Friday, March 2, 2012

Comfort Eagle


By Cake. This is so old, but I still love it!:la:I think someone gave me the CD as a birthday present back in high school. Such a fun and catchy song. Probably the best one on there. (Although, the whole album is great!) Turned me into a Cake fan.:iconeestiplz:Got to see them play a live concert at a fair a while back. They're known for incorporating a wide range of musical genres. Like, country music, Mariachi, rock, funk, Iranian folk music, hip-hop, and more. I love how they use a lot of different instruments, not just the norm of guitar, bass, drums, etc. But, trumpets, tambourines, organ, and many others as well.:iconheroamericaplz:

This is my wallpaper for this month. It's Fairy Tail's logo with a little fire coming off it. Thought it was cool. Found a couple of other good ones of Fairy Tail, so look forward to those! (It's hard to find good ones of Fairy Tail...:iconkikuplz:)

My Jewish calendar has an interesting Torah cover from the Netherlands from 1966. There's also a fancy looking pin cushion from the Netherlands from around 1775-1800. Interesting. The herb calendar has 3 different types of myrtle, 2 types of bay, and lady's mantle for this month. It's better than seeing the lavender in the shape of a heart last month. That was kind of lame.:iconchibijapanplz:But, this one's interesting. 

Here's the month-long holidays: Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month, Berries and Cherries Month, International Ideas Month, International Women's Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, Music in our Schools Month, National Caffeine Awareness Month, National Craft Month, National Eye Donor Month, National Kidney Month, National Nutrition Month, National Peanut Month, National Umbrella Month, National Women's History Month, National Celery Month, National Flour Month, National Noodle Month, National Sauce Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. A lot of holidays this month! Mainly food and health related ones. Those are good to celebrate or raise awareness for.

I can't believe Purim's coming up so soon.:iconchibipolandplz:It starts at sundown on the 7th. It's kind of crazy. You dress up in costumes, listen to the story behind the holiday, party, there's drinking, carnivals, and more. We're supposed to have a lot of fun. I'm not sure if I'll make hamantashen this year. Didn't have time last year. And the gift that the congregation gives out, didn't have very many last time. Mostly had candy. Hamantashen is like a must for Purim...:iconpolandplz:So, we'll see. 

I hope this month I can post more often.:iconusaplz:Sorry, I didn't post much last month. Mom comes back on Monday. It's been nice being by myself during the day. Although, it gets a tad bit lonely after a while.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The cats seem to be on their best behavior when it's just me. Weird.:icongermanyplz:Speaking of cats, Rosie made a nasty cut on my thumb. Hopefully, it won't scar too much. It was totally by accident. We like to play rough sometimes. (Dangerous when a cat still has claws.:iconsleepygreeceplz:)

I made some 'Vermont' curry tonight for Shabbat. (Cramp in shoulder blade thing came back while I was making it.) It's Japanese style. (They put a lot of stuff into the sauce, and it's amazing!) Vermont's, I think, one of the best ones of this style. I put some beef stew meat, new potatoes, onions, and carrots in. It was sooo good.:iconchibispainplz:We luckily got a second loaf of challah last week. So, I just had to defrost the one for this week. And, since we haven't started the rocky road ice cream yet, I think that will be the perfect dessert. 
Started watching Gokusen today. I was very reluctant to watch it for a while. But, I surprisingly liked it. It has 2 more seasons, plus a couple of movie specials. So, I guess if I stay hooked, I can keep watching for a long time. It has a ton of actors that I love. For some this was their first big hit. It's from 2002. Also, another reason why I was reluctant. I tend to like watching things that are semi-new. Yamaguchi Kumiko's an idealistic teacher who entered Shirokin High to be a math teacher. She finds out that she's going to be teaching class 3-D, which is considered to be full of 'troublemakers' and delinquents. The students show no respect to teachers. The leader of the class is Sawada Shin. He's well respected, because of a rumor that he beat a teacher to death. The students try to bully Kumiko, but she's not an ordinary teacher. She's the 4th generation heir to the Oedo group, a yakuza clan. Everyone in the clan wants her to be the next leader, but since she made up her mind, they accepted it. She's really tough, and she shows it a few times with a couple of her students in this episode. I think that they're starting to respect her. She also sticks up for her students when they're being threatened by the faculty.
Buster Keel has been crazy lately! Keel's previous teacher kicked him off a cliff to live alone in the jungle, full of high ranking monsters, for a week to train. She kicked Blue down a huge waterfall, and told him to stay there for a week to train. His main goal was to reverse the flow of the waterfall. They looked cool when they came back. Scary, but cool. They wanted to get stronger, so they could defeat Kurokiri and the Shikyou. The next part of their 'training' is to fight each other. Ravi got some helpful tips from Shiro, so she's not going empty-handed either. Really interesting story so far. I'm kind of curious what Keel actually looks like in his 'true' form. Occasionally, we get to see his arm, but they haven't shown much else. A dragon-ape sounds like it'll be weird. I still see some similarities between Fairy Tail, and this. But, one might have been inspired a little by the other, it still seems 'unique' and original. I still love the music themes in this, too.:iconthailandplz:

