Monday, June 17, 2013

National Apple Strudel Day!


Apple strudel's awesome!:iconheroamericaplz:The oldest known strudel recipe is from 1696, a handwritten recipe now at the Viennese City Library. They say that the pastry has its origins from earlier Middle Eastern pastries. Also, last Friday was National Strawberry Shortcake Day. Another one of my faves! 

For my dad's birthday dinner, I made some pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs. Had some chocolate eclairs for dessert. Then, later we grabbed some snacks, and watched Moonrise Kingdom. It was really weird, but I liked it. Didn't LOVE it, but it was good.:icontinoplz:One of the main characters looked a lot like one of my friends, even though the actress is supposed to be 12. It kind of added another odd element to it. It seemed that they got the time period pretty accurately. Which was a plus. Anyways, that was a nice way to celebrate her birthday during the week.:iconchibinitalyplz:

On Friday, I did a ton of cleaning around the house. Didn't realize I could get the candlesticks so clean! That was nice. Another 'highlight' of my cleaning, was taking down a massive cobweb in my room. It stretched to all the corners of it, and was like spaghetti.:iconchibichinaplz:I freaked out a bit when something flew rather lazily out of it. Maybe it had been caught, was paralyzed, and about to be eaten. Then, I saved it, and it woke up a bit, and flew. It was kind of funny the sound it made as it went by. I don't really know what it was. 

I also applied to be a bakery clerk at the new Safeway that'll open soon. If I get it, I'm guessing I'll have to be trained somewhere else, and maybe work temporarily there, until this new store's open. I like baked goods. And it may be fun to work there. Not sure how many things I'd actually be 'baking', but that would be fun, too.:la:The smells would be great. They have a shorter waiting time compared to Starbucks, for when benefits kick in. Like, health/vision/dental insurance. So, it might work out even better for me. Interestingly, everyone will be new to this store, as well. So, I won't be alone. I liked Safeway when I went there for things while I was in college. There were 3 other positions that sounded interesting to me, but this one seemed to have the biggest draw. They need to fill 25 more positions. That's quite a lot of people still. By the way, it's so close to where my house is, when the store finally opens, that I'll most likely walk there. (It won't be a very long walk.)

Yesterday, for Father's Day, we went to Point No Point. It's a beach that has a lighthouse. Lots of people with kites, cloudy, people barbecuing stuff, others drawing in the sand, kids running around, birds chirping, lots of shells and kelp scattered across the sand as you get closer to the ocean, barking dogs, and other things. It was nice. Went to a newly renovated Chinese buffet place. We used to frequent there quite often before it started renovating. It looks a bit nicer, and there's more choices to choose from. Now they have a steak bar, BBQ bar, and ice cream bar. At these new bars, they have people ready to make things fresh for people. You just have to pick the ingredients at the steak and BBQ place, and they'll grill it for you on the spot. The people at the ice cream bar, hand scoop the ice cream for people. Didn't look at what flavors they had, but from afar it looked like a good selection. Seemed like a better selection of sushi, too. The stuff I usually get, tasted maybe even better than it did before.:iconfrancisplz:

In Kaichou wa Maid sama, Misaki and her friends went to find out where Usui lived and to find out more about his private life. He played them the entire time. Going to fancy looking places, helping out elementary school kids, etc. Eventually her friends got tired of waiting for him to go home and left. Usui had found a stray kitten, who immediately attacked him. But, he took him in anyways. Misaki loved seeing that side of him. He said if she really wanted to know where he lived, she should have just asked and gave her a card with his address. She of course denied that she was interested in seeing where he lives. But, later kept staring at it. From the ending, it looked like he lives by himself in an apartment. But, don't really know. This all started when Usui had helped Misaki's absent-minded mother with apples that she kept dropping. As a thank you, she invited him into their place for the first time, and they ate some of the cut up apples. He helped them out more with fixing the rotting floor boards. As soon as Misaki saw him, she misunderstood and grabbed him taking him to a nearby park to talk about what happened. Her friends were passing by when they saw her gripping his wrist, and heading out from her place. Her friends assumed they were dating, and later said they wanted to know more about him. I don't like how Misaki has been so mean to him. With whatever he does, she automatically assumes he has an 'agenda'. Hope that changes soon.:icongermanyplz:

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge finally was updated. I think because they want to stay ahead of the anime version. I'm actually surprised at how fast the anime is going through the story. Anyways, Kiri finally was able to 'dream' about Grayland. But, it was as he lay on the ground badly cut up. Emily thought she had killed him, doused him with gasoline, and was about to light him on fire. His dream changed him, and he became a mindless killing machine. The worst part for Emily was that Grayland was into torturing his victims with as much pain as possible. So, every time Kiri slashed her she was in agonizing pain. (Much more than whatever pain comes from being slashed by a pair of scissors.) She cried out, and dropped the lighter. Iwai heard her scream, and was going to carry her out of there. But, Kiri found them. Iwai thought if she came in between him and Emily he would come to his senses. But, he slashed part of her neck and parts of her hair, and then collapsed. She was in a great deal of pain, and suddenly her hair grew back. Almost like the curse kicked in again. 

Managed to play some more of my clarinet. Sounded much better this time.:iconeduardplz:Played some of the classical pieces from my advanced book, and some jazz tunes. Wrote a bit more of my first story to my nightmare anthology. Also, remembered another nightmare to add to the list of possible stories. Looked for more writing memes. But, didn't find anything interesting.
Today's kanji is: . If pronounced as しょ (sho): (suf) counter for places. As ところ (tokoro): (n, suf) (also pronounced as どころ (dokoro) when a suffix) place, spot, scene, site; address; district, area, locality; one's own house; point; part; space, room; (after plain past form of a verb) whereupon, as a result; (after present form of a verb) about to, on the verge of; (after past form of a verb) was just doing, was in the process of doing, have just done, just finished doing. とこ (toko) is an informal form of ところ (tokoro). 一所懸命 or いっしょけんめい (isshokenmei): very hard, with utmost effort, with all one's might, desperately, frantically, for dear life. 近所 or きんじょ (kinjo): neighborhood. 住所 or じゅうしょ (juusho): address, residence. 所為 or しょい (shoi): act, deed, one's doing. Translated more of an article from You Maga. Read an article in Japanese on Asahi's website about McDonald's losing sales there after giving a huge discount on the Big Mac. Interesting. 

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