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By the Young Dubliners. One of the few Irish tunes I have. I really need to get more...(Considering it's a part of my heritage.:iconnataliaplz:) The bodhran is a type of drum, which can be heard clearly at the beginning, before a bunch of other instruments join in. It's a cool looking one. I think we have a bodhran here at home. The Young Doubliners are an American 'Celtic' rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. They fuse traditional Irish instruments and music with modern rock. The lead vocalist and guitarist founded the band, and is a Dublin native. (Makes sense to call the band that, then.) I've found a couple other cool tunes from them. So, look for those in the future!:la:

Managed to finish my 'design' for a book poster. I'd like to advertise it somehow, and I thought maybe printing out a poster/flyer and putting them up in cafes, shops, and such will help. Noticed another person downloaded the sample today! Yay! Up to 14 downloads!:icondancingrussiaplz:Hopefully, some of them will eventually buy it...:icongermanyplz:We'll see. I looked at the online retailers list to see if they have gotten the 'shipments' of my book yet. I know it's up on Sony (Kobo), Apple (iTunes), and obviously Smashwords. For some reason, some are revising their shipments, and taking a while to finally have it up. These are mainly Barnes & Noble, and Baker and Taylor Blio. It's available for libraries to purchase directly, now. For Amazon, they said it will be shipped. Same with Baker-Taylor Axis360. So, things are coming along, just a bit slower than I expected. It was going so quickly at the beginning. Like, making it into Smashword's premium catalog within just 3 days of publishing it.:iconseychelles-plz:I might start writing my next book soon, too. I'm itching to write this one!:iconchibinitalyplz:I think it'll go quicker and smoother. 

In Otenki Onee-san, the killer was a yoga teacher. Funny thing is, she taught Abe and Mitsuyo the same day she killed someone. Abe's frustrated, and feels like she doesn't know how to express emotion. It was interesting to see that side of her. She fearlessly decided to confront her yoga teacher on her own, about the murder. The teacher only confessed, told her why, and stared at her until the police arrived. Kind of awkward, but Abe couldn't move because she had started with doing yoga before interrogating her. So, she was stuck in one position the entire time. One of the anchors for the regular program has a stalker. He's been following, watching, and forcing her to meet with him. Now, he's gained a position with the network as an AD or assistant to the director. As close as he's ever gotten to her. He believes that they are dating, and yet she's told him numerous times that they aren't. Looks like something big's about to happen. Should make it even more interesting. This show has only gotten better with each episode. Great acting, hilarious at times, interesting background music, and seems to feel more 'real' to life.
In Hitman Reborn, it was 'Parent Participation Day' at Tsuna's school. I don't remember this happening in the anime...But, it was just a fun goof-off chapter. Tsuna was worried, at first, that he'd answer a question wrong in front of his mom. Turned out that Reborn, Bianchi, I-Pin, and Lambo had tagged along. Every time Tsuna was about to answer a question incorrectly, Reborn threw something dangerous at him. Saying that it was his duty as a home tutor to make sure his student is progressing. Gokudera knew everything right off the bat. He's really smart book-wise, but not so much with common sense. Eventually, Lambo, Bianchi, and I-Pin disrupted the class, and were forced to leave to help Gokudera go to the nurse's office. (He gets a stomachache every time he sees his sister, Bianchi.) While their regular teacher went to help them as well, Reborn took over. He would be a scary teacher! Odd that he knows so much and is so violent, when he's just supposed to be a baby. Although, he never appears to age. (And, a lot of the time, he looks more like an old shriveled up man than a baby, to me.) This was the end of the volume, so there were some 'extras' and fanart submissions. Always interesting to see. Next time will apparently be about Futa. He's kind of an odd character. It'll be interesting if his story will be slightly different or have added stuff to it in this version. 
Today's kanji was: . (This one's kind of fun to write.) When pronounced as しゅう (shuu): state, province, county; continent. (This isn't used too often for continents. Mostly for states, provinces, or other regions.) As (su): sandbank, sandbar. 九州 or きゅうしゅう (kyuushuu): Kyushu (the southernmost of the 4 main islands of Japan). 本州 or ほんしゅう (honshuu): Honshu (largest of the 4 main islands of Japan). 欧州 or おうしゅう (oushuu): Europe. 豪州 or ごうしゅう (goushuu): Australia. 

Started figuring out how many and which characters I still haven't drawn the heads of. For my character 'face' sheet designs, based on my novel, Alliance. I stopped a while ago. Apparently, had skipped a bunch of the characters that were towards the beginning of my story. Also, skipped Doina. All in all, about 6 of them. Just the right amount for a full 'sheet' or page of them. Hope to start that new page next week. 

A hilarious/awesome Naruto Shippuden amv by someone I subscribe to:

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