Friday, February 7, 2014

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!


Fettuccine Afredo is one of my favorite dishes!:iconitalyplz:Put some smoked salmon in there and it's even more amazing! I've made it before, but it's been a long time. I think it was back when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. (I couldn't eat too many things, since I had to gum things to death.) The sauce is interestingly made. Apparently, this dish was invented in 1914. A chef named Alfredo di Lelio made it for his wife. She had just given birth to their first son and hadn't regained her appetite. He came up with this dish to entice her into eating again, and it worked. Later, he began serving it at his restaurant in Rome. It's also Ballet Day. I took a year of ballet when I was little. Loved it. Still not sure why I stopped...:iconswissplz:
Started watching Atami no Sousakan or Atami Investigators last week. It's pretty good so far. I don't think it's as funny as Interviewer was at times, but still hilarious. (Plus, I just started this show, so that might change.) It's weird to see Joe Odagiri with slicked back hair. He was the lead in Jikou Keisatsu, too. In that one his hair is curly and rather full. The director/writer seems to really like this actor, since he's in so many of his works. I like him too. (Apparently, he studied acting in both the US and Japan.) There are lots of other actors that were in all 3 (that includes this one) of the shows I've seen so far from this director/writer. They're really good, too. 3 years ago, in South Atami, 4 female high school students were heading to an entrance ceremony by a school bus. When the bus driver spots an old man collapsed on the side of the road, he abruptly stops the bus, telling the students to stay inside, to see if he's ok. While he's with the old man, the bus suddenly starts to go down a slope, even though he enabled the emergency brakes. He chases after it, but it disappears into the woods. As soon as the incident's reported to the police station, Osamu Shizu goes to the scene of the accident. When he arrives he finds the bus driver running around in the woods without his clothes on. 3 days later, late at night, one of the victims, Mai Shinonome, is found unconscious at a bus stop. The other 3 girls are no where to be found. She finally wakes up 3 years later in the hospital. National investigators Kenzo Hoshizaki and Sae Kitajima are sent out to South Atami to interview her and uncover the truth. They found the bus in the last episode. It had apparently been submerged in the harbor. They said that there was evidence that it was lowered in by cables. The only things they found inside were a giant fish that's nicknamed 'Human Puller', and a cassette tape. There are only 2 male students at the school, so they're easily pushed around by the girls. 

Ranma was interesting. Kuno, who has been trying to win over Akane by challenging her, met Ranma's female 'half', as they say. He instantly fell in love with her, because of how strong she was. After defeating him easily, he sent her a letter basically challenging her again. She goes to the spot he told her to go to, and instead of fighting her, throws a bouquet of roses at her. Ranma's really not sure what to do with this situation. Seems kind of funny and weird at the same time. Kuno doesn't know yet about Ranma's 'predicament'. Although, I'm surprised he hasn't realized.:iconkikuplz: 
In World Embryo, Riku essentially saved most of his fellow classmates by telling them that there was a fire and to evacuate. He finally got over his difficulty with killing the Kanshu, and attacked a couple of them ruthlessly. He found Neene. She was safe with another classmate of his. They still haven't explained much about her. (She's in the pic holding Riku's hand.) She's developing abnormally fast, and she hatched from an egg. She can talk a bit already. The Kanshu seem to be interested in her. I don't know why they aren't trying to figure it out themselves. Maybe they will eventually. Anyways, they thought they killed all the Kanshu in the area, and that they'd be deterred by the fire. But, 6 more are heading straight for the school. It's getting more interesting. 

Wrote more of the 6th story to my nightmare anthology. Played my clarinet. Did a bunch more Irish tunes, and one klezmer one. Sounded pretty good this time. Drew more of the exaggerated expressions meme. Did the 'angry' section. Next, is the tired one. It's funny to see Junko really angry...
Today's kanji were: and . When is pronounced as かわ (kawa): skin, pelt, hide, fur; rind, peel, husk, bark; shell, sheath, wrapping. Sometimes in compounds it might be pronounced as (hi). 皮膚 or ひふ (hifu): skin. 皮膚科医 or ひふかい (hifukai): dermatologist. When is pronounced as 悲しい or かな.しい (kana.shii): sad, sorrowful. As 悲しむ or かな.しむ (kana.shimu): to be sad, mourn for, regret. As (hi): (Buddhism) Karuna (compassion). 悲劇 or ひげき (higeki): tragedy, disaster. 悲鳴 or ひめい (himei): shriek, scream, screech. 

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