Thursday, December 10, 2009

Delicious Tomato Song

By Romano Vargas from the Hetalia soundtrack. It's hilarious! It's Italy singing about how much he loves tomatoes. :P Also, has a very Italian feel for the background music. I don't think I talked about what's going on with my great aunt Doris. She's not doing too well. Cancer has spread all over her body. They thought the surgery before was a success, but it only made it worse. :'( I wrote more of Chapter 7. I'm almost up to 50 pages! O.O Didn't think I would want to do it this long.

Read about the end of Sasuke's and Itachi's battle. It's the same as the anime was. Ended with the Leaf's figuring out that no matter what they do, they slip right through Tobi. They ask Shino to use his bug jutsu against him.

I started reading Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I love this series! Both the anime and the manga form! The first part shows how Kafuka and Nozomu meet. He was trying to hang himself, but she saved him. Nozomu immediately asked what if I had died. Came out different than what he meant. :P Kafuka tells him no one would kill themselves on a beautiful Spring day. She thinks that people are hanging themselves to grow taller, not to kill themselves. -_- She's a bit messed up even though she's so positive. She calls him Pink Supervisor because he tried to hang himself on a tree she named Pink CEO. (That's her reasoning.) This part ends with saying: Nozomu- looks at everything negatively. A girl (She didn't have a name at this point)- looks at everything positively. A meeting that shouldn't have ocurred. XD

Next, is Itoshiki Nozomu's first day of teaching his homeroom class. The strokes for the kanji in his name add up to an unlucky number. So, Kafuka writes it horizontally, the number wouldn't matter this way. She notices that when she combines the first 2 kanji characters into one, it changes it from Itoshiki to Zetsubou or Despair. It seems no matter what, his last name's rather negative. Since she starts calling him Mr. Despair, he runs out of the room and doesn't return until the next day. His first name actually means hope. (Kind of polar opposites. :P) He talks to the school counselor Arai Chie about why he wants to kill himself. He thinks he's useless and his life is full of embarrassments. He's given questionnaires to hand out to his students that ask what they hope to aspire to be. He tells them to put down things they could never achieve or hopeless things. Since he believes there is no more hope in the world. Kafuka disagrees and says nothing is hopeless. You just have to do your best, and then you can achieve your hopes. She said there are a couple things she can't aspire to. Becoming a G-d, an alien, and a person from the future. XD

I got a bit more done today on translating a newspaper. It's kind of a fun way to learn more about it. I still haven't gotten to the actual articles. :P I finished the summary of what's in the Japanese section and started translating some of the ads. The ads are really hokey! I was right about the section I was working on being about the Nutcracker ballet. One ad says something like 何処よりも安い! or Where is the least expensive! XD

Naruto Shippuden was crazy as always! Shino uses his beetles and makes a sphere that engulfs Tobi with them. The beetles have the ability to eat chakra and drains the enemies' energy. After they started eating, Tobi disappeared. He reappears in a tree above them. Zetsu finds him and tells him about Itachi. The leaf hear it too. Kakashi sees Tobi's Sharingan. Naruto calls Zetsu a spiky aloe thing. XD Tobi finds Sasuke and takes him back to the Akatsuki hideout. Sasuke's team head over there. Zetsu can record things, and play them back to people. O.O When Kisame finds out his partner is dead, it doesn't seem to faze him. Tobi tells Sasuke that the tap on the forehead tranferred his ocular powers to Sasuke. Also, learns that Itachi actually wanted to protect his brother from Tobi, or really Madara.

Hetalia was about how Liechtenstein was saved by Switzerland. It was during the end of WWI, and Liechtenstein had suffered a major depression and had a food shortage. Just when she was giving up hope, Switzerland rescued her. He didn't expect any compensation for helping her. He considered that he helped her out of 'social solidarity'. Next, was one about England's fashion sense in the Middle Ages. The king loved whatever was popular in France. He tried to grow his hair out since it was popular in France. The bishop said that only women were allowed to have long hair. So, he 'secretly' grew it out. He didn't do anything different for it, so it looked nasty. So, he ran to France and asked him to make it look better. He started fixing it saying he had to take better care of it. He ended up cutting England's hair so much that it became as short as before. XD

I played a game called World of Pain: Chapter 3. It was kind of funny. The only thing I didn't like was even when you're running, you're really slow. I got tired of it after a while. I also inked the hairstyle of the character I'm drawing. Came out different than expected, but I think I like it. ^_^ The rest of the time I started drawing his anatomy. I'm learning from it, but it's no where near being done. At least the shoulders don't look too bad now. :P

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