Wednesday, May 8, 2013

National Empanada Day!


I love empanadas!:la:There's so many different kinds. The peach ones are one of my favorites. It's also Yom Yerushalayim or Jerusalem Day. 

Today was much cooler than they forecasted. About 12 degrees cooler.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Quite a bit cooler than yesterday. Oh well. 

Last night I went to the support group meeting. There were a couple of new people this time. More allies! Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Our group seems to be really expanding. The sad thing was that this was the last meeting at our current building. The organization as a whole is in the process of moving. So, they've found a temporary place until they actually can move to the new spot, which is at a church. Nice of them to let us use it. We're just a bit worried that people won't get the info about it in time for the next meeting. But, we'll see. 

Went to Shari's afterwards. This time it wasn't such a big group. I wasn't going to order anything, because I'm kind of sick of the high calorie/fat content in everything they have. (Even the 'healthy' stuff has quite a bit.:iconkikuplz:) Plus, it's not the greatest food ever. But, I was really tempted to try their pie shakes. I'd heard about it before, and was still curious. So, I got their S'more's Pie Shake. It was really good!:iconchibispainplz:They literally take the pie, blend it, and add it to the shake. So, there were things like mini marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate chunks, etc. that didn't blend all the way and made it chunky. We had the waitress who previously was very rude to us. But, this time she was right on top of things and nice. Maybe she was in a good mood? Also, a certain member of the group that went with us to Shari's acted really jerky towards me a little while before we left, which made it strange. But, I think, maybe he was just cranky or something.:iconseychelles-plz:
Started watching Hakushaku to Yousei or Earl and Fairy, last week. It's very interesting so far. There are few shoujo anime shows out there that I'll even bother with. But, the plot drew me in, and most of the time the character design isn't too 'shoujo-ish'. I heard it was popular, too. So, why not give it a shot?

It's set in 19th century England, and centers on a 'fairy doctor' named Lydia. (Interesting that Lydia is actually from Scotland.) Her life takes a 180-degree turn when she meets a legendary blue knight earl named Edgar. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family. Lydia has the ability to see and interact with fairies. The fairies are protecting the sword. Hence, why he needs her. Already know that Raven, Edgar's servant, has a sprite spirit residing within him. He's kind of more 'mysterious' than the earl.:iconchibiswedenplz: 

In Tripeace, Nana found out that Shiro is from Xyece. The country that's trying to 'take over' the places that have seisui, while waging war against every country in its path. Nana goes crazy, and doesn't feel he can trust her anymore. But, after finding out that the person who makes his fave ramen at one of the shops is from there too, he has a change in attitude. Figuring out that there are good and bad people everywhere, including in Xyece. Just because the government might be corrupt, doesn't mean the people who come from there are. He apologized, saying that he knew Shiro was really a good person. Later, Shiro murmurs something about not really being a good person. Interesting.
Today, I went over more compounds for . I think this kanji has the most compounds I've ever gone over. Just means it's an important one.:iconhongkongplz:実力 or じつりょく (jitsuryoku): (real) ability, true strength, merit, competency. 実力行使 or じつりょくこうし (jitsuryokukoushi): use of force. 実例 or じつれい (jitsurei): example, illustration, precedent. 実話 or じつわ (jitsuwa): true story. 信実 or しんじつ (shinjitsu): sincerity, honesty, truth, faithfulness. その実 or そのじつ (sonojitsu): in fact. 種無し果実 or たねなしかじつ (tanenashikajitsu): seedless fruit. 実の心 or まことのこころ (makotonokokoro): one's real intention. 実の有る or じつのある (jitsunoaru): (exp) faithful, sincere.  

deviantART faves: I Just Wanted to See You Again Baragaki (Thorny) First, a cool Naruto fanart of Naruto and Minato, done by an artist I watch. Minato apparently coming back as a 'zombie' like many other 'greats' in the series have in the war. It'd be cool if this happened. Although, he'd have to fight his father... Second, a pretty cool Gintama fanart of Hijikata. One of his nicknames is Thorny. Plus, there was a really awesome story arc on it, where he did things like stop a bullet with his sword. (Many other characters became a 'Thorny' during it, too.) 

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