Tuesday, June 11, 2013

National Herbs and Spices Day!


This was actually yesterday. Life would be boring without herbs and spices. (I can't really fathom that...) Interesting thing to celebrate, though. I love to experiment with them sometimes while cooking.:iconchibinitalyplz: 

Haven't changed my wallpaper for the month yet. Not sure if I will. My spice calendar features fennel this month. It gives detailed info on its history, where it originated from (which was the Mediterranean), wine pairings, and simple recipes. 

My Jewish calendar features an oil painting on canvas called Alley in the Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam. It's by Max Liebermann, from Amsterdam, 1908. Interesting painting. There's also a Havdalah plate, by Bauscher (doesn't give a first name), made out of porcelain and glaze. From Weiden, Oberpfalz, Germany, around 1922-1930. Plus, a spice tower (also used during Havdalah), maker is unknown, and made out of silver. It's from Central Europe, around 1800-1900. Kind of sounds like they have no idea where the spice tower came from, or when for that matter.:iconwtfromanoplz:Interesting one, though. Havdalah is a short ceremony marking the end of Shabbat each week. We smell sweet spices during it, out of decorative 'towers' or 'boxes'. It symbolizes the sweetness of Shabbat, whose pleasant aroma we breathe in one last time, so it might last us through the week to come until we can welcome Shabbat again. 

The month-long holidays are: National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Seafood Month, LGBT Pride Month, Migraine Awareness Month, National Camping Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. Sounds like an interesting mix this month.

Lots of stuff coming up this month!:la:My 10-year high school reunion is at the end of the month, and there's a few 'mini-events' throughout the rest of the month. Went to the first one a week from last Sunday. Was just supposed to be a get together at a park. Only 3 classmates showed up. One brought a significant other, and another brought her 2 little kids. (The kids were so cute!:iconcuteamericaplz:) I was the only one not on the committee.:iconohboyamericaplz:Kind of sad. I'm really curious about how everyone's doing. I didn't know the other 2 classmates too well, even during high school. One of them the name and face looks extremely familiar, but I know I didn't see her much. The other classmate I just vaguely remember. But, it's kind of a good opportunity to make new friends, too.:iconchibicanadaplz:

The next event was on Friday at a restaurant near the bay downtown. It's usually so noisy there, so I was a bit reluctant about it. Walked all the way down there. Almost 2 miles downhill. Not as bad as walking 2 miles uphill, but still killed my hips and legs.:iconwtfukplz:The scenery was beautiful, though. Once I was there, I needed to sit a few minutes to catch my breath. Then, I asked about their reservation. The people at the front looked at me like I was crazy. They finally said that there was a rather large group out on the deck overlooking the bay. I had to ask them again about where the deck was. Couldn't see it too well. Very rude staff at the front...:iconchibienglandplz:Anyways, I found them. They had forgotten to make a reservation. Oh joy.:icongermanyplz:There were more people than I expected. Which was nice. Someone recognized me right away, and I immediately recognized him, too. He looks just slightly different, but not much. The girls that were at the park, were there too. A lot of the others looked similar to what they did in high school. One girl I couldn't recognize until she was gone. It dawned on me then. (Sometimes we'd eat our lunches in the cafeteria together.) Got to meet a lot of other people's significant others and kids. That was interesting. Talked quite a bit. Had a hard time actually eating, since I was talking so much. I tend to mumble or talk really quietly when I'm nervous and when I haven't seen people in so long. Feel like I might have acted like an idiot, but maybe a lot of other people were nervous too.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Maybe this will help with seeing people at the main event. 

Just noticed that they posted some pics that were taken at that event. The only pic I'm in just shows a little of me from behind. So you only see my hair, part of my hands, and a little of the side of my upper torso. With the other classmates you at least see their faces...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:I wasn't shying away from the camera this time. I'm a little disturbed by that. But, I guess it's their loss.:iconpolandplz:

Got the Philly prime rib dip with fries, and some iced tea. The iced tea tasted really horrible.:iconromanoplz:(Pouring a bunch of sweetener in didn't help.) The sandwich was so full of stuff and lying open-faced, it made it difficult to eat. But, it was pretty good. The fries still had the skins on them, which I love.:iconitalyplz:The waitress was extremely nice. The little kids' meals were served in large paper boats. That was kind of cute, and they got a kick out of it. They told us that the easiest way to do the bill was to have everyone's orders on one, instead of separately. It would have been so much easier if we each had a separate bill. But, it was settled eventually. The classmates got together and took a group pic at the beginning. (This one hasn't been posted yet, and I'm not sure if they'll do it on fb. I'll definitely be in that one.) That was nice. The next mini-event is in about a week and a half at a bar and grill. I've never been there, but it sounds like it'd be fun. They normally have a karaoke bar set up, too. I was told they might not have it for that night, though. It's an adult event, so that'd be nice too. 

That following Friday, there will be 3 things happening at the same time. One is another reunion mini-event at that same restaurant, which I'm not too fond of. Another is the Trans Pride march. I'm an ally, they're kind of like family, and they want me there, too. (Plus, my dad's trans.) They have some little events after the march, too. The 3rd thing is Pride Shabbat. Which is interesting, and can be fun. Don't know too many people that go to it, though. So, I'm leaning more towards the Trans Pride thing. The next day is the reunion's main event. The next day after, is another reunion mini-event at the park that's a potluck. Then, a few days later, I'll be going to a wedding. And, sometime in the middle of this month, someone asked my dad and I to go to their graduation party. So, yay!:dummy:So many things! I'll probably pass out or something.:faint: Oh, and let's not forget that I get to see one of my cousins at the end of this month, too! 

Found out the day before yesterday that my health coverage was dropped. The funny thing is online it's still saying that I have it. Even ordered some meds after the date it said in the letter, and that was covered. So, I don't know. Still waiting for a call from Starbucks about working there. If I do get it, they offer health insurance. One of the many reasons why it'll be the best place for me. Looked a bit more at other places that cover health care. There aren't too many in town. But, I'm also looking at neighboring towns, and possibly at Seattle. It'd be interesting if I end up working in the area I want to move to, before I live there.:iconseychelles-plz:I told myself not to worry too much, because things just get worse if I do. Just look at things calmly. Still do them, but don't panic about things, I guess. Things will hopefully work out for the best this way. When I worry too much I get stressed out, tired, don't think about my own health as much, end up doing something I'll regret later, etc. 

Watched Django Unchained. Much better than I expected. Some Tarantino films I love, and some not so much.:iconfrancisplz:This was brutally violent, extremely hilarious at times, gut wrenching, music was amazing, etc. Lots of spaghetti western parodies. 

Finished watching Great Teacher Onizuka's first special. It was awesome! There's apparently 2 more specials. So, I'll get to those soon. I'll start writing one of the short stories from my nightmare anthology novel, soon. Up to 15 downloads of the free sample for Alliance. Yay! Also, had another person say online that she'll buy it soon. And one person from the support group is interested. I don't have his email, so I'll give him the info at the next meeting. So, things might be looking up on that front. I still have to advertise a bit. 

Some hilarious moments of Nakatsu from the Jdrama, Hana Kimi:

Hetalia amv featuring the song Bad Apple in different languages. It's originally a vocaloid song: 

Cool and touching Gintama amv:

Interesting dance performance:

What happens when a kitten meets a hedgehog:

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