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Well, I didn't stay up all night studying Torah, but was up for a while.:icontinoplz:I think I stopped at around 12:30am. Studied some of the Mishnah from a site that has compiled about half of it. Which was very interesting, but made me very sleepy. The Mishnah's a huge body of literature where a group of Rabbis debate/teach oral laws and traditions. It's also the first major work of Rabbinic Judaism. It reflected debates between the 1st century BCE and 2nd century CE. It also teaches the oral traditions through examples. They go into great detail with things, but that makes it fascinating as well as tiring to read. I love that kind of stuff.:iconfrancisplz:There weren't many laws/traditions already in place for women. Almost sounded like they weren't sure what to do with them. It's separated into 6 'orders' or sections. 

I also read that for a while, women were prohibited from studying the Mishnah. Kind of disturbing.:iconnataliaplz:But, many Rabbis went against this, and said it was 'optional' for women. I remember in my private Jewish philosophy class that we studied a bit of the Mishnah. (Took the class when I was 14. So, quite a while ago.) Although, I was the only girl in the class. Made for some amusing times.:iconheroamericaplz:

I've had a few dairy things too. Some chocolate milk, some milk in my oatmeal, and some creamer in my tea. It's something. I'd love to have something like cheesecake, which is traditionally eaten. But, we don't have any...It's not a must, but any excuse to have dairy stuff is all awesome to me!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:

On Cartoon Kat-tun, they discussed what you can order through delivery. Their guest this time loves to get stuff through delivery. They wanted to look at things that weren't food related, because that'd be too boring. Plus, most of the things they saw on the list were pretty expensive. So, they 'ordered' a quiz show, and cheerleaders. It was pretty hilarious watching the whole thing unfold. First, the quiz show people showed up. They gave everyone little buzzers and light signals. Brought in their own table, a quiz 'book', etc. It was pretty elaborate. The contestants get to choose what the prize will be, and if they want, a punishment for the loser. They said they can easily do all this in someone's apartment. Koki was losing, and halfway through the cheerleaders came in. They did a hilarious routine to cheer Koki up. He lost the game in the end, so his punishment is to be a part of a 'celebrity delivery' thing. Don't know what he'd do at someone's apartment or home. It was all a much more hilarious episode than the previous ones have been. I think they ordered more things from the 'delivery' services. It's also interesting to see what you can get. Their guest said she sometimes orders a mani-pedi.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Earl and Fairy has been interesting so far. They introduced Brownies and Spunkies. Also, talked about fairy circles. Starting to like this anime a lot. Not sure if I 'love' it yet. But, I like the Scottish folklore stuff. 

In Tripeace, they started the war against Xyece by flying and ramming their hammerhead shaped submarine, that's their headquarters, into Xyece's headquarters. Nana is now in Shiro's group as 2nd in command. Of course, he has to keep the charade of him being a woman up. Otherwise, she'll turn on him. For some reason, she seems to have a soft spot for other strong-looking women. I'm surprised that she still doesn't know that it's him and not 'Nanako'. Belial seems to have gotten himself into a pickle. Hope he can get through it.:iconraivisplz:

Played my clarinet. Did more of my advanced solo pieces. Also, finally switched to a 'new' reed. I haven't switched to another one in a while. I say 'new' because we got this pack of about 10 of them at least 2 years ago. I consider them still good if I haven't used them yet. Sounded much better. My reeds tend to last for a long time. Still sounded like I needed to practice more, but it wasn't bad. 

Decided to drop The Silmarillion. It was getting boring, and it went into WAY too much detail.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:So, I decided that my next book from my list will be The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel C Matt. I've always thought Kabbalah was interesting. (The real Kabbalah, not the fake commercialized stuff.:iconhongkongplz:) It's short, too. Read that it's really a beginner's book. But, that's fine. It'll still be interesting.:iconchibinitalyplz:
The kanji for today was: . Pronounced as もの (mono): (rarely used without a qualifier) person. As しゃ (sha): (suf) someone of that type or nature, someone who does that. 新聞記者 or しんぶんきしゃ (shinbun kisha): newspaper reporter. 人気者 or にんきしゃ (ninkisha): popular person. 愛国者 or あいこくしゃ (aikokusha): patriot. 愛読者 or あいどくしゃ (aidokusha): subscriber, reader, admirer. 悪者 or わるもの (warumono): bad fellow, rascal, scoundrel, ruffian, (the) bad guy(s), villain. 芸者 or げいしゃ: geisha. 配偶者 or はいぐうしゃ (haiguusha): spouse, wife, husband, partner. 被害者 or ひがいしゃ (higaisha): victim, injured party, sufferer. 利用者 or りようしゃ (riyousha): user, end-user, consumer. 担当者 or たんとうしゃ (tantousha): person responsible, person in charge. 忍者 or にんじゃ: ninja. 医者 or いしゃ (isha): doctor, physician. 若者 or わかもの (wakamono): young man, youth, lad.

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