Thursday, May 16, 2013

2nd Day of Shavuot


Didn't do much for the 2nd day. Thought I would do a little more of studying Torah. But, I felt really horrible today.:iconlietplz:My meds came later than I had planned, so I had to 'ration' out what I had. Thus, making me function on a lower dose than I'm used to. When this happens, I tend to worry a lot more, feel like something is weighing me down, don't want to do or eat much, etc. It's lovely...:iconkikuplz:But, luckily, they came today!:la:So, I'm already feeling a lot better. There was also another reason for not feeling so great, but that was more 'natural'. 

Even though I felt this way, I was still able to keep track of my eating, do my sit-ups, etc. Hopefully, I'll go for my walk soon. I have to get in the mindset of even though I'm feeling crappy, I have to keep these things up.:iconprussiaplz:And, I feel good after doing them. 

Otenki Onee-san was interesting. A man who was Aoki's middle school teacher was killed. At first it seemed that someone accidentally ran him over. But, after the autopsy, they realized he died of hypothermia long before being hit by the car. Not only that, but the weather was balmy outside. He had been out drinking with Aoki and a few of his other previous students just before he died. They let the guy who 'ran over' the teacher off the hook. Little did they know that he made it look like that so they wouldn't suspect anything, and he could quietly kill himself. His daughter had died of hypothermia while on a trip in the mountains with 2 teachers and a few other students. (One of those teachers being the one that was killed.) It was hot that day, but the temperature suddenly dropped and there was a heavy downpour. Her body couldn't warm itself back up, and she died on the teacher's back as he tried to run to get help. The father blamed him for 20 years about it. After drinking with his students, the teacher had a few more drinks with the father, and later they visited her grave. The teacher apologized to her over and over. Suddenly, there was a heavy downpour while they were out there. Afterwards, the father let him in his car, talked a bit with him, turned the temperature setting to the coldest, left things running, and walked out of it. He froze to death quickly, then the father staged it to look like he had been run over by a car. Abe actually showed some emotion this time. She was furious by the man, using the weather to kill someone, and slapped him. It seems Aoki and Abe are growing pretty close. He hugged her from behind, but she wasn't sure what to do. I like them together, though.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Naruto Shippuden was another filler. Nothing that added to the story. There wasn't even any fighting. (They're still in the middle of a war.) In Hitman Reborn, Gokudera was trying to prove to himself that he deserves to be Tsuna's right hand man. Same kind of stuff they did in the anime. I like his character, but sometimes he reads the situation totally wrong. Makes it funny, I guess. 
Today's kanji was: . Pronounced as あるじ (aruji): (abbr) head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), landlord, master (of a servant). As おも (omo): chief, main, principal, important. As ぬし (nushi): head (of a household, etc.), leader, master; owner, proprietor; subject (of a rumor, etc.), doer (of a deed); guardian spirit, long-time resident (or employee, etc.). As しゅ (shu) or しゅう (shuu): (one's) master; (しゅ only) Lord (Christian ref.); (しゅ only) the main thing, the majority, the primary concern. 主観 or しゅかん (shukan): subjectivity, subject, ego; one's personal opinion, one's own idea. 主義 or しゅぎ (shugi): doctrine, rule, principle. 主権 or しゅけん (shuken): sovereignty, supremacy, dominion. 主宰 or しゅさい (shusai): supervision, chairmanship. 主食 or しゅしょく (shushoku): staple food. 主体 or しゅたい (shutai): main constituent, core, nucleus. 主要 or しゅよう (shuyou): chief, main, principal, major.

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