Monday, May 13, 2013

National Apple Pie Day!


I love apple pie. Again, one of my faves!:dummy:Also, happy belated Mother's Day! It feels especially weird to me now, but hope others had a wonderful one.:iconseychelles-plz:Somehow, Mother's Day seems like it was harder to go through than the anniversary of my mother's death. Maybe it brings it closer to home? I don't know. Well, if you have a mom or if you're one, hope you and/or your family did something special for it.:iconthailandplz:

Yesterday, I watched part of the first Great Teacher Onizuka specials. It's 2 hours long, I didn't want to sit through the entire thing.:iconswissplz:Also this way, I can 'savor' the last bits of the series over a longer period of time. It's good so far. 

Tsubasa Chronicle is getting interesting. This time they did more of a background on Kurogane. (The one that seems to be some sort of ninja or warrior.) Also, expanded on the fact that they'll bump into people they knew in their dimension, but they won't know them and they'll be in different situations. Like the king in Syaoran's dimension is a chef and owns a restaurant in the current dimension they're in. Plus, the high priest is his sous chef. It looks like the girl that sent Kurogane away from his dimension, is an ordinary schoolgirl in the current one.

Started up my 'fitness' plan again.:iconheroamericaplz:I'm deciding to stick more closely to it. This week I'm doing 35 sit-ups twice a day. Being a lot more strict with the way I eat too. Might have gone a bit overboard last night with something.:iconwtfromanoplz:(Not having enough of it to be considered a dinner.) But, I'll try to do things within reason. I'm thinking I'll try to do my walks a little while after having dinner. Might be easier that way. Also, might add riding my bike and/or some Pilates after lunch to my routine. It might get me even more in shape, and feeling better.:iconchibinitalyplz:The only problem with that is the seat seems to be a bit too high on my bike. It's on the lowest 'peg'. Maybe I'm not used to it yet, or something. We'll see. I might do some of the simple Pilates I saw being demonstrated on Cartoon Kat-tun. 

The weather was crazy today!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Very windy. Our power was out for about an hour. Just before that I heard about 4 loud booms, and the lights were flickering. Shook the whole house, and gave Rosie a good scare.:iconchibichinaplz:It might have been the transformers. A fire truck came by, and just parked itself at the stop sign just across from our house. Saw one of the guys from it come back from a house a little ways from us. He looked really serious. Hope things are ok.:iconraivisplz:It was also really chilly at times, then really warm. There were sudden heavy downpours too. Kind of a little more 'exciting' than I was expecting or wanted.:iconkikuplz: 

Tokage was interesting. So far, the last 2 episodes have been about women being the culprits. Both were obsessed with another woman to some degree. That was a bit creepy. This one seemed a bit more 'complicated', and not as intense though. I usually like shows that make you think, but it felt like there were too many 'loose ends' of the story. I don't know, it was weird. Maybe the next episode will have a better story behind it. I like that Tokage is taking care of his late partner's kid. He doesn't seem like the type that would get along with kids, and yet he seems to change his personality whenever he's around him. 

In Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Misa started to have an entourage of 5 classmates who were brothers (they looked identical...) who really look up to her, and wanted to learn stuff from her. They followed her everywhere at school. They insisted on going to see where she works. Eventually, Usui told them that Misa is his personal bodyguard after school. Apparently they believed it and backed off of her about it. Usui told her that he loved her, and kissed her. Kind of already knew that would happen, but she was shocked by it. I'm not sure if she really believed it though. He tends to tease her a lot. 
In Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, they introduced Emily who's a Tailor-Made. They can't control their murderous impulses that are brought forth by the Killing Goods. Unlike, the Authors. She's a skilled assassin, even though she seems to be a little kid. Her wish for after killing the 'Hair Queen', is to resurrect her father. Which she seemed to hint that he was Iwai's father, too. She has the ability to use more than one Killing Good. Kiri went up against her and lost, almost losing his life. She used Opener of Bloody Dissection. It has the power to 'prevent wound recovery'. So, she not only severely wounded him, but she also made it so he couldn't recover. He seems to be bleeding profusely now. That's vicious. Knowing that he's one of the main characters, he probably won't die, but that sounds pretty serious. The story just keeps getting better and better.

Instead of going over some more kanji and compounds, I practiced writing out the kanji I've recently gone over. Plus, some verb forms. I think I need more practice on writing out verb forms for the kanji that I'm on. That way, I can get a better 'handle' on it. Plus, seeing it actually being used helps, too. I know the verb forms, I think I just need to see them applied to more verbs. Mainly did this because the power was out, though. But, it was useful. 

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