Thursday, April 14, 2011

National Pecan Day!


Yay for pecans!:dummy:They have 2 holidays devoted to them, this one and another that was last month. I love them! So, why not? We should get some pecans soon, to celebrate.:iconfrancisplz:

It's been cold and rainy today. I feel pretty bad too. Lovely combo.:iconlietplz:Wrote some more of chapter 13. Added a tiny bit of that character's, from before, background. Won't reveal as much as I would have. Which is more my style.:iconchibiamericaplz:Now it goes together more. Played some more Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad. Only a couple of mistakes. 
In Dear, Chiruha, Kisara, Carol, Subaru, and Kurenai go off to exterminate some 'monkeys' that were eating someone's potato field. They turned out to be beast-type demons, instead of monkeys. Kurenai (in pic) tells everyone but Subaru to go back to safety. They fight off the demons. Kurenai with his katana and Subaru with his gun. A stray demon wanders into the area the group thought was safe. Carol kills it using some martial arts. He normally uses an amulet to fight, but the humans that don't know about them, will find out. Later, they all go to the Captain's mansion, where Purino and Komomo are too. They talk about the differences between beast-type demons and human-form demons. The only thing they have in common, is they use magic. Humans tend to lump them together, though. The only difference human-form demons have to humans is, again, the fact they use magic. They are biologically the same. The 'demons' have a hard time getting rid of the beast-type ones, as well. Kind of interesting. 
Finished a sentence from the You Maga article on stress exercises. これでは呼吸が浅くなってリンパの流れも低下し、体の代謝が落ちます。(Kore dewa kokyuu ga asakunatte rinpa no nagaremo teikashi, karada no taisha ga ochimasu.) As for this while breathing becomes shallow, the flow of lymph decreases, and the body's metabolism falls. 
Naruto Shippuden was awesome! Killer Bee fights Kisame. In the end, Kisame's decapitated with the help of Bee's brother, the Raikage. Just before that, Samehada rejected Kisame as its master. It liked Bee more. Actually, helped him gain some more chakra. A lot of other people were fighting each other, but this was the most impressive. I really like Killer Bee, even though he can be a little annoying. To kill off Kisame like that was nuts, though. He finally fought seriously. Got to see his 'shark' form. Oh, well. One less Akatsuki member to fight. Almost all of the members have been killed off already. And, one isn't a member anymore. Decided to promote peace. I think it's just Madara and Zetsu now. 

Hands felt a little too shaky to work on my original character Max.:iconwtfukplz:So, hopefully I'll do it tomorrow. Looked at our Vietnamese cookbooks yesterday. Didn't find much. Just 3 things: fish cakes with Chinese cabbage, steamed chicken with tomatoes, beef with sesame sauce. I was going to look at our Portuguese cookbooks today, but can't seem to find them. So, I'll move on to the French cookbooks. Not sure if I'll find easy enough recipes for me to try. We'll find out.:iconchibicanadaplz:

deviantART faves: Canticlei- Zmae Gorynich APH- Happy Thai New Year I did not make these! First, a cool looking oc. Almost creepy. Second, a drawing of Thailand from Hetalia celebrating the Thai New Year, taking part in the Songkran (water) festival. It's interesting and kind of cute.

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