisoned in depths of the de Blois mansion. She was sent to the school under strict orders to never leave the campus. Kind of sad.

Finally got back to drawing more of my original character, Max.:la:Figured out his uniform, and outlined it. Just trying to figure out how to draw the folds in his clothes and the finer details like buttons.:hmm:I think he's looking pretty good so far.:iconchibiamericaplz:

I'm going to look at the Turkish cookbooks later. Should be interesting. Also, we have Hadassah's Women's Seder tonight. Dad's going too. Hopefully, it will be nice.

deviantART fave: LoX: Jar of Cranes I did not make this! It's a drawing by another artist I watch. It's of her oc named Ty, with lots of cranes flying out of a jar. Kind of a cool drawing. She said she'll update it when she gets more cranes in there. It's for a project called 1000 cranes. 

A funny version of the Passover story:
A cat that's not sure what to make of the snow:

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