Wednesday, June 12, 2013

National Peanut Butter Cookies Day!


I love peanut butter!:dummy:I love almost any type of dish/baked good that has it. So, of course I'd love peanut butter cookies, too. The Aztecs invented peanut butter, but the version that is known today originated in Quebec, Canada in 1884. Oddly, I'm not as fond of whole peanuts.:iconwtfukplz:Have to be in the mood for it. Oh, and today is my dad's birthday! Hope she's having a great one!:party:

I decided to go to bed earlier than I have been. Wasn't getting quite enough sleep, even when I slept in a bit. So, I went to bed about an hour and a half earlier than usual. Then, I naturally got up an hour and a half before my alarm went off. Odd, but really nice.:iconheroamericaplz:Felt like I actually had a morning. Instead of going on autopilot and being in a daze after getting out of bed, or sleeping a good chunk of it away. So, yay! I already feel much better overall with this. 

In Cartoon Kat-tun, half the guys were interviewed by an actress/comedian posing as a journalist for a teen magazine. She loves to mess with people with her questions and skits. She's a great actress and comedian, and I love it when she gets a chance to show off more of her quirky personality. She made them feel a bit uncomfortable, yet curious about the whole thing. She asked them about what they love about themselves, what they love to do, etc. Then, she made them act out skits about how to treat girls. One was they were on a date at a restaurant, and they suddenly noticed that there was bird poop on the girlfriend's shoulder. How would they deal with that? Tell her up front about it in front of everyone in the restaurant? One of them, I think it was Koki, was very sly, and cleaned it off without her noticing. So, she had no clue. Another situation was how to deal with a girl who wants to kiss you, but you're not really interested. She was apparently drunk in this skit. I like Koki's response to this one too. He told her that she needs to take better care of herself, and wouldn't it be better if they kissed when they were sober and more aware of things. The other guys had to do skits about how to deal with annoying high school girls. She posed as an 'entertainment' manager. The whole episode was hilarious! I love when they do skits.:iconus-xdplz:

In Earl and Fairy, Edgar essentially tricked Lydia into marrying him. But, he saved her from being trapped in the fairy world forever. She had made a pact with Kelpie, that if he helps her save Edgar from the poison; he can take her to the fairy world. He's been pursuing her for a while. In fact, she tried to use a spell to ward him off. Sure enough, he helped her, and Edgar woke up. She left him, even though she promised she'd stay. Edgar finds out, and tricks the fairies who want him to marry their queen, and agrees. Just to get to their world, and rescue Lydia. Eventually they find each other, and Edgar proposes to her. He tells her that if she fakes saying yes to him, than Kelpie might back off, and they can get back to their world. Also saying that humans don't have to keep promises. Once they get back he says she can't back out of it now. Kind of funny, because she's already fallen for him, but denies it. She thinks he's messing with her every time he says he loves her. He looks hurt every time, too.

In Tripeace, Shiro found out about Nana dressing up as a girl. It was the only way he could advance up the ranks quickly, and she wouldn't kill him. She really looks up to strong women, so she idolized him or 'Nanako'. Now she looks pissed.:iconchibichinaplz:He also got some of his memory back. He used to be really ruthless, and seemed to be evil. But, there were hints that he was also once a part of Tripeace. He could do powerful attacks with his hands, making them look like 'foxes'. Now, he's remembered how to use that attack, and has used it to save someone. It'd be cool if they reveal more of his past. Still don't know much about it.

Managed to play my clarinet today.:la:Haven't done it in a very long time. Did some Gershwin tunes. Didn't sound too bad. I'll be even better once I play more often. Also, read a bit more of my Kabbalah intro book. About halfway through it, and it's very interesting. Parts of it seem too wordy, but good overall. 
Finished going over more compounds for the kanji: . It generally means: heavy, heap up, -fold, pile up, important. 珍重 or ちんちょう (chinchou): prizing, value highly, esteeming. 慎重 or しんちょう (shinchou): careful, cautious, prudent, discreet, deliberate. 荘重 or そうちょう (souchou): solemn, grave, impressive. 多重 or たじゅう (tajuu): multiple. 三重 or さんじゅう (sanjuu): triple, treble, threefold. 重苦しい or おもくるしい (omokurushii): heavy, gloomy, awkward,  oppressive, laden. 八重咲き or やえざき (yaezaki): double blossom. Also, reviewed some previous kanji and their compounds. Went over translating a bit more of a You Maga article on kids who have allergies, and what parents should do to help them. Read an article in Japanese on Asahi's website. It was in their opinion column about recent political ads. Very interesting. 

A hilarious Gintama amv:

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