Sunday, February 16, 2014

National Almond Day!


Yay for almonds!:dummy:They're not my fave, but they're pretty good. (My fave nuts are walnuts and pecans.) Great for cooking with, too. Almonds are very nutritious. They originated from the Middle East and South Asia. Yesterday was National Gumdrop Day. I love gumdrops! 

Last night I kind of had my own little Valentine's Day celebration. Tried a garlic bread pizza for dinner, and had some Valentine's Day chocolate truffles for dessert. They were so amazing!:iconchibispainplz:Never tried the combo of garlic bread and pizza put together. It was like heaven! The truffles were on sale, since it was the day after. They were so good too! Still have more of them left. After that, I messed around a bit with playing games online and doing quizzes/polls on fanpop. It was fun.:iconheroamericaplz:

By the way, I recently joined fanpop, and I could probably get sucked into it for days. It's nuts. I have so many things that I'm a fan of, so there are lots of things I can do on that site. I had heard about/glanced at it before, but never joined. They also have pics, wallpapers, forums, articles, questions people need help with, and more with each 'club' or thing that you're a fan of. You can earn props, medals, and bottle caps as you go. 

This morning, we went to Starbucks for brunch. I don't usually go there for a meal. Got their mozzarella, basil, tomato, and pesto on a focaccia bun panini. Had a small vanilla frappuccino, and a banana with it. It was all very good.:iconfrancisplz:The drink was like having ice cream, and took forever to melt enough to really drink.:iconkikuplz:I try to have new flavors of their frappuccinos when I can. I really like their salted caramel, white chocolate and strawberries, and chocolate chip ones. Their specials this month are flan related. I hate flan, so I couldn't try the new stuff. Oh well.:iconpolandplz:I got a chance to really get into the book I'm currently reading as well. There were some pretty funny stories this time. Hope there are more of those.

Today, I went through all of my bathroom stuff. It was quite a project.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Found some things that were from when I was a baby. Like, the ear syringe my parents used on me back then. No one wants that now.:iconlietplz:Also, there were a ton of lotions, bath gels, shampoos that I didn't like, soaps I wasn't fond of, hair gels I used while at the end of elementary school until the end of junior high (maybe longer...not sure), conditioners, and more. It was crazy. I did find some really old bath salts that didn't seem to have been opened, so I might still be able to use them. Also found a portable shower head. I think we used it on the cats for their baths. (We don't bathe our current cats, since they're still pretty good at cleaning themselves.) So, I rediscovered several things I had forgotten about.:iconchibiaustriaplz:But, I also tossed out most of the stuff I had in there. It just was cluttering up the whole thing. Now, the cabinets in there look pretty bare, which I haven't seen in ages...:iconchibiswedenplz:

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