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Strange Games


This is Fai's theme from Tsubasa Chronicle. (Sometimes written out in English as Fye or Fay. Fye would make more sense for the English. But, Fai is the original romaji.) It's one of my faves from the soundtrack. The music to Tsubasa Chronicle is amazing.:iconfrancisplz:A lot of the tracks sound like they're for an epic story, and/or have some Middle Eastern and Indian influence to them. (It is pretty epic. They go off on a journey through many different parallel worlds. Cultures are different, too.) Many people have praised the series for its music. This fits Fai so well. 

Hope people are having a great Valentine's Day. Again, I'm very mixed about it, so I haven't done anything 'special' for it.:icontinoplz:Might have some Valentine's chocolates and have a nice dinner by myself tomorrow. Not sure if I might get chocolates tonight or tomorrow...That's basically all that I'll be doing for it. Might do my nails, I don't know.:iconpolandplz:

It's also Purim Katan, or Little Purim. A very minor holiday. In leap years, when there are 2 months of Adar, Purim itself is celebrated in the 2nd month of Adar, so it is always one month before Pesach or Passover. The 14th day of the first month of Adar is Purim Katan. There aren't any specific observances for it. However, people are urged to celebrate the holiday, and should not mourn or fast. It's so minor, I don't hear much about it. 

Purim (the regular one) is a much bigger holiday. Purim literally means 'lots'. Haman, the villain behind the story, casts lots to choose the date he'd issue the order to massacre the Jews in the kingdom. It's supposed to be one of the most joyous and fun holidays.:iconchibihungaryplz:We dress up, eat candy, listen to the story (there's something for the audience to do for every name that's mentioned in the story. For instance, they say boo/stomp/use groggers or noisemakers when Haman's mentioned), the adults are told to drink enough so they can't tell the difference between Mordecai (the hero) and Haman (the villain), eat special cookies that are made to look like Haman's ears or hat, and some congregations have carnival-like games to play too. This year one of the congregations is doing an 'Anatevka' themed one. Basically, dress like people from Fiddler on the Roof, or people from similar places. The other congregation's having it after a bat mitzvah at an art museum. They said specifically to dress up as real people. It seems more 'strict' and not as fun. I don't know which one I'd go to, if I were to go...:iconswissplz:The Anatevka one sounds more interesting. They're even having traditional food from that area, readers will be reading in that accent, and more. I also don't know who I'd dress up as. They said you could just be a peasant or something.

In Atami no Sousakan, the mayor's daughter put herself in danger by investigating the ceramic club. Apparently, it's a teen prostitution ring. The girl's go there to make ceramics, guys come in and watch them at work. Whoever they like the most is called on and taken to a back room with the guy. The woman who runs it knows her, and was very suspicious when she said she just wanted to make some pottery. She hid a camera in a purse, and made a live feed for Hoshizaki. He scolded and thanked (since they have some evidence now) her later about the whole thing. But, before that she was stopped by the yakuza boss her dad works with. They threatened her until she said she really just wants to blackmail him. They wanted in on it. She's really just a girl who wants to be noticed and be taken seriously. So, she does dangerous stuff, can seem very selfish, and kind of bitchy. The only thing they were able to gather from the cassette tape was a strange sound. Hoshizaki thinks data was stored on it somehow. The teacher may be behind the girls' disappearance. She also has been in a relationship with one of the only 2 guys in the class. He was the one that modeled naked for the girls in their sketch class before they disappeared. This is getting more and more interesting.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

In Ranma, things were a bit awkward. Ranma kept having nightmares about Kuno. Akane's sister, Nabiki, decided to take pics of Ranma in female form. Then, took some of Akane. Kuno asked to see her, and told her to give a doll to the pig-tailed girl he fell for the other day. (That's what he calls her.) That's when Nabiki told him that she has pics of Ranma. She wouldn't let him have them for free, though. (She loves money, and can become very manipulative in order to get more.) She said he can get them if he buys her food at various restaurants that day, and that each one has a price on top of that. He took her everywhere she wanted to go, and paid for them all. Later, she told him that she had pics of Akane. He paid for them all, as well. It was kind of creepy. Later, Ranma and Nabiki try to explain Ranma's situation to him. He misunderstood, fought Ranma, and Akane joined in after she found out about the pics. It's kind of sad that even after showing him, he still doesn't get it. He thinks Ranma is oppressing her or something.:iconusaplz:

In World Embryo, they revealed the backstory behind Amane. She had been mentioned throughout the whole thing by Riku, and was very important to him. I'm surprised it took them so long to reveal her story. It was kind of sad and a bit long. But, in a nutshell, she basically was his stepsister who died at a hospital. Her death had something to do with the Kanshu that attacked it. (Riku still doesn't know, at this point, what that something was.) She appeared before him almost as a ghost before she faded away. They never found the body, just a lot of blood with DNA that could be linked to her. Riku had fallen in love with her. Odd, because her sister married his father. So, Amane would be both his stepsister and aunt. She's not related by blood, though. Still a bit creepy. Neene has an uncanny resemblance to her. So, he is especially protective of her. Oh, and Neene had another growth spurt. She's growing super fast. Soon, she'll probably look, act, and think like someone Riku's age. He thinks if he can raise her until she's fully 'matured', Amane might come back through her. It just gets creepier...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:But, interesting. 

Wrote more of the 6th short story to my nightmare anthology. Played my clarinet. Did some more tunes from my general solo book, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and some of the general classical solo tunes. Was pretty good this time. I apparently only had one 'new' reed left. Looked at it, and it had a huge crack going down a side. So, I stuck with my old one for now. Hopefully I can get more soon. 
Studied more compounds for , and the kanji . 筆記 or ひっき (hikki): (taking) notes, copying. 執筆 or しっぴつ (shippitsu): writing (e.g. as a profession). 筆順 or ひつじゅん (hitsujun): stroke order. pronounced as こおり (koori): ice. Pronounced as (hi): hail. As 氷る or こお.る ( to freeze, be frozen over, congeal. It's sometimes pronounced as ひょう (hyou) in compounds. 氷山 or ひょうざん (hyouzan): iceberg. 氷雨 or ひさめ (hisame): hail, ice storm. 氷雪 or ひょうせつ (hyousetsu): ice and snow. 氷海 or ひょうかい (hyoukai): frozen sea, icy waters. 氷点 or ひょうてん (hyouten): freezing point. 

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