Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bloody Prince


This is another one of Bel's character songs from Hitman Reborn. I think out of all the character songs I've heard from the series, I like this one the most. It shows how sadistic he can be. The video I found of it is a bit odd, but I like that it has the lyrics in both romaji and English. 

I felt really horrible last night.:iconlietplz:Felt worse when I woke up. Decided to sleep in, thinking it'll help a bit. I think it did, but I slept in later than I expected...:iconkikuplz:When I got out of bed, I felt very lightheaded, had a massive headache, and was lethargic. Almost like I was anemic. (I would know what that feels like since I basically hemorrhaged out for 8 months a while back.:iconhongkongplz:) Felt a bit better after having brunch, but I still feel a bit lethargic. (The headache comes and goes, too.) Maybe my 'friend' is coming...Or, I'm not taking in enough iron. Either way, it's kind of a pain.:iconnataliaplz:

The Olympics have been interesting. The opening ceremony was a bit bizarre. Some of it looked really cool, while other parts made me think they were high halfway through or something.:iconusaplz:Interesting way that they showed their history. They edited a lot out...Kind of important stuff too. But, I guess like they said, it's just their oversimplified take on it. They do have a complicated history. Putin kind of scares me. Seeing him at the opening ceremony, and again during one of the women's figure skating programs was odd. Even ignoring the stance he takes on LGBT rights, he looks creepy.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I've already heard some pretty crazy stories about their hotels, as well. One of the craziest, to me, is the water. They even told their customers to not wash their face with it. What happens when someone takes a shower with that water? If you can't, how do you stay clean?:iconwtfukplz:Also, heard about all the stray cats and dogs they're killing. It all sounds insane. Some of the stories I'm not sure if I should believe, or people are making it sound worse than it is. People are told to not use the internet, because they will most likely be hacked right away. Even the way some of the courses were setup is too dangerous. But, so far most of the actual events I've seen have been great to watch. 

I also read that Sochi is taking this opportunity to appeal to their Jewish visitors/athletes. They've setup 6 Jewish info centers, brought 12 more rabbis in (they already have one), they have a Jewish Community Center (JCC), they've asked all the hotels in Sochi to serve kosher food, everything including individual services are available in 6 different languages (English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, and German), and they have a synagogue but will also have services at 2 hotels. Even their JCC has a slogan saying 'welcome home'. Jews are slowly returning to Russia, but this seems like they are almost desperate to get more. It's very interesting, though. 

Valentine's Day is coming up. I have very mixed opinions about it.:iconchibiaustriaplz:I love the candy, chocolates, and the idea of celebrating love. But, having been dumped on that day, and being single puts a huge damper on it. (I've actually been ok with being single. Sometimes it's actually nice, but it's the seeing lots of couples get lovey-dovey on that day that gets to me.) Some people have called that day Anti-Valentine's Day. But, I think that's kind of spiteful and mean.:icontinoplz:Maybe for me it should be called Chocolate and Love Day? The love part doesn't have to be romantic. (And, we should probably show our love everyday, anyways.) Even the full name of the actual holiday has always bugged me a bit. St. Valentine's Day. It has Christian roots, and I'm not Christian.:icongermanyplz:I get that its been so diluted now that it's basically a commercial holiday, but it still can be slightly unsettling to me. A lot of Jews apparently feel similar. (Just read an article recently on it.) Not sure about people from other religions...

I finally got to watch the finale of Monsters on Sunday. They didn't post the finale for so long, I kind of gave up on it. I was looking through the new site I'm using, and they had it. Apparently, it took a while for them to upload the finale, as well. Several months after it initially aired. I loved this series so much, so when I saw that it was up, I had to watch it.:iconberwaldplz:I figured out who the killer was almost at the beginning of the episode, which was long before they had an inkling of who it was. But, I like the process they go through to get to the truth. It's rather entertaining. Especially to see how both the main characters act towards each other and the people they investigate. It seemed like, evidence-wise, it was a difficult case. It's one thing to know who did it, it's another to actually have the proof to back it up. It ended with Hiratsuka leaving a letter for Saionji to find. Saionji recently had a nightmare where Hiratsuka left a letter saying he'll never come back. There were cobwebs all over the storage room Hiratsuka uses as an office. In this actual letter, he said he left to investigate a 'personal' case, and will eventually come back. If they make a sequel to this, we might actually find out what he personally wanted to investigate. I kind of doubt they will, but it'd be nice. 

Watched the second season's finale of Toshi Densetsu no Onna or Urban Legends Woman, yesterday. It wasn't as great an ending as I had hoped. They treated it like it was just another case. A not all that exciting one. At the end of the episode she left to find proof of an urban legend in China, with the CIA. She still has many connections with the US. They left it so open, and with a 'business as usual' attitude, that it could easily have a 3rd season. We still don't know who she occasionally talks to. She has his mascot doll, he calls her (she never calls him, she doesn't know his number), apparently he's constantly watching her, gives her gifts, and she's talked about him like he's her boyfriend or something. And, yet she's never met him. They barely touched on it this season. The very last part of the episode was him calling her saying that he's surprised that she's still working with the Americans. He seemed kind of angry. But, that wasn't really a good enough cliffhanger for me. I don't know...

I've been writing more of the 6th short story to my nightmare anthology. Also, besides today, have been playing my clarinet. Did a lot of klezmer tunes, some classical solo tunes, and tunes from another solo book. Sounded pretty good. Did the 'tired' section of the expression exaggeration meme. Junko looked kind of cute. Next is the optional/difficult half, which starts with a 'worried' section. I don't really know why they called it the difficult half of it. Well, at least now I'm halfway through. Junko's cat ears seem to change in size as I go. Kind of funny.
Yesterday, I continued to study compounds for , and started studying the kanji . The main meaning for is beautiful. (美 is surprisingly fun to write. At least, it is for me.) 美術 or びじゅつ (bijutsu): art, fine arts. 美女 or びじょ (bijo): beautiful woman. 美人 or びじん (bijin): beautiful person (woman), beauty. 美声 or びせい (bisei): beautiful voice. 美談 or びだん (bidan): moving tale, impressive tale. 美点 or びてん (biten): virtue, charm, merit, good point. 美徳 or びとく (bitoku): virtue. 美男 or びなん (binan): handsome man. 美容 or びよう (biyou): beauty of figure or form. 美貌 or びぼう (bibou): beautiful face, good looks, beauty. means nose or snout. By itself, it's pronounced as はな (hana), and in some compounds it's pronounced as (bi). I'll start studying its compounds next time. 

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