Friday, May 17, 2013

National Cherry Cobbler Day!


One of my faves! Why not make a cobbler with one of my favorite fruits? Makes it awesome!:la:Blueberry, and a mix of berries are good ones, too. 

Feeling much better since my meds came. Still a bit shaky, and a bit 'panicky'. But, it'll pass soon.:iconswissplz:Finished editing the panels to that drawing meme. Started filling out the written stuff in the meme, and next time I'll get to add the panels to it. Yay!:dummy:Almost done with it. Memes like these not only help me improve my drawing skills, but let me experiment a bit in Photoshop. Also, helps with character development. Even though my book is published, I can still work on character development. Maybe even for a sequel...:iconenglandispervyplz:Or, a manga version. 
Started watching Vampire Heaven a couple of weeks ago. It's hilarious so far! Has a lot of actors that I'm familiar with, and love. Vampires Sakurako and Komachi fall in love with a human named Hayato. Komachi saves Sakurako from a vampire count who wants to marry her. They then break a taboo in the vampire world by fleeing to the human world. Sakurako immediately falls in love with Hayato. But, when vampires fall in love they crave their partner's blood. Sakurako finds out that, through music, she can suppress her thirst for blood. So, she starts strumming a guitar whenever she feels the 'urge'. It affects Komachi, too. (Sometimes she plays a tambourine.) Sakurako wants to learn guitar from Hayato. He starts to take an interest in her. Komachi is weary of him at first. 
Started reading Hiiro Ouji or Scarlet Prince a couple of weeks ago. It's also hilarious so far. (Just realized, I basically made Fridays 'vampire' themed...:iconwtfukplz:) In order to capture the vampire lurking at the school, Mana the exorcist transfers in. Okamoto, the vampire in question, is one who's evolved and gets by with blood transfusions. Mana is left dumbfounded by the carefree easy-going vampire. His personality changes depending on what type of blood he takes. With type A, he becomes serious and very studious.  With B, he's lazy. With AB, he's spacy. And, with O, he's laid back and carefree. He loves O the most. They just introduced an incubus, named Shimizu. His pheromones have kicked in, and girls were going crazy over him. So, he hid in an abandoned mansion. Apparently, he attracted the female ghosts too. He tries to hide his head with a bucket, and usually that stops the girls. Mana found out that if he wore a cross, the pheromones seemed to dissipate. He was still good looking to girls, but they wouldn't try to jump him or anything. The funny thing is Okamoto was affected a bit by the pheromones, and desperately wanted Mana's blood. They thought it wouldn't have an effect on men. Since they dispelled the effects, he went back to school. They haven't found a way to drain a life force for him to survive. Mana volunteered at the end, for him to use her life force. But, the way he does that is through a kiss, and he really wants to find a different way to get it. (Not through humans.) Okamoto feels connected to Shimizu, since they're both demons, and easily befriends him. Oddly, Mana is helping demons rather than exterminating them. (Even when they beg for it.) It's a very interesting series so far. Seems pretty creative.

In Hitman Reborn, Marmon melted the ice with the rings. Xanxus immediately tried putting the Sky ring on. It rejected him. Turns out that Xanxus isn't related to the Vongola family by blood. But, the 9th treated him as his own son. So, he went crazy when he found out and confronted the 9th. After that, he had set out to beat anyone who opposes him in becoming the 10th boss of the family. Varia is disqualified from the fight, but they already had a team of 50 on their way if things weren't going the way they wanted. Funny thing is most of them were defeated by someone who's an ally of the Vongola family. They hinted at who, but didn't say. It's definitely going to be Lancia. Cool entrance though. So, does this mean that Tsuna will be the official 10th boss? I guess I'll see. 
Today's kanji was: . Pronounced as かみ (kami): director (of the provincial governors under the ritsuryo system). As も.り or もり (mo.ri or mori): babysitting, babysitter; protecting, keeping, keeper. As まも.り (mamo.ri): protection, defense; providence; (abbr) amulet, charm, talisman. As お.まも.り (o.mamo.ri): charm, amulet. As おも.り (omo.ri): babysitting, babysitter; taking care of, assisting, assistant, helper. It seems to be pronounced as しゅ (shu) or (su) just in compounds. 守衛 or しゅえい (shuei): security guard, door keeper. 守護 or しゅご (shugo): protection, safeguard. 守株 or しゅしゅ (shushu): lack of innovation, stupidity. 守備 or しゅび (shubi): defense. 死守 or ししゅ (shishu): defending to the last, defending desperately. 守護神 or しゅごじん (shugojin): guardian deity. Also, started translating another section of a You Maga article. 

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