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From the Tsubasa Chronicle soundtrack. Another cool one. I think this is Yuuko's, also known as the Dimensional Witch, theme. She's also in xxxHolic. (She has more of a main role in that one.) She's a cool character. For some reason, I don't think of her as a witch...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:She just has the ability to grant wishes, transport people through dimensions (with the help of Mokona), talk to demons and spirits, etc. But, anything she does for people has a cost. She only helps them if she's given something of similar value, or something that's the most important thing to the person. Shaoran gave her all of Sakura's memories of him from before (so even if she regains her memories, he won't be in them. Sometimes she's confused because she seems to be talking to herself in some of the ones that have come back to her, he hasn't told her about it), Kurogane gives her his sword, and Fai gives her his tattoo that gave him the ability to use his magic powers to their full potential. (So, from then on his magic has been much weaker.)

Went to bed a little late Monday night, so I slept in a bit Tuesday morning. Was a lot better last night. But, tossed and turned most of the night. It looks spring-like outside, but it's still cold.

Last night we went to group, and there were several new faces. It was interesting. We went to Shari's after, but we were the only ones this time. I got iced tea, like always, and scrambled eggs with cheese and their fruit bowl. Found out that those actually add up to less calories than what I try to shoot for in each meal. It's kind of surprising. They were pretty good.:iconfrancisplz:The fruit bowl had some grapes and honeydew melon slices. The eggs probably would have been better with some ketchup. But, I forgot to ask, and was pretty hungry by then. 

In Switch Girl, Nika grew closer to Arata. She needed his help studying for 4 finals. One of the teachers told her if she fails 3 of them, she'll have to repeat the grade. After some agonizing over studying so much, it seemed to pay off. The tests seemed to be a breeze to her. (Don't know what she got yet, since she just took them.) To celebrate, she suggested that Arata should go with her to hang out at the mall and to go out to eat. He agreed. When she decided to stop to look at lingerie, he had a hard time and told her that he'd wait outside somewhere. While outside, Arata bumped into someone whose had an eye on Nika. He asked if Nika and Arata were going out, and if not could he go out with her instead. That ruffled his feathers a bit. Meanwhile at the lingerie store, Nika was set up by someone. They made it look like she was shoplifting. After being interrogated for a while in a backroom by a female security officer, she told her she wouldn't have a reason for wanting the bra they said she stole. She demonstrated for them that they were too small a size for her. Someone told Arata about it all, claiming she looks up to Nika, and when she saw her, kept her eyes on her like a hawk. She knew Nika from the magazine she models in. This girl goes with Arata to prove it to the officer that's holding her. Eventually, it's all cleared up. I think that girl and the guy from before are in cahoots with each other. Not sure why they would do it, but it seems too convenient.:iconkikuplz:

In Tokyo Ravens, they explained a bit more about the Twin Horn Syndicate. Harutora and the others are being guarded by some of the higher ups who are apart of the Onmyo Agency. One of them is nicknamed Shaver. He's just been staring at them creepily saying repetitively 'it's boring' to himself. I'm curious about him. Those kind of characters seem the most interesting.:iconheroamericaplz: 
In Hitman Reborn, it was the battle for the Storm ring. Belphegor vs Gokudera. It was a very close fight, and Gokudera had to choose between risking his life to get it or walking away. Bel was already half gone, but his will to win was still pushing him. Gokudera wasn't doing too well either, since he lost a lot of blood and could barely stand. In the end he chose to save himself in order to still be with Tsuna and the others. Bel won. He was willing to die for it. Next is the battle for the Rain ring. Squalo vs Yamamoto. (Squalo's in the pic.) This one was interesting in the anime, so it should be interesting to see what it's like in the manga. There have been slight differences so far. Squalo ends up being pretty cool, and a great ally.

Wrote more of the 6th short story to my nightmare anthology. It's progressing pretty quickly now. Played my clarinet. Did a lot of klezmer tunes. Sounded pretty good this time. 
Studied compounds for , the kanji , and started studying . 表沙汰 or おもてざた (omotezata): going public, creating publicity. 表決 or ひょうけつ (hyouketsu): vote, voting. 表現 or ひょうげん (hyougen): expression, presentation. 表示 or ひょうじ (hyouji): indication, expression, showing, manifestation, demonstration; (comp) display, displaying. 表情 or ひょうじょう (hyoujou): facial expression, countenance. 表皮 or ひょうひ (hyouhi): skin, rind. 表明 or ひょうめい (hyoumei): declaration, indication, representation, manifestation, demonstration, expression, announcement, assertion. 表面 or ひょうめん (hyoumen): surface, outside, face, appearance. 表裏 or ひょうり (hyouri): two sides, inside and outside. 発表 or はっぴょう (happyou): announcement, publication. is pronounced as びょう (byou). (It's nice that there's only one pronunciation for this one...) It means: a second (unit of time). 秒速 or びょうそく (byousoku): per second. pronounced as びょう (byou) means: disease, (suf) -pathy. As やまい (yamai): illness, disease, bad habit, weakness, fault. Next time I'll go over more pronunciations, and compounds for

I went to Ted Brown Music to get some more reeds. They didn't have my faves, which are Rico Royals. Instead, they had Rico Mitchell Lurie reeds. They're supposed to be better, and I can't remember if I've used them before.:iconseychelles-plz:Got a box of 10 of them, since they last a long time for me. (I won't need to get more for a very long time.) The strength I use is slightly stronger than what many people use. I like to use the size 3 ones. Most people use 2 or 2 1/2 ones. The sizes are based on thickness/hardness. They range from a 1 to a 5. (There are half sizes with them as well.) I'd probably break a 1 instantly because of how flimsy and thin it is. Not sure what would happen if I tried a 5. I'm curious about it, actually.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I was a 2 1/2 for a long time, and then when I was curious enough to try 3, it seemed to fit so much better for me. I think 5's would take a lot of air and tongue power. I think it's cool to walk into a store and be able to talk about music stuff, and they understand you perfectly. Feels like I'm one with my peeps or something...:iconeestiplz:

While we were out, we went to Starbucks. I got a chocolate croissant and some hot chocolate. They warmed up the croissant for me. It was all very good.:iconchibispainplz:The only problem was how messy the croissant got. It leaked some chocolate onto my shirt. The hot chocolate wasn't sweet enough, so I had to add some sweetener to it. It probably had dark chocolate as a base, rather than milk chocolate. That can make it richer/heavier. 

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