Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ship of Fools


From the Tsubasa Chronicle soundtrack. I think this is usually when they're about to/are traveling through different parallel universes. It's one of the best ones on there. Kind of sad that they might be referred to as 'fools'. I can understand the ship and traveling part. But, I don't really think they're foolish.:iconsighingplz:They just don't know about what it really means to be traveling through these universes. Like, are the people they knew in their world really different in others. They've realized that they may all possess the same 'soul', but they still don't understand much beyond that. And, just because one was a villain in one world, doesn't mean they are in the next. They may be a hero. It's become something more than them just trying to find Sakura's feathers that hold her memories and are scattered to parallel universes.

Went through more of my closet on Sunday. I think I spent about 3 hours trying on clothes and tossing out ones I didn't want.:iconwtfromanoplz:Made another big bag full of clothes for the dump. These ones have things like stains, rips, holes, etc. Not really suitable for charity. Remarkably, I fit into a lot of what I tried on.:iconranranruuplz:Some I haven't been able to fit into since high school. It's crazy that I've lost that much weight already. I still don't quite believe it, and yet things back then fit me so well again. I found a few nice dresses, but most are more for warmer weather. I thought I only had 1 or 2 dresses left that fit me, so it was nice to find more.:iconchibihungaryplz:I still fit into one of my high school marching band t-shirts. Also, more for warmer weather, but cool nonetheless. I went through so much of it, and yet there's so much left. I have about a third left of what's hanging in my closet to go through. Then, there's the massive pile of clothes on the right-hand side of the floor of it. Plus, my shoes on the other side. Also, there's stuff on the shelf above the things that are hanging. That doesn't have clothes-related stuff, but I'll still have to go through it. So, there's quite a bit left.:iconlietplz:Should be interesting. I might go through more during the weekend. Oh, and the clothes that fit, fit differently than they did back in high school. For one thing, I'm bigger in my chest area...:iconkikuplz:I'm filled out more in that area for them. I remember back then I used to be bummed about being too small, so this is interesting. Different experience/look with the same clothes. Fun! 

Last night, I had the pesto tilapia and a vegetable soup. With the soup, I used a vegetable soup blend we got from the same place we get our spices from. It has carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions, parsley, and a few other things. All dehydrated. They said that it should cook in the water or broth for 30 minutes to get the vegetables to hydrate again. I added tiny star-shaped pasta to it. It was good, but you could still tell that they were once dehydrated.:iconusaplz:Maybe it needs more time in the liquid? I added some parmesan to mine, and it was even more awesome! Seemed like a pretty healthy dinner, too. Very filling.:iconfeelingfullplz: 

I tried my eyeliner on again on Sunday. Before that, I hadn't tried it since Halloween. I thought it looked bad back then. I did my upper eyelids. Thought they looked weird, but Dad said she liked them. I'm not really used to the overall look, so I'm not sure what to really expect.:iconswissplz:After a while, I thought it looked alright, too. So, I decided to experiment further and did my bottom eyelids. I looked really weird.:iconseychelles-plz:Kind of like a sad clown, or raccoon, or something. Dad said I looked like Ozzy Osbourne. Hmmm...:iconchibiswedenplz:Maybe next time, I'll just try the upper eyelids. Eyeliner is weird. I probably won't use it much. Plus, it makes my eyes look smaller. My eyes are already small looking. (Funny, because I have super long eyelashes.:iconwtfukplz:)

I decided to reply to another interesting Gaia thread this past weekend. It was a PTSD support thread. I'm not used to talking about things I might personally be going through on a forum. But, I thought I'd jump in anyways. Much like I was with the trans support group with me having a trans parent. But, I haven't talked much to a therapist about my PTSD. I had 2 that were able to touch on it just before they quit or retired. One psychiatrist who I met once for something, immediately told me I definitely had it. I've never really been able to 'delve' into it. Anyways, I told them about my stuff, and I got a response pretty quickly. They said that how I viewed it was very common. (I used to think that only military people had it.) But, they said I shouldn't compare myself to others, and that my pain is just as 'real'. The first person who responded, had a really long post. Very wordy, but nice. In fact, every post he replied to after each of mine were all very long and detailed. It was interesting. I do plan to eventually talk more about it with my therapist. But, this was nice to see. 

