Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tarzan Program


Or, Tai Shan Cheng Shi. By Fahrenheit. One of the few Cpop songs that I like. I'm a bit newer to Cpop (or Chinese pop music). Tend to listen the most to Jpop/Jrock and a bit of Kpop. I think they all have a different overall 'feel' towards their music. I'm interested in all music from around the world. Just have more of an interest at the moment in Asian music. Anyways, Fahrenheit is an extremely popular band throughout Asia. They debuted in 2005 in Taiwan. Each member represents a season or temperature that corresponds to their different personalities. Calvin Chen represents spring, warm; Jiro Wang represents summer, hot; Wu Zun represents autumn, cool; and Aaron Yan represents winter, cold. Each one has a specific temp in Fahrenheit, too. Wu Zun was born and raised in Brunei, is a graduate from a college in Australia, and was introduced to the entertainment industry during a trip to Taiwan. Aaron grew up in New York City, and went back to Taiwan for high school and college. After Calvin graduated high school in Taiwan, he attended a university in Canada. He won a talent show, where the prize was a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company. Jiro seems to be the only one that's stayed in Taiwan the whole time. It's interesting how these people even met. The song is obviously Tarzan themed, about setting your own rules of the jungle and winning over evil. 

I finally applied to be a barista at Starbucks on Sunday.:iconseychelles-plz:I'm a little nervous about it. If I get the job, it'll be my first 'real' one. I'll also get health/dental/eye insurance. Things I really need. I love making things for people, and seeing them smile. So, maybe it'll be a great job for me. Also, there's a Starbucks really close to the area I want to move to in Seattle. So, I could just transfer when I move. Heard that they treat their employees or 'partners' really well, too. You get a pound of coffee or tea each week.:iconfrancisplz:

I read a bit about their dress code. Have to have either black or brown shoes. I didn't have either, so I went out and found a pretty nice black pair. They almost sound like tap shoes.:iconwtfromanoplz:Makes sense that they wouldn't allow white shoes, considering you'll have to deal with spills and such. Also, got some cloth scrunchies for my hair. I knew I would have to pull it back somehow, considering I don't want strands of my hair in someone's drink...:iconkikuplz:Was thinking about getting bandanas, but thought it would be too much trouble every time. The plastic scrunchies that I have, ruin my hair if I wear them too often. Also, my hair will be ruined again if I put it up into a bun. (Did that a lot for about a year or so.) So, I'm stuck with a pony tail look. The only thing I don't think I'll like is tucking in my shirts. It looks lame that way. But, I'd still do it. The apron looks like it hides it mostly, anyways.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Downloaded Second Life on Saturday. I think I had tried it before, but was frustrated by it. It was a while ago, and for some reason, my computer runs a lot smoother now. They have some learning Japanese, Jewish, LGBTQ allies, etc. clubs. So, thought it would be really great for me that way. So far, I've messed around with my avatar's appearance, and still exploring around the beginner's island area. Decided on the 'Steampunk' look. She looks more like a fancy 'princess' with a small hat on the side.:iconpolandplz:I like Steampunk normally, but it doesn't quite seem like it. I like it though. Flying is easier for moving around with the computer I have. Her dress gets all billowy and cool when she flies. Graceful landings, too. Also, figuring out the free stuff, at the moment. Eventually, I'll search for these groups. Went to a Japanese tea house. No one was there, and it was extremely well made. It really was beautiful and fascinating.:iconchibihungaryplz:Even had a koi pond, with maple and sakura trees around it. You also had the option of sitting the traditional ways. I got lost last time while I was exploring the apartment looking buildings. They looked abandoned. It'll be interesting what comes out of this. Dad used it for a while for her support group. And met some interesting people. Mom would join her occasionally. I think that was why I had looked at it before, as well. 

Started writing the 'forward' part of my next novel.:iconchibinitalyplz:This time it's going to be an anthology of short stories based on my recurring nightmares. Since I can remember, almost every night I have had some sort of nightmare. Some really 'light' kind of stuff. And some that are truly terrifying.:iconchibichinaplz:Those ones are usually gruesome and psychologically scary at the same time. I remember telling a friend about one of them, and I barely got through half of it before she told me she couldn't stand to hear more of it. It was just too scary. She also believed I was possessed because of them. I don't know about that...:iconswissplz:I've also told a few other friends that were really into the horror genre, and they freaked out. Wouldn't let me finish telling them. So, I'm not sure how it'll do after I publish it. If people will say it's too scary or what not. Who knows maybe some people will like that kind of thing. Maybe this is why I have so many nightmares. It's that I need to put out anthologies based on them.:iconberwaldplz:

Also, started to look more seriously at the online dating stuff again. Actually initiated a message to a guy!:dummy:Usually, they message me first. I doubt he'll respond...We'll see. Should be another exciting thing to my life.

I used to be really into a site in college called Asian Food Grocer, or AFG. And, I still get their emails about their deals and new products. Decided to look at them again. They've gotten a butt load more things than when I was in college. And, they're still relatively cheap. They've added pet fashion, more kitchenware, cookbooks, stationary, etc. As well as a ton of new food products. Really turned into an interesting place. The more I looked at, the more I realize I like their 'style/design' for things. I don't really know why, but a lot of it feels like my kind of thing. (Even if it's 'Asian' themed, it still grabs me more than a lot of other similar places.) So, when I eventually have my own place, I'll probably have quite a bit of stuff from them. Amazon is cool too, but somehow doesn't feel like it goes to this extent with some of the stuff I'm interested in. They have stuff from Japan, China, Thailand, India, Germany, Jamaica, and the US (mostly from Hawaii). I'm not really sure why they would have German and Jamaican stuff. (They seem to not know either.) Cool, though. They also have some interesting recipes. 
The 2 kanji for today were: and . With the first one, it's usually pronounced as しゅう (shuu) in compounds. As なら.い (nara.i): as is habit, the way life normally is. As なら.う (nara.u): to take lessons in, be taught, learn, study, get training in. There was only one compound listed for this one. 練習 or れんしゅう (renshuu): practice. If the second kanji, , is pronounced as しゅう (shuu): collection, compilation. As あつ.まる (atsu.maru): to gather, collect assemble. As あつ.める (atsu.meru): to collect, assemble, gather. As つど.う (tsudo.u): to meet, assemble, congregate. It has quite a lot of compounds listed. In fact, next time I'll cover more of them. 雲集 or うんしゅう (unshuu): swarm, throng. 会集 or かいしゅう (kaishuu): audience, assembly, meeting. 歌集 or かしゅう (kashuu): anthology, book of poetry, songbook. 群集 or ぐんしゅう (gunshuu): crowd, community. 集荷 or しゅうか (shuuka): collection of cargo. Also, started a blog that'll just be in Japanese. Kind of to help me practice. It was another idea from someone who's also studying on their own. Very interesting to change the language of the blog itself to Japanese. So, everything on the page is in it. Except for my profile info. Looks kind of out of place with the Japanese around it.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Should be fun to do!

Next week I'll be up to the last episode of Dinner. It's been good so far, and there has been some interesting mishaps. It was very well acted. Even the music made me feel like eating Italian food. Hitman Reborn was about a recent manga chapter I've read. Interesting to see how they tweaked it a bit for the anime audience. They did a lot more stuff. One of the few things I've noticed that progressed differently than the manga. I love that kind of stuff. A different way of telling the same story, is always interesting to me. I'm still on the Deliora Arc of the manga version of Fairy Tail. Seems to be going slower than the anime. 

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