Sunday, December 13, 2009

No Thank You

By the Len Vocaloid. It's a pretty funny song. :P Wahoo! Hanukkah is here! XD It's the third night. The first night I got a book called Food of Japan by Shirley Booth. It's pretty awesome! It gives some history on the basics of their food. Like when did they start adding rice to their diet, how noodles came into their diet, what role Buddhism had in affecting the way they ate, and more. Also, about what the Japanese feel about them. Has a ton of recipes too. Gives you hints on what to serve during which season, lists what cooking utensils you should use, and the many ways of cutting things up. She even has little symbols representing things like: frying, steaming, simmering, grilling, and more; next to each recipe. Really a very nice cook book. I'm thinking of cooking some of the recipes this week. Most of them are going to be soups. Simply because it's the ones in the beginning of the book. Also, it's basically winter already, so it makes sense. :P Some of them I'm really curious about, and sounds like they'll be fun to make.

Saturday, I made Hanukkah cookies from a funny kids' kit. They had most of the ingredients, so that was good. It was kind of cute. Plus they had a huge display at our market. There aren't very many Jews here, so why not support the store and show that we're here? ^_^ The mix called for one egg, but the 'dough' ended up really dry. So I added another egg. That turned out really well. The icing was extremely sweet, and very quick drying. It was good when it was on the cookie, I guess it balanced out. They also have a thing where you can draw things on them. I got tired of that, because it was kind of hard to draw on them. So they weren't very 'artistic', but that didn't matter. It was tasty anyways!

I got a nice assortment of colored pencils. 36 different colors! So much more than what I had before! Also, they're harder and pointier than my other ones. They're super thin ones. Very fancy, at least to me. ;) I sharpened them all today. (Took forever, and it was tiring!) Then, I made a color chart. They really are nice colors. :D My drawings will have better color now!

Today, I went through the stuff that was in the drawers I left in the garage from college. A lot of the food was bad. Smelled so rancid! :( There were even cans that were long past their expiration dates. That rarely happens! But, I found an assortment of packaged popcorn. Buttered, kettle corn style, extra salt, and normal. A lot of them. Also, found a good brick of brown sugar. ^_^ There was other things like my old posters, decorations, and more. I threw most of it out.

I got a pair of earrings. They're hoops with my birthstone (Citrine) in them. They look really cool! Can't believe it's getting close to when we go to Florida! Things are going by so fast. :P

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