Friday, February 21, 2014

National Cherry Pie Day!


One of my all-time favorite pies!:dummy:This was yesterday, but why not celebrate it for one more day? Cherries are one of my fave fruits, so to put them in a pie is awesome! I've had some weird cherry pies though.:icongermanyplz:Some have what we called 'sugar packets', where there are globs of sugar throughout. Some add like a ton of lemon. You don't need that kind of stuff. Makes it weird. The sugar packet thing was a lot more common when we first moved to this area. It was like they didn't know how to make pies.:iconseychelles-plz:Now, we don't see it as often...

For some reason, I've been having more problems with sleeping lately. I went to bed early Wednesday night, but slept in later than usual. Last night I went to bed a little late, and got up later than usual. But, I still managed to get up earlier today than yesterday. It's kind of weird. Hopefully, tonight will be different. Although, usually for Friday nights I let myself go to bed whenever I feel like, and get up whenever I feel like on Saturday. Hopefully it won't be too late, then. 

I recently ran out of a certain hair product that was a type calming cream. (Also, added 'shine'. Not that I needed that, but it was an interesting bonus.) I really enjoyed it, it smelled nice, and it did its job. I've been trying to find it for the last month, but it appears to not be available anymore.:iconpolandplz:So, I went on the hunt for something to replace it. I really need something to calm my hair, so it's manageable. I use a curling mousse to style it afterwards. It looks like I have long and controlled cascading wavy curls when I'm done. If I did them tighter, it'd look like ringlets. I don't like the way ringlets look.:iconnataliaplz:This seems more 'natural'. Without the calming cream, it'd look a bit messy and frizzy. Not as easy to style that way, too. So, anyways I tried one a couple of weeks ago. It used alcohol as a base (the previous one was alcohol-free), and felt very sticky and greasy. Smelled weird too. Kind of hard to style if your fingers keep sticking together.:iconwtfukplz:A few days ago I tried another one. This one is alcohol-free. They tell you to apply it liberally, and with my hair, I need quite a bit of it normally. But, apparently with this one, a little goes a long way. With maybe about half the amount I normally use, my hair was dripping with the stuff. Went on nicely. It stayed really slick when I put the mousse in my hair to style it. It seemed to even make it easier to do. Smells nice too. Not the same kind of smell, but still good. Both of these newer products were from the same brand as the calming cream from before. I'm liking this one, though.:iconheroamericaplz:And, I think I'll stick with it. It's a bit more of a liquid rather than a cream, and has a pump to it. So, it's not exactly what I'm used to, but seems easier to use. 

Yesterday we went to a recycling place, a place to get rid of hazardous waste, the dump, sheriff's department, and Barnes and Noble. Quite a mix of places. We had lots of extra things to recycle. Then, went to the hazardous waste place to get rid of some laundry detergent. (One had been used, the other was unopened.) At the dump we got rid of the bag that was full of tupperware, and the other bag that was full of my bathroom stuff. My bathroom bag ended up being really heavy. With the tupperware, they were all old, had food stains, cracks, etc. Not good for recycling. But, now we don't have to worry about them anymore.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:The car even felt heavier on the way to the dump. It was kind of comical seeing all the seagulls near the huge pile of trash. We went to the sheriff's department, because some of the meds my mom had to use were narcotics. We had a lot of them. The sheriff's department is apparently the only place that will take care of them. But, the huge box they use for drop offs was full. So, Dad will probably go to another county's to try and get rid of them soon. Went to Barnes and Noble because she wanted a book from there. I saw some interesting ones from the clearance area, just nothing that jumped out at me. 

I saw a couple of threads in Gaia's forums in the past that were trans related. I just didn't feel like saying anything back then. Kind of like it wasn't my place, although I'm related since my dad is trans. And, they even said they welcome allies. I finally decided to say something in one of them last night. I told them a few things about myself and my dad. Plus, some of my experiences. I also thought it might be good to see if there were any other people who had trans parents. There doesn't seem to be many of us out there, and some people call us unicorns because of this.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I really think it'd be awesome if I found more people, even online, who have that in common. It's a different experience than having a partner or sibling go through it. One person replied pretty quickly, and said that she thought I was awesome, that there needed to be more people like me out there, and thanked me for being supportive of others. She was very sweet.:iconcblushplz:Later, she gifted me a rare item. And, someone else tipped my post. When people 'tip' it means they liked the post, and that they give you however much gold they want. It was a nice amount. It also gives a bit more attention to your post. I went on to the food threads, and posted a few things. I got tipped 2 more times. I don't get tipped too often, so this was really nice. Didn't think my posts were that great...:iconkikuplz:

Played my clarinet. Did a couple of klezmer tunes, and Mozart pieces. The new reeds taste a bit different, and seem to be filed down differently as well. I think they're a bit shorter, too. Had a different 'feel', but I think I can get used to them. Just have to readjust a bit. :iconberwaldplz:

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