Speaking of Fairy Tail, I'm finally getting close to the current episodes. Only about 3 or 4 more to go until I catch up. That's pretty good. I didn't like the start of this arc for some reason. But, now it's getting really good! Really awesome fights, a couple of new and interesting characters, etc. The guild was holding their S-class exam on a special island. After the first part, things went a bit out of hand for them. A really powerful group of enemies showed up with the orders to find Zeref on the island, and wipe out the Fairy Tail members. Fairy Tail was almost crushed by them, but one of the enemies decided to fight Erza fair and square. If he lost, he promised to restore everyone's magic energy. And, with a little encouragement, she beat him ultimately killing him. But, before he died he did as he promised. Then, Fairy Tail fought back, and they've beaten almost all of the 7 members of the enemy's guild. Now, Ultear is thinking of betraying her own guild by taking Zeref for her self. Gray caught on to her, and they're about to fight.

Watched the anime movie, Loups=Garous. It sounded like it'd be awesome. Wasn't as good as I had hoped.:iconswissplz:It could have been half as long. Lots of pauses and staring. It takes place in the future, where a deadly virus has spread worldwide, and drastically reduced the world's population. Now, people have to eat synthetic food, and must avoid any physical contact. Only community centers (which were once called schools) exist and people can only communicate online. However, a group of girls start to pursue real contact outside of society. When a series of brutal murders occur, they decide to see the 'dark secrets' hidden within the closed off world they live in. Supposedly, one of the girls is a werewolf? Or a 'beast' of some sort. It was weird. Left me with an odd feeling.:iconlietplz:

I got a ride from someone to the cafe on Wednesday. She's part of the group that meets there to play Mahj. (The one Mom's a part of.) It was very sweet of her.:iconchibinitalyplz:So, I managed to go there every week, while Mom was away. I had a caramel apple Italian soda. One of my faves!:iconitalyplz:

Finished Boku to Star no 99 Nichi, or My 99 Days with a Star. Had kind of a weird ending. At first I thought it would be horrible, but then they manage to pull it in a slightly different direction than I expected. A better direction, but not necessarily a 'happy' ending. So, kind of wishy-washy to me.:shrug:I loved the show overall. It was hilarious most of the time. The cultural differences were interesting, and a lot of it was touching. 

Finished reading what's up for Hamster. It's a really cute manga. More like just an observation report of the author and his hamsters. Well, next week I'll start another manga, there's so many great sounding ones. I'll also start another Jdrama next week. 

deviantART fave: Nom Nom Nom I did not make this! Another cute, yet twisted drawing from an artist I watch. I love that kind of stuff. It's a cute bunny chewing on a skull. 

2 Naruto Shippuden vids from someone I used to be subscribed to. They keep taking that person's account down. I gave up trying to keep up with it. But, nice to see these vids again:

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