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By Bloodgroup. Probably one of the best songs I've heard from them. I discovered the band through Lastfm. They're a 4-member electro-pop band from Iceland. They have a very interesting sound. They debuted in 2007. Dry Land, the album that this song is on, has been one of the most successful albums in Iceland since its release. The vid for this is a bit weird, though...:iconusaplz:It's of one of their live shows.

Jikou Keisatsu was really off the wall this time. Hilarious, though. This time they let Mikazuki investigate the case virtually on her own. She's such a goofball normally. Kiriyama had fallen down a flight of stairs, which resulted in him getting a concussion and forced to stay at the hospital. It all happened when they were interviewing the first person. Who ended up being the killer in the end. Mikazuki tried to video tape every little detail she could of her investigation. She went a little overboard. The episode started with a crazy/trippy dream she had. But, it helped her solve it with a little help from Kiriyama. This time she was the one who explained everything, Kiriyama (when he felt well enough to leave the hospital) acted as her assistant, and she was the one to give the 'I won't tell anyone' card to the killer. She was so happy about it, and I'm kind of glad they let her do it. The case was about a grandmother, who after finding out her son-in-law was beating her daughter and granddaughter (who was just a baby at the time), stabbed him to death. She only wanted her family to be safe. She was very senile by the time they interviewed her, although at times when they didn't suspect her yet, it seemed she was acting. She was trying to forget it all, like it was just a bad dream. I kind of feel sorry for her. But, she won't be arrested because the statute of limitations was up.

In Log Horizon, they defeated the goblin king and most of its minions, if not all. (Not sure if they'll get a reward, since it was towards the end of the episode.) Rudy was saved by Shiroe. Shiroe had come up with a magic contract that would make it so Rudy became an Adventurer if he signed it, and he'd have to join his guild. But, according to the contract, he had to die first as an NPC or People of the Land. Then, he'd be brought back to life at the cathedral like every other Adventurer does when they die. Without Shiroe's help, he would've died. People of the Land aren't supposed to be able to 'revive'. When they die they really do die. There's no coming back. So, it was an interesting work around Shiroe came up with. I wonder if he can save others this way?:iconchibiaustriaplz:Also, if they become Adventurers, does that mean they become real in the outside world? Very interesting. I'm liking this series more and more. There seems to be a lot more logic to it than other anime shows of a similar genre. It brings up some interesting philosophical questions too. 

Wrote more of the 6th short story from my nightmare anthology. It's getting to the scary stuff. Played my clarinet. Did some of the general classical solo tunes, jazz tunes, and klezmer tunes. Wasn't too bad. Had kind of a rocky start, but ended up sounding pretty good. 
Studied a couple more compounds for , and the kanji . 氷河 or ひょうが (hyouga): glacier. 薄氷 or はくひょう (hakuhyou): thin ice. When is pronounced as おもて (omote): surface, face (i.e. the visible side of an object); front (of a building, etc.); outside, exterior; appearance; public. As ひょう (hyou): table (e.g. Table 1), chart, list. As 表する or ひょう.する (hyou.suru): to express, show. As 表す or あらわ.す ( to express; to represent, signify, stand for. 表れる or あらわ.れる (arawa.reru): to appear, come in sight, become visible, come out, embody, materialize; to be expressed (e.g. emotions), become apparent (e.g. trends, effects).

Finished translating another paragraph from the You Maga article I've been going over. This part was on hand, foot, and mouth disease in children. Kind of a disgusting topic, but interesting. This whole page is part of a long featured article on diseases in children, especially ones for parents to be aware of that are common in the US. Another part of the article is on development, hygiene, etc. All having to do with parents who recently moved to the US, and some of it is comparing to things from Japan. It's very interesting. But, the whole thing runs for several pages...:iconwtfromanoplz:

Read some online articles in Japanese on Mainichi's site this time. I usually look at Asahi's. Both are big newspaper companies in Japan. Mainichi Shinbun is The Daily Newspaper, and Asahi Shinbun is The Morning Sun Newspaper. Mainichi tends to have a more liberal slant. Asahi's not conservative, it just affiliates a bit with the left. So, it seems a bit more neutral, I guess. Anyways, I read some of Mainichi's articles on the Olympics. They have a huge featured section for it, complete with medal counts. Maybe next time I'll look at the more day to day kind of stuff.

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