Tuesday, May 7, 2013



By Orange Range. Haven't posted one of their songs in a long time. This one's fun and rocking. The lyrics are interesting. About making enough noise to awaken the winds of a twister. This twister sends your tension away, wakes you up with an electric shock, and blows away the darkness. Kind of cool, actually. 

It hasn't been nearly as warm as it was yesterday. Just a really nice comfortable temp, and sunny with a slight wind.:iconthailandplz:It was so warm last night, I had a hard time sleeping. So, once it cooled down enough to sleep comfortably, it was about halfway through the time I would normally be sleeping. Decided to sleep in, because I didn't want to be a zombie running on only a few hours of sleep.:iconseychelles-plz:

Hitman Reborn was cool, but creepy at times. Creepy, because of how strong Xanxus is. And, Hibari just looks like the energizer bunny, even though he's severely wounded. Nothing can stop him. Tsuna seems to be becoming much more powerful than people expected. Reborn always believed in him, but everyone else was shocked. Squalo is apparently alive, even though they saw him get eaten by sharks. Dokuro is being held for ransom now, in order to get the rest of the rings, by Mammon and Bel. Gokudera and Yamamoto find them. Getting very interesting.

Still on the Deliora Arc in the manga version of Fairy Tail. Interesting to see this version of it. Didn't play my clarinet yesterday or today, because it felt too warm to do it. I tend to heat up more when I play. I don't know why...:iconswissplz:But, hopefully, I'll get back to it tomorrow. Edited more of that drawing for the meme. Really close to finishing it up. 
Today, I went over more compounds for . 史実 or しじつ (shijitsu): historical fact. 充実 or じゅうじつ (juujitsu): fullness, completion, perfection, enrichment; replenishment. 切実 or せつじつ (setsujitsu): compelling, serious, severe, acute, earnest, sincere, pressing, urgent, keen, fervent, poignant. 内実 or ないじつ (naijitsu): facts. 如実 or にょじつ (nyojitsu): reality, things as they really are. 無実 or むじつ (mujitsu): absence of the fact, innocence, guiltlessness; innocent, guiltless; false, untrue. 実に or じつに (jitsuni): indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite. 実は or じつは (jitsuwa [the 'ha' is pronounced as 'wa' like it is when it's used as a particle.]): (exp) as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest, frankly. 実り or みのり (minori): ripening (of a crop); crop, harvest. 実況 or じっきょう (jikkyou): real condition, actual scene, real state, live; (sl) reporting live, live coverage, live broadcasting. 実験室 or じっけんしつ (jikkenshitsu): laboratory. 実勢 or じっせい (jissei): actual, real, true. 実戦 or じっせん (jissen): combat, actual fighting. 

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