Thursday, May 9, 2013

Desert Road


From the Liar Game season 2 OST. I loved this Jdrama!:iconchibihungaryplz:The music was amazing.

Today's been a bit warmer than yesterday. Yesterday must have been a fluke or something. Since, we're pretty close to what was forecasted. It felt really chilly yesterday. 

Otenki Onee-san was interesting. Abe was wrong for the first time about the weather. She thought a dust devil had lifted a man up, and dropped him on a hospital roof, killing him. What really happened, was the guy had fallen from high up on the stairs somewhere outside. As he laid there on the concrete, he saw an 'upside down rainbow'. He thought he'd show it to a little boy at a hospital, so even though he was severely wounded from the fall, he texted the boy at the hospital telling him to meet him on the hospital's roof. He wanted to show him the rainbow. Once the guy made it to the roof, he collapsed and died. Later, while Abe and Aoki are telling the boy what happened, they see that same upside down rainbow. Kind of was cool and sad at the same time.

Naruto Shippuden was another 'filler'. I feel like truly calling it that. (Some of the ones that they've marked as fillers, didn't really seem that way to me.) I didn't get anything interesting from it. No progression of the story, no character building, really. I hope they get back to the action, and actual story soon.:iconhongkongplz:In Hitman Reborn, they did a special thing for New Year's. Much like what they did in the anime. 

Edited more of that last panel of that drawing meme. It's looking a lot better. I had drawn myself with my main character, Shadow, from Alliance in this one. My hair looked horrible, before I edited it today. Now it looks semi-decent. It's funny drawing myself in my 'style'.:iconheroamericaplz:At least it's just my head...That's another thing. My head turned out much smaller than Shadow's.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Didn't mean for it to happen that way. Oh well. 
Went over more compounds for . 実らなかった努力 or みのらなかったどりょく (minoranakatta doryoku): fruitless (resultless) efforts. 事実を曲げる or じじつをまげる (jijitsu o mageru): (exp) to falsify a fact. 実を言えば or じつをいえば (jitsu o ieba): as a matter of fact, to tell the truth. 実業学校 or じつぎょうがっこう (jitsugyou gakkou): vocational school. 実験 or じっけん (jikken): checking, inspecting. 動物実験 or どうぶつじっけん (doubutsu jikken): experiments on animals. Tried another new language site, but didn't really like it. It's called busuu. Not even as good as nciku was.:iconwtfromanoplz:Couldn't use too many of the features, since I opened a free account. They didn't even have a kanji section.:iconromanoplz:Looked at it, because someone suggested it on one of the forums I'm on, a while ago.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.

deviantART faves: Chibi Maker 1.1 Nijuunis Wardrobe Meme BLANK First, an interesting flash game where you can customize a chibi. Lots of options for clothes and expressions. Second, another interesting drawing meme I might fill out in the future. This one you can either draw yourself or an oc in different outfits. Like for sleepwear, everyday, casual, etc. 

2 cool amv's featuring many different anime shows:
A nice Gintama amv, about a pretty recent touching/amazing story arc:
A hilarious Gintama vid, featuring Katsura's running gag:

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