I'm debating whether I should email someone or not.:iconpolandplz:She was the person who invited us to Shabbat lunch recently. She's orthodox. Recently, she was very rude to my dad. She had read some things on a very biased and homophobic site. She said that she read that gays molest children or something. (Really bogus stuff.) She also is confused, and seems to equate trans people with being gay.:iconohboyamericaplz:(Even while we were at their place, she asked me secretly something like 'what's it like having a gay parent?', not trans but 'gay'.) There are some trans people who are gay, but they can also be straight, bi, pan, etc. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. So, that's been bugging me a bit.:icontinoplz:Anyways, she told my dad that she won't shake hands with her again because she still thinks she's a man. (Notice, my dad didn't make a move to shake her hand.) That's one of the worst things you can say to a trans person. Basically invalidating who they are as a person. Not to mention we thought they were very nice before. In orthodoxy, they're not allowed to shake hands with the opposite sex. But, I thought 'modern' orthodoxy might be a little different. Anyways, my dilemma is that she wants me to email her. She knows that I want to know more about them, and be more into my Judaism. I kind of feel like maybe it was a brain fart. She seemed to be very easily swayed. So, if she didn't really mean it or came to her senses, what then? She still hurt my dad. I guess saying hello, and talking kind of surface stuff might be ok. But, what if she tries to 'sway' me? It won't work, but it would get very awkward.:iconhanatamagoplz:Plus, I almost feel that if I don't email her, she may think that my dad kept it from me or something. Hmmm...I don't know! Well, at least if I decide to email her, she can't hurt me...I just may correct her sometimes.

I watched the finale of the 2nd season of Jikou Keisatsu or Time Limit Detective. It's probably the series finale, since there hasn't been a new season since. There were some homages to the first episode of the series. I still remember them, even though it's been a while. Like, they mentioned that Kiriyama was wearing his glasses on a Sunday. There was a joke in the first episode where you shouldn't wear them on Sundays. It's like bad luck, and it's rumored that the British follow that too. (Not in reality. Not even sure if it was really true in the show's reality.) I love this series so much!:iconinloveplz:There were so many quirky things to it. Eventually, it lead to lots of inside jokes, that if people who hadn't seen the series heard them, they'd be confused. In this final episode, Kiriyama even played the theme song on a guitar in a Spanish style. It was cool. The killer in this one is one of my fave actresses, too. She's an awesome comedian. The actor who played her husband has been in many of the shows I've seen, too. The killer mistook the person she killed as her husband. Finding out that she killed the wrong person, she felt even more stuck. She was and still is terribly bored of him. She thought she'd be free of him if she killed him. Kiriyama and Mikazuki told her that she should just have an honest conversation about it with him. He was listening in to the entire conversation. Almost felt like he was going to kill her after they left, but they didn't show that. He looked very hurt. Towards the end of the episode, it felt like Kiriyama confessed to Mikazuki in a strange way. He said that the team was more like a family. He went through the possible relationships, like the captain is similar to a kindhearted and funny uncle. He ended with him and Mikazuki as similar to being husband and wife in the family. Just when Mikazuki was going to ask him specifically how he felt about her, an earthquake hit. Didn't last long, but everyone came out to see them, so the mood was gone. I grew to really like the newest member of the team too. I wasn't sure of her at first. I'll really miss this show!:iconcomebackplz:

Decided to drop Mixed Vegetables. It seemed to be getting a bit dry. I could sense a lot of angst coming, too. Just don't see where it was headed. The story seemed interesting for a while. It just eventually got old.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

On Saturday, I did the practice quiz for attendance on JapaneseClass' site. Did pretty well. For attendance, you have to answer 20 questions for the day. I also decided to do a bunch of chapter quizzes for kanji and vocab. Did well with all of them. Lowest score I got was 82%, but most of the others were in the high 80's and 90's. I'm apparently up to level 4 in kanji, and level 5 in vocab. I'm on the last level for vocab, so there's not much new stuff left of their list. I still have a little ways until I finish all the kanji. I've always been better with vocab. Probably because some kanji have multiple meanings and pronunciations. Some have a lot of strokes as well, and can be hard to distinguish. You can also quiz yourself on everything you've learned plus new stuff with the regular quiz. Kind of a continuation after the 20 questions. The big 'random' quiz reviews some of the stuff you might have come across at the beginning, new stuff, weak words, etc. It's very helpful. I have come across some questions/answers that are spelled wrong, or have the wrong recording. They're still ironing that out. But, with feedback from the community, it goes pretty quickly. We can also challenge others, go through new vocab that people have put up as cards or notes that might not be in the system yet, read articles, see trends in Japan, there's a forum, etc. I'm ranked at 695 on the site. That's out of 45,663 people. Pretty good, I think.:iconchibinitalyplz:Especially since I don't go on there everyday. My attendance 'record' looks kind of funny that way. 

deviantART faves: Random OC Meme of Randomness Draw My Life Meme I did not make these! The first one's an oc (original character) writing meme. Kind of similar to one that I've done before. It puts your oc's in weird situations, and you write out how they would react. I love those sort of things.:iconheroamericaplz:The second's a drawing meme that's about the artist themselves. I haven't done one of those before, so that might be cool to do. It asks you what life was like for you in kindergarten through high school. Plus, asks where you're from, and an intro. 

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