Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Triple Baka

By the Miku, Teto, and Neru Vocaloids. Miku and Teto on vocals, and Neru using her cell phone beeps as percussion. Pretty funny! Talking about how the 3 of them are such 'bakas'. Baka means stupid, idiot, or fool. It's actually quite cool sounding, what with the beeps in rythm, and Teto doing the harmony for Miku. ^_^ I mostly tried to get ready for the trip to Florida. Since, we're going Thursday night to a hotel in Seattle and our plane leaves at like 5:49 AM on Friday! (So early! :P) Not much time! O.O I really can't wait, though!

I looked at some of the vocab list for level 3. I like how they marked what was on the level 4 list, so you can focus on the new words. They also used the plain dictionary form (or roots) of the verbs this time. Last time it was a bit messed up, since they started with a different form. It got me really confused. Now, I don't have to go searching for it. Although, I learned how to tell what the root was the other way. But, this way it's easier. Plus, I can go through the other forms later, I just need to start with the basics now. Here are the new words I went through briefly today (I hope to go over them again soon):

沸かす or wakasu- to boil or to heat. 別れる or wakareru- to separate. 訳 or wake- reason, cause, meaning, or situation. 忘れ物 or wasuremono- a thing left behind or something forgotten. 笑う or warau- to laugh or smile. 割合 or wariai- rate, ratio, or percentage. 歴史 or rekishi- history. 連絡する or renwakusuru- to contact. 留守 or rusu- absence, being away or be out. 理由 or riyuu- reason, pretext, or motive. 利用 or riyou- use or application. 両方 or ryouhou- both or both sides. 旅館 or ryokan- Japanese inn or hotel. 用 or you- task, business, duty, or service. 用意 or youi- prepare or preparation. 用事 or youji- tasks, errand, affairs, or engagement. 汚れる or yogoreru- dirty or to get dirty. 予習 or yoshuu- preparation or preparation for a lesson. 予定 or yotei- plans, schedule, or expectation. 予約 or yoyaku- reservation or appointment.

For Hanukkah, I got a Naruto Shippuden calendar. In case you haven't noticed, it's one of my favorite animes. :P It's awesome! They even have the kanji caligraphy for the numbers. They also have most of the Jewish holidays, and on the right days. XD It even makes a note on the last page that the Jewish holidays begin at sundown. ^_^ I'm very happy. I got a lot of cool presents this year! :D

A funny song and dance done by the Miku, Kaito, and Len Vocaloids. This song will get stuck in your head:
Hilarious short about the chibi version of Miku (with various other Vocaloids):
No one remembers Gakupo's Birthday ^_^:
Luka tries to speak English with Rin and Len:

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