Sunday, May 19, 2013

World Baking Day!


Baking can be fun!:dummy:I would like to get more into it eventually. I'd like to do things like breads, desserts, etc. I'm really curious about making breads, but a little nervous I'd ruin the whole thing.:iconseychelles-plz:Someday, I'll get enough courage to do that...Anyways, even the smells of something baking can be great. 

Watched more of the Great Teacher Onizuka special. It's getting exciting and interesting. Tsubasa Chronicle was interesting, too. Sakura finally woke up. Still doesn't remember much other than her name. She made Syaoran worry by waking up, and leaving her bed when no one else was around. They found her though. Looks like the next episode will be about Fay. Know the least about him. Should be interesting.

I decided I needed to add more exercises to my fitness routine.:iconhongkongplz:Feels like I'm not burning enough calories. Also, noticed I don't do anything 'active' during the middle of the day. I have my morning sit-ups, 2-mile walk around dinnertime (now, more like afterwards), and my sit-ups before going to bed. So, I wanted to add riding my bike to it. Today, I cleaned it up, put duct tape around the handlebars (bugs had eaten chunks of it, felt awkward:icongermanyplz:), tried to see if I could take the seat down a bit (turned out I couldn't. I'm not that short...Actually, a little taller than average), and went for a short ride. I soon found out that the tires needed air. Made a nice dragging sound as I rode.:iconchibienglandplz:Tried to use the bike pump we have, but the needle to it is too small. So, I either have to have it done at a bike shop, or try to find the right needle and/or a new pump. Great.:iconkikuplz:So, the bike's out of the question for now. I think I'll replace that with doing some jump rope. And, I had also planned to do a beginner's Pilates workout I found through Fitness Magazine. (It actually came up in a search. I don't read the magazine.) They show you through a video. Did that today. Didn't feel like I did much, but as soon as it was over, I could feel it. So, that should be great. Now, I'll be able to burn even more calories, and have some sort of thing midday. Yay! Exciting!:la:Also, still sticking strictly to my 'way' of eating.

During my walk today, I bumped into a little girl. I had my music blaring, and barely could hear her. Sometimes, when it's like that, I'll make 'sense' of it later. Hard to respond to somebody when you're quite far from them. She said: "Your hair is very pretty! I want hair like that! How'd you do it?" Felt nice, but weird at the same time.:iconheroamericaplz:All day today, whenever I've gone out, people have given me this really dopey/in awe look. It's starting to kind of creep me out. I'm not used to that sort of attention. I admit, my hair is looking better as I've been taking better care of it, and just as time has gone on. As it grows, it seems to only be looking better. Been growing it for around 7 years. Pretty long at the moment. Not sure how long it'll get. But, I'm liking it so far. Also, been focusing on taking better care of my health lately, so maybe they're picking up on that, too. Another thing might be getting into makeup/jewelry a bit more lately. 

Went to Red Robin last night. I got their root beer float. It's humongous! There was no way I was going to finish that thing!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:There was more ice cream than root beer. Tasty though. We shared an onion ring tower. That was pretty good. Got the bleu ribbon burger. I love that one, but it always comes out with a tiny mound of bleu cheese on the last half of the burger.:iconromanoplz:It's supposed to feature the stuff! Oh well. It also has some sort of chipotle sauce, onion bun, fried onion strings, and the burger itself is pretty good. Comes with huge steak fries. All this coupled with the float, was hard to even eat half of it. Very filling stuff. But, I succeeded and had a glorious lunch today.:iconchibispainplz:
Did 2 kanji for today. First one was: . When pronounced as しゅ (shu): (Buddhism) appropriation, obtaining. As と.り (to.ri) or とり (tori): (suf) taking, taker, collecting, collector; last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day; (pref) (before a verb) emphatic or formal prefix. As と.る ( to take, pick up, harvest, earn, win, choose; to steal; to eat, have (a meal); to remove (one's glasses, etc.); to compete (in sumo, cards, etc.), play. This one didn't have compounds listed. The second one was: . Most common pronunciation by itself is さけ or sake. Sake is alcohol, or the alcoholic drink of the same name. しゅ (shu) is used in many compounds. Occasionally, it'll be pronounced as さか (saka), (ki), or くし (kushi) in other compounds. 赤葡萄酒 or あかぶどうしゅ (aka budoushu): red wine. 朝酒 or あさざけ (asazake): a morning drink (of sake). 甘酒 or あまざけ (amazake): sweet half sake, sweet drink made from fermented rice. 居酒屋 or いざかや (izakaya): bar, pub, tavern. 飲酒 or いんしゅ (inshu): drinking alcohol. 飲酒運転 or いんしゅうんてん (inshu unten): drunk driving. 大酒 or おおざけ (oozake): heavy drinking. お神酒 or おみき (omiki): sacred wine. There will be more compounds for this one next time. 

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