Monday, December 14, 2009

Viva Rock!

By Orange Range on the Naruto Soundtrack. (3rd closing credits song.) Another one of my faves! ^_^ Also, it's a bit funny. Orange Range is a pretty awesome J- rock or Japanese rock band! Their songs have been featured in some anime, Japanese dramas, Japanese movies, and other media. I also read that they like to add many different musical styles from many cultures around the world. Today, I thought about where I want this next chapter in my story to go. It's going to get a bit complicated. :P I also exercised a bit more. Wahoo! (Mainly because it's gotten warmer. We were getting highs anywhere from 25 to 30 degrees, and lows of 14 for awhile.) I'm a weird person, I actually feel really good during and after a lot of exercise. I feel closed in when I think it's too cold to go out too often.

I found a really cool site to download Japanese music. I didn't think I would find a site that had downloadable Japanese songs. Now I'll have some new music to listen to on the plane and on walks. :P Plus, just going to this site will help me a bit with my Japanese, since the whole thing is in it.

I did a lot of gathering info for my Japanese. Downloaded a software that has flashcards that you go through each day. It's designed to help you memorize kanji over a period of time. New words are reviewed in 10 hours after going through them. Then, 2 days, 4 days, then about a month, etc. I'll see if I like it, I'm debating whether to get rid of it already. -_- Then, I went to the MLC's site. MLC- Megumi Learning Center in Tokyo. They help people prepare for the JLPT. In fact, the Japanese ministry of education recommends them. Been using it for the last year to help as a study guide. It's a pretty good site. Looked at the worksheets for Level 3. Downloaded the common names for food products. (That would come in handy! :P) Also, the vocab list. They said they haven't updated it yet, though. So, I downloaded it anyways just to look over it. I'll download the new one too when they post it. I also downloaded the verbs, and some more grammar lessons. Also, downloaded the new worksheet for December. And probably something else that's not coming to mind right now. ^_^" Wow! I've downloaded a lot of things! O.O

Tonight was the 4th night of Hanukkah. I got an onigiri mold that can make 2 of them at a time. I'm so happy, because now I can make onigiri or rice balls. (Onigiri are in the picture above.) It even has a thing to make a hole in the middle of them, so you can put your fillings in. They really thought of everything for this. It even has a thing on the back to push down to pop it out. XD Also a thing to hang it from for easy storage. The package is all in Japanese. So, another fun thing! It's like a mini bonus. The onigiri are shaped like triangles or cylinders, and sometimes are wrapped in seaweed. Sometimes they're even grilled. O.O You can pretty much put anything in them. Pickled plums, shrimp, salmon, kelp, chicken, pickled vegetables, azuko beans whole or as a paste (sweet red beans), really the sky's the limit. Also, there can have many different toppings and condiments. Seaweed powder, sesame seeds, eggs, mustard, soy sauce, and more. They have them as snacks, quick lunches, quick dinners, and sometimes for picnics. I tried to make some in college, but they didn't turn out well since I only had my hands. :P